I didn’t expect this to tell the problem.

"We don’t want you to exercise every day if you don’t come. What’s the difference?"
"Then why are you telling me this now?"
"I mean, do you want to … hey hey do you want to …"
Ding Qiunan one after another supercilious look took turns to throw it over. How could her husband be so narrow-minded? She just deliberately asked.
Retract and raise the wall legs, depending on the husband’s expectation, pretend to go to bed and take a shower.
When Li Chu’s eyes just showed a trace of disappointment, Ding Qiunan swooped down on him again.
Looking at her husband’s stupid look, Ding Qiunan smiled smugly and leaned over his ear and whispered, "Dear, three times a day from tonight until I get pregnant."
"Three … three times?" Li Chu’s surprised look on his face slowly turned into panic. Even the donkeys in the production team can’t do this, can they?
As Ding Qiunan gently licked his earlobe, the horn of the war between men and women was sounded again.
Who cares how many times? Let’s relax first.
Early Li Chu laid aside her wife, who slept half her body, and slowly went to bed.
Pan kang has this advantage. You can build it at will without worrying that it will creak and rattle.
I went to bed and rubbed some sour and numb waist. Li Chu thought about how to mend himself in the future, or sooner or later, he would be drained by this tiger bitch.
There was a wuqinxi in the courtyard, and then I went into the bathroom and took a shower.
After getting dressed, I took the three dogs out to buy breakfast.
It has become a scene in their hutong that he goes out early now. He is still obedient and doesn’t run around with his feet.
People in hutongs don’t know them, and no one is afraid of them.
Any child can walk up to them and touch their hair.
However, once you see anyone with heavy hands, Li Chu will stop drinking and listen. This is also a dog who will bite when he is in a hurry
Sometimes three dogs will whine when their hands are heavy, and only two little guys at home can mess with them at will.
Li Chu observed that once Xiaowen Huixian pinched the little black belly, but Xiaohei turned around and licked it, just like nothing happened.
Then he tried a whoop, and it rang immediately.
Angry Li Chu came to its head.
I strolled around before I bought some big bags.
When he got home, Ding Qiunan had already got up and washed up.
"Honey, I just saw that there were not many coal blocks in the coal shed," Ding Qiunan said while eating a bag.
Li Chu, who is making milk powder, put the already made cup in front of her wife and made herself another one.
"It’s okay. I’ve got someone to get the coal ticket ready. I’ll try to buy it back these two days."
Ding Qiunan has never cared about all kinds of tickets at home. She is responsible for going to the neighborhood Committee to hand over the water every month
Usually, I buy food and food at home. These are all purchased by the hospital canteen.
I don’t blame Ding Ma for nagging her daughter every time. She’s been married for four years, but she hasn’t been to the vegetable market. Is it okay?
Ding Ma often tells Ding Dad that her daughter is lucky to marry and not serve her in-laws, otherwise I’m afraid she would have been packed and returned by her husband’s family.
After breakfast, the couple came to the hospital together.
Just entering the hospital gate, Uncle Zhang shouted at Li Chu, "Dr. Li, there are many people at the door of your consulting room."
Li Chu and Ding Qiunan turned their heads to look into the clinic after listening to Uncle Zhang’s words.
The young couple were dumbfounded. There were at least a dozen people at the door of the clinic, and they were all pregnant women.
It seems that it is quite effective for the Obstetrics and Gynecology Association and the Women’s Federation to take the initiative to have a checkup during pregnancy. Otherwise, they could not have informed so many pregnant women to come to Li Chu to recuperate.
"Li Chu, you’re a gynecologist."
Listening to my wife poking fun at Li Chu’s words.
"Huh?" Li Chu also saw Liu Zhu’s jeep in their unit.
Today, I didn’t let Ding Qiunan help Li Chu in the past and walked to the clinic after saying goodbye to her.
Go to the jeep first and sit in the car.
Li Chu knocked on the window, and the driver saw him open the door quickly.
"Master Liu asked me to come and give you something," said Dr. Li, and the man handed me a small purse
"I’m really sorry that Dr. Li came and should have sent it to you yesterday afternoon. As a result, I was delayed by something temporary. When I came over, you were already in class."
Chapter two hundred and forty-two Get married
"It’s okay, I’m not in a hurry." Li Chu took the bag with a smile and didn’t expect it to be quite heavy
Li Chu opened the bag and took a look at it. In addition, he put a May 4th pistol and a small paper box in it.
"This is …"
"Oh, Dr. Li, I think there are many people at the door of your clinic, and it’s not convenient for me to tell you about your car."
Li Chu went to the co-pilot and opened the door and sat down.
After Li Chu sat down, the man immediately said, "The four documents in the bag are your and your lover’s external license and a gun license. If you carry a gun at ordinary times, you should also bring these documents, and the two documents must be neat."
In addition, the gun is for your lover. Liu also said that Director Chen gave you the gun, and that the box contained fifty rounds of ammunition. "
Then the man took out a form and handed it to Li Chu. "Dr. Li, please check the gun and then check the gun number. If there is no problem, please sign it so that I can file it when I get back."
Li Chu took out a gun from his bag, checked the gun number again, and then took out a gun from his bag and checked the gun number again.
I took out the cowhide carton again and opened it. I probably counted the number of bullets, but it was no problem.
Finally, after reading all four certificates, Li Chu took out his pen and signed the handover form.
"Dr. Li’s procedures are all finished, so I won’t delay you. I see there are many patients waiting for you there."
"Ok, thank you for coming specially."
"Don’t worry, this is all I should do."
Li Chu pulled open the door and the car was just about to leave. The man stopped him again. "Dr. Li and Mr. Liu also asked me to bring you a message. He said that you should know when the gun should be and when it can’t be, but no matter what happens, let you inform him and Director Chen at the first time."
After listening to Li Chu nodded, "OK, I know."
Seeing the horse arrive at class, Li Chu hurried to his clinic without delay.
Nurse Sue, the host, has helped to keep order at the door.
"Dr. Li, you’re here. Master Sun asked me to come to your side today."
"Thank you, Nurse Sue."
Entering the consulting room, Li Chu put away her purse, cleaned it casually and began to receive treatment.
At noon, I saw nearly 20 pregnant women. When I got to work, Li Chu felt dizzy and bloated.
At noon, when I went back to the clinic to rest after dinner with my wife, Li Chucai took out the bag she had taken early.
Take out the certificate for Ding Qiunan from the inside and hand it to her
"What is this?" Ding Qiunan doubt took the two certificates to open a look.
"Hey, this is for me. Why is there a gun license?"
"Chen Shu and Liu Shu will do it." Li Chu took out his gun from his bag and put it on the table. "Is this for you?"
Ding Qiunan looked at the desk gun with a small mouth and said, "Is this for me, too?"