Even before Fang Siyi, who kept a low profile on weekdays and never participated in publicity activities, someone hacked him.

What do you mean, "people don’t fit in, but they always play themselves"
What do you mean, "the director’s career delays the actor"
What do you mean, "I’m not too proud of my girlfriend"
Nowadays, in this era of freedom of speech, there are always different interpretations for a certain person, regardless of the national situation.
Just like Hamlet in Shakespeare’s novel.
A thousand people will have a thousand images when they go to see it.
This some Fang Siyi also can understand.
After all, it’s not like he’s a soft sister and nobody likes him.
The Chinese Siyi was hacked at most because he was rich.
It’s also funny.
Entertainment is naturally rich.
But the key is that some people kidnap morally and say that you have no love just because you are not perfect.
You are not from China!
Coincidentally, at this time, J refueled and exploded for ten miles.
Elite people from all walks of life make contributions to charity.
However, at this moment, Fang Siyi, who made a lot of money, was quiet and abnormal.
Drea flag Yingbao, Little Fox, Yaya, Big Dollar and others have generously donated all kinds of help and materials, which caused a lot of applause at the same time.
Fang Siyi was questioned about what he did.
Without announcing or saying that there were donations and materials, it was like Fang Siyi disappeared from the entertainment circle as a whole.
This is a direct scratch to the G point of the black powder.
At that time, all kinds of diss on the network continued, and all kinds of manuscripts continued.
It’s like Fang Siyi has committed some heinous crimes!
However, Fang Siyi did not respond to everyone’s expectations.
As if others were not from China.
However, the fact is that he really doesn’t
"Where did Siyi go?" Yingbao brushed Weibo lazily lying on the sofa and asked casually.
"I said I went to film and asked where I was going, but I didn’t say anything." Ya Ya was holding a child-rearing but she casually replied.
"filming?" Yingbao asked strangely, "Didn’t you say you want to have a rest? And why is Sister Power gone? What about it? "
"Let’s go together," Ya Ya said naively.
"Hey? Is this a honeymoon? " Yingbao asked with a bad smile, but her eyes looked at the big dollar that was practicing flower arrangement.
"Besides, I’m angry!" The big dollar stamped its foot angrily, but its face turned red uncontrollably.
This time since Fang Siyi returned from her honeymoon with Big Dollar, Yingbao didn’t tease her less.
"Good good … I don’t say no?" Yingbao hey hey smiled hurriedly apology way
"Hum!" The big dollar gave her a white look and continued to arrange flowers slowly.
While chatting, I suddenly heard a noise from Xuan in the hall.
"I came back to provoke!" A charming shout the door rang.
Yingbao jumped up from the sofa, but before she went to Xuan, she was bumped back into the sofa by a figure.
"Ouch ….." The petite Yingbao was completely pressed by the other side and sent a charming shout.
But the other party is pressing her body without any intention of making a sound.
Aside, Yaya and Big Dollar naturally saw Fang Siyi coming from the Xuan place.
"ah!" The two of them screamed in unison and asked mysteriously, "You … you are … how did you become so dark?"
At this time, Fang Siyi’s skin color has changed from a very ordinary Asian skin color to a bronze color!
"Stop it" Fang Siyi shook his head with a wry smile and said some naively, "I’m a good power … snow! Ha ha … "
Seems to think of something funny Fang Siyi burst out laughing.
Yaya and Big Dollar didn’t notice that Yingbao was knocked down by a fox.
But what makes them curious is that Fox buried his whole face in Yingbao’s front and refused to look up anyway.
Yingbao recovered and watched the fox struggle to lift her cheek.
"Snow! Ha ha ….. "Everyone laughed.
It turns out that Fox’s face is still as white as ever, but her neck and small hands are both wheat-colored with the surrounding skin.
"Oh … I can’t live!" Little fox burying his face in shouting
"No … you didn’t go to take sport? How ….. "YingBao some love holding the fox body struggled to sit up and then a face of asked curiously.
Fang Siyi took the big dollar and handed it to me. After drinking a large glass of plain boiled water, he spit out a sigh of relief and talked about the reason.
"Didn’t Brother Jing want to take a picture last year?" Fang Siyi sat down on the sofa and said, "A while ago, I invested in filming" 4S "and" People "and made a lot of money, which exposed Jing Ge and found me."
"aye? Brother Jing? Wu Jingge? " Yingbao asked strangely.
"Yes, it’s him."
"I remember he didn’t come to see you last year? Remember that it was just a photo shoot? " Yingbao asked strangely.
"I remember you later told me that Jingge had mortgaged the house and the family had to live in their parents’ house? At that time, you paid back Jing Ge’s worries, not only redeemed his house, but also invested 200 million yuan, didn’t you? " The more Yingbao said, the more surprised she became.
Although Wu Jingying and Fang Siyi are very optimistic about investing, it is normal, but …
Are the two hundred million spent so soon?
"The problem is the male number two and the heroine."
"Hey?" Yingbao looked at Fang Siyi strangely and was puzzled.
"Male No.2 must have been a little fresh meat at first, but the other party made a random offer, and Jing Ge directly rejected the heroine, too," Fang Siyi said naively. "Later, the male No.2 was replaced by Zhang Han …"
"Zhang Han?" Yingbao one leng looking at Fang Siyi awkward.
"To Xiao Shuang her ex-boyfriend" Fang Siyi nodded his head.
Chapter 124 The fox repay kindness (14)
"What about the heroine?"
"The heroine was originally intended to be Yu Wei, but the schedule was wrong, so she was replaced by Lu Jingshan, a European and American development."
"That’s not important." Fang Siyi didn’t want to elaborate on the meaning, and then said with some wry smile, "There is a scene in the film" Wolf Warriors 2 "in which the hero and heroine meet the lions in the off-road vehicle speeding on the African grassland and something happens."
"ah!" On hearing this, several people in Yingbao issued an exclamation. Yingbao also specially looked at a small fox and finally gave a sigh of relief after confirming that there was no trauma.
"It’s not … is it fatal?" Yingbao some not calmly asked.
"That’s not true," Fang Siyi shook his head and said naively. "But at that time, the lions didn’t know what Lu Jingshan was driving when she suddenly attacked her. Although she was not seriously injured, she sprained her foot and needed to rest for three months."
"This ….." A few people looked at each other some feel incredible.
"That’s too bad, isn’t it …" Big dollar is a bit unbearable.
"Yes," Fang Siyi sighed.
"Not before you not to say that male No.2 is Zhang Han? That how do you and power elder sister … "YingBao some puzzled asked.