Keep searching and tell everyone to be on high alert and warn them when they encounter a whirlwind. You stay here and I’ll go over there and have a look.

The red snake casually told me to fly away again, and this time it was smart enough to check it out.
It is Yang Tian who has not left this time and has been secretly observing a group of ravens, including the East Emperor Sheng Yunlong and others.
Mother wants to die, she kills you first.
Yang day staring at their hearts secretly cursing.
However, the raven’s strength is very strong all the way. It is two strong guards of Grade 9, which makes Yang Tianji fear that he must have the right opportunity to play their idea.
Chapter five hundred and fifty-nine Warning
Chaos resin demon in raven command regroup ready to continue the search.
Yang Tian’s hunting fierce beasts spy on them in the dark, but they are secretly impatient because they don’t have a mobile phone.
However, just as the raven commanded the resin demons to regroup, there was a sudden riot outside the team and people shouted for hunting, but by the time the news reached the raven’s side, the hunting had already disappeared.
This time, a corpse demon was missing. No one saw the whirlwind, but a figure fled very quickly.
It seems that Yang Tianyi is obviously not alone in spying on food. Many corpse demons are the favorite of hunters, and Lei Guang Canyon is an excellent hunting ground. If a powerful hunter, he will never miss this opportunity to feast.
The red snake has gone to the other end of the team to check the situation, while the raven and others are in the middle of the team. In fact, the periphery of the team is already weak, which gives the hunting mobile phone meeting.
Erhu, you go and watch over there.
The raven was livid, and his heart was furious with the command.
At ordinary times, the team came to hunt for food, and they didn’t have the opportunity or dare to move the eagle master, but at this time, the team was scattered and gave the fugitives the opportunity to take the opportunity.
Although the raven was angry, he had to grind his teeth and continue to disperse the team to meet the requirements of the East Emperor’s Shengdian.
Looking at the erhu’s fast-moving back, Yang Tian wanted to thank his colleague, who left a bobcat around the raven, which made it much easier to get away after the raid.
Hum Dong Huang Sheng, let’s see who can save you this time.
Yang day eyes rested on the east emperor sheng body and mind is killing crazy chung.
However, after waiting for a while, Yang Tian frowned again, because the raven fellow had taken a helper to protect the East Emperor in the middle, and they were all human guards.
Gal Yang Tian didn’t have a mobile phone, and he would forcibly start work, fearing that he might not be able to get away with it. After all, there is still a bobcat here.
Yang Tian depends on the change of invisibility. Once the loose-packed bag is exposed and entangled in so many resin demons, it will be doubtful.
In this case, it’s not bad to give him a warning first
After slightly thoughtfully, Yang Tian had to settle for second best and temporarily let Dong Huangsheng turn his attention to Yunlong.
At this time, Yunlong and the other two people actually walked away from the raven, curious to see here and there, as if looking for crystal ore.
They’re all seven robbing the golden body and repairing the roots, not Yang Tian’s opponents. Maybe their prey is resin demons, which will make them look afraid.
In fact, the three people are not far from the ravens, but they are more than ten feet away. It is dangerous to be in the attack range, and bobcats and others can also come to the rescue
But this opportunity is rare. Yang Tian has made up his mind to teach the East Emperor a lesson.
Yang Tian, who alerted the other side, floated slowly to the ground, but left a small cluster of pale flames on a stone surface when he left.
Soon after Yunlong, the three men, Yang Tian, floated directly over them in front of them. Until now, the three men were still unaware of the arrival of death and still looked in all directions.
Yang, as suddenly silently read 1.