Dragon Tour God "color" calmly said, "To tell you the truth, the accident happened to the former security company. Xiaolong thought it was too coincidental. It was very sexual. On the surface, it seemed to be directed at me, but it was actually directed at the steel plant. I must have completely let some people sit still."

"It’s good that you are white. Grandpa Yue also thinks that the steel mill will come back with him recently." Yue Jianxin’s "color" is cool and light towards him.
As soon as Longyou heard this, he immediately realized that his guess was correct. This time it was Yulong again. I just didn’t know whether I really wanted to get rid of myself or stop myself from reforming the steel plant.
No matter which way he wants to die, his "yin" trick is to succeed. It seems that the former king "Jing" is probably someone else, too.
After Yue Jianxin finished talking, Longyou went to the construction of the shopping street, and the construction of Zhenshi real estate company was temporarily put on hold.
The ground has been laid in the open area, and tools such as shovels are still being thrown.
Looking at all this, Longyou’s heart is a little cold and Yu Long’s repeated hands have made him ready to completely eradicate him.
He grabbed a pile of pictures in his hand and looked at the sand. It seemed that he had made a decision in the wind.
Back from the store street, Longyou went directly to the yellow wine bar. The yellow face’ color’ has recovered and is no different from that of ordinary people. Before seeing him, immediately.
"What happened to Brother Zhen?" Yellow face is full of worry expression asked.
Longyou smiled faintly. "It’s nothing. It’s not easy this time. You should pay more attention to the bar. Although I don’t think he is so stupid, we should take precautions."
The ghost’ door’ passed by Huang, and the whole person became more calm. It is even more memorable to Longyou.
"Don’t worry, if you want me, who dares to touch the bar unless you step on my body?" Huang tone is crazy and full of rage.
Smell speech longyou patted him on the shoulder and said, "The loss of the bar is just money. If you lose the loss, it’s a brother’s VIP. We can build the bar again."
"By the way, you’ll ask King Kong to give you a few people to watch with you." Longyou continued.
Huang Xin is a little moved and more determined to follow Longyou heart all the time.
Just as they were chatting, an uninvited guest came to the bar.
"Mr. Longyou heard that your real estate company was sealed up. It seems that it is impossible for you to build a shopping street at the old address of the steel plant?" Bearer a face of schadenfreude said
Before the dragon swims, Huang Pei said, "What are you, even a dog?"
Suddenly I was so angry that people flew into a rage and said, "It’s a dog for you to follow the owner’s dog."
"You must have forgotten that I am still the largest shareholder of the steel mill so far, and you didn’t even tell you that he was fighting with me behind the scenes." Longyou looked puffed up and said to Wang Jun.
Wang Jun leng a longyou in his impression is "wave" rings not surprised, no matter such as abuse is laughed off how did it become like this? He is very suspicious of a different person.
Longyou is such a behind-the-scenes person that he should never move his most important things, one is his brother and the other is to prepare gifts for two’ women’. These two points have already doomed the behind-the-scenes person to suffer everything.
"What’s behind this? What did you say?" Wang Jun look flustered don’t let go and said.
"Ha ha!" Longyou sneered, "Everyone has a bottom line, and my bottom line has just been touched by someone behind your scenes, so he has to be prepared to pay the price, and since you came in vertically, go out horizontally."
Voice a yellow clean toward Wang Jun knee a kick before he directly kneel longyou suddenly flushed with anger and humiliated.
"Longyou, you rogue, why do people like you manage steel mills?"
Huang heard his abusive voice and directly punched him in the face with a left hook. Suddenly, one mouthful blood gushed out and his teeth fell to the ground.
"Throw him out and don’t dirty the bar," Huang said to the two security guards at the door.
Listen to "Bang!" A Wang Jun was thrown out of the’ door’ and fell to the ground.
The screams are constant, passers-by are leaving quickly, and no one wants to make trouble.
After processing Wang Jun, Huang Long swam down a glass of red wine, and his eyes were a little confused. "You won’t get angry when the boss sees you like this for the first time."
"I think it’s the stupidest thing to get angry. If a person gets angry, he will lose his ability to think calmly, but I’m just a means to get angry. I want to make the person behind the scenes’ excited’ to get angry. I’ve already grasped my weakness, so that he can be more reckless and we can catch them all more easily." Longyou resumed his indifferent expression. He was just angry and he was totally different.
Huang carefully looked at Longyou, and every time he would bring him a different impact, this time it was even more unexpected. Although he felt that he was angry just now, he was a little different, but the reasons he said made people feel that he was angry.
"Boss, do you think Wang Jun will follow your train of thought?"
"He is a man with a very good face. Just now, you punched and kicked him and threw him out of the door. People saw that his pride must have been severely trampled. Now he wants to get back at us. The only way to get back at us is to find the person behind it." Longyou said clearly and methodically.
Yellow eyes slightly bright spot nodded, "Boss, I understand that Wang Jun will not only say it, but also embellish it, and then use the hand behind the scenes to deal with us. Then we will close the net."
Longyou laughed and gulped down the red wine in the glass.

Chapter 191 Mysterious jade spoon
Wang Jun, who fled back to the steel plant in a mess, was full of scars and anger. He couldn’t wait to update Longyou to pieces so quickly.
Li Yan saw a full face of’ Yin’ haze before Wang Jun immediately asked, "What’s the matter with you? Fighting with others? "
He sneered, "Go and ask your good nephew Longyou to repay me twice for today’s revenge."
After that, Wang Jun quickly walked into his office. "Bang!" A’ door’
"What does this have to do with others?" Li Yan looked at the’ door’ and said to himself
When I got to the office, the secret Villi twisted her waist and walked over with a distressed expression. "Oh, what’s going on? I’ll give you medicine quickly."
Immediately, Villi quickly prepared the disinfectant gauze’ medicine’ in the drawer.
At this moment, Wang Jun threw all the healing things she had just set down and cursed "get out of here."
She didn’t go out, but somewhere towering and gently sticking to his body and eyes slightly moist, "Don’t people still care about you?"
Wang Jun felt that the towering friction instantly extinguished the anger and distressed and quickly kissed her cheek. "Baby, you know that I love you the most and you don’t cry."
"Well, people understand" Li Hui smiles appealed.
Instantly reminded Wang Jun that an evil fire directly threw Li Hui away from her bed, and threw all her anger at her body, making her gasp constantly.
Workers passing by the office are all squatting on the’ door’ to listen and comment with interest.
"I knew Mr. Wang had a leg with that little demon’ Jing’. Don’t you believe it?"
"Mr.wong doesn’t want to live. Who doesn’t know that Mr.wong’s wife is provocative?"
"Even men have a little different thoughts."
Talking about Long Jingui’s ears, he suddenly felt a little angry and dispersed all the workers, then sounded the’ door’ of Wang Jingui and shouted, "This is a steel plant, not a place for you to mess around."
The’ door’ was beaten, and Wang Jun came out disheveled, and his face scar was very obvious. He disdained and said, "You are a ball manager. Don’t let your son enter the steel plant, and you will be a chicken dog. Did you see the old man’s injuries? Your dog made you ask him to be careful."
I heard Wang Jun abuse Long Jingui for three transgressions of four times and directly kicked him in the’ leg’ and gave him a punch. "Originally, I respect you as a leader, but you dare to scold my son before you let me hear my teeth knocked out for you."
Get up and leave this smoky place.
At this time, Wang Jun’s hatred deepened and he couldn’t wait to skin Long Jingui’s father.
Villi, who had been hiding in the room, heard the sound of fighting outside and told the behind-the-scenes person about it. The behind-the-scenes person gave her some advice.
After the words, Villi looked angry. "How did Wang Zonglong and Jin Guifu do this to you? How do you say that you are also a half shareholder? No, let’s call the police."
"Call a fart police. It’s not that you don’t know what I did before. It’s really long hair and short knowledge that I can run."
Come on, my heart is full of anger. Wang Jun is even more angry when she says so.
Li Hui is breathless when he sees this heart, but he doesn’t say anything.
After a silence for a while, Wang Jun suddenly remembered something and asked her, "What did you say about my cousin?"
Hearing this, Villi quickly said, "It must be reliable. That’s my cousin’s house. Does Mr. Wang want it?"
Wang Jun gave a way, "OK, I’ll give him 100 thousand to help me get rid of Longyou. No, kill his father."
Villi sneer at in the heart is really stingy.
But the mouth comforted, "It’s all my relatives who say that money is not money."
Wang Jun saw Villi’s way and immediately got angry in his heart. "Let’s see if you can give him 50 thousand after your face is done."
"Mr.wong is really heroic. I’m sure I’ll ask my cousin to handle this matter cleanly for you." Li Hui said with a wave of curly hair and amorous feelings.