"Aunt Huang didn’t promise not to feel bad. This is the first emperor’s legacy. It’s also a gift. If I can care for my family and ignore the country, even if I get married, it’s my daughter who wants peace and happiness for the people."

"This simple, that Li Fangguo has never seen anything anyway. I’ll just find a beautiful maid-in-waiting to send it over so that everything will be done."
Zhu Yunwen’s face sank. "Why not?"
Zhu Yunwen slowly turned around with a sigh and drew a scroll from the dragon chair. There was a truly beautiful princess Yan Leng, and the man in the painting was himself.
"This was two years ago when the North Korean envoy came, he specially asked for a portrait of Aunt Ren Huang, that is, at that time, the emperor’s grandfather decided to marry his aunt."
Princess Yan leng, that is to say, Li Fangguo already knows her appearance, and the only thing she can do is to get married according to the arrangement.
"got it"
Zhu Yunwen couldn’t help sighing when the princess withdrew from the main hall. Sometimes it is so cruel. The princess looks glamorous. Sometimes even the daughters of ordinary people are not as good as many times. They can’t let their own nature think about the love of the emperor’s grandfather for this little daughter. Perhaps it is because of this that they are sad and want to make up for it more.
Across the vast waters, Li Chenggui, North Korea, is lazy and lying in bed next to a woman with a charming face and a gauze. The scenery inside is unobstructed. Li Chenggui’s military army naturally has no shortage of women all its life. Even in its later years, it still needs women until it meets this woman who is completely fascinated by the other party. It is not only the appearance, figure and eyes of the other party that make men forget the charm at a glance. Even after drinking a lot of herbs, they can still cope with this period of time.
"What’s the matter with Wang?"
Li Chenggui leans sideways and doesn’t want others to see that he is in a mess at this time. Sweat on his forehead keeps slipping, and his strong muscles become loose. He likes the iron gun best on weekdays and puts it aside. These are old signs. I have to admit it.
"Nothing. I’m tired recently. Just take a few days off."
A woman’s arm is like a snake, and she sticks it directly to gently rub Li Chenggui’s face and sweat. Before changing it, she must turn over and press it, so that she can be happy. At this time, it is not enjoyment, but suffering. It belongs to the dignity of men
"all right"
Li Chenggui didn’t good the spirit and said, "Is Wang upset when he is on a mission?"
"We should have given this marriage to Shuo ‘er at the beginning, so there would be no worries." Li Chenggui, among these sons, Li Fangyuan is the most capable of fighting, and Li Chenggui has the most similar personality. Perhaps it is for this reason that Li Chenggui doesn’t like Li Fangyuan. He always feels that he is demonstrating to himself, not according to his own arrangements, but trying to take everything from his own hands.
Li Fangshuo is different in age and equally clever and sensible. The most important thing is that the woman behind him has such a coquettish face. Every day, the ear blows every day, and Li Chenggui is naturally willing to listen. This king is calling himself and giving it to everyone by himself.
Li Chenggui doesn’t snore for a long time when she is sleepy. The woman glanced at her and felt bored. Her fingers stroked her smooth body, and her mouth groaned in a low voice. She dressed and walked out. The size of the city here is too small compared with that of Dahuang City Site. The same low wall left many traces of war. For some reasons, it was not repaired.
"Go and get Li Weishi."
It won’t be long before a person steps into "See the Queen"
"Go ahead"
Several maids went out and the door jumped into the man’s arms with a good woman. "You can’t do this. If you are seen, everything will be ruined."
When a man pushes a woman’s hand, she looks angry. "Do you know when a great event has considered us women? Are women going to sacrifice for your great achievement?"
"You are a tall queen. What’s wrong with what you want? Don’t forget that this is a general’s order that the dead must carry out."
The woman sneered, "If you know the coward, I will let your son ascend to the throne. If you dare to cheat on me, I will personally destroy it and kill you." The woman’s face shows murder and the sleeve shakes and wraps around the man’s neck.
If this scene is seen, it is hard to believe that the queen is hiding her master and having an affair with the guardian of the city, and that Li Fangshuo, who is regarded as a puppet, is probably not Li Chenggui.
Anything can happen to a woman who comes with a purpose. In this era, the technical roots are unclear whether it is or not.
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Chapter five hundred and fifty-seven Princess wedding
The princess’s wedding is a big event. When the news comes out, the capital is as sensational as the new emperor’s reign. The shops and streets on both sides are decorated with lanterns and colorful decorations. The palace is also busy with making new clothes to create the crown, and there are all kinds of wedding jewelry. Looking at those busy figures back and forth, Princess Yan sighs all day long as if she really grows up and will get married and become someone else’s woman.
What do women want to do? Princess Yan can’t tell clearly. It’s a terrible thing to listen to ladies-in-waiting privately. If a woman is a woman, she must marry. If there is an afterlife, she must be a man, so that she can lead a free life like the four brothers.
"Is the store jewelry ready?"
Jitai figure appeared in the store and hurriedly walked out of the "Qi’s adult has made craftsmen work day and night, and there are still a few pieces left unfinished". Who is this? Can the God of Wealth not compliment this princess wedding? From preparation to material purchase, Jitai is a celebrity in front of the emperor. If the accounts are sent to the past, it will be allocated one by one.
"look around"
In this shop, in some years, craftsmen have been working for more than ten years. It is not a simple job, especially carving this piece. It is very important to grasp the discretion of each knife, and the overall aesthetic feeling is greatly discounted. Once you want to make up the knife, you can go through the gap, which is even more difficult. For craftsmen, grasping the hand strength is accumulated from years of experience.
Jitai installed a circle of things along the jewelry store, which was good, but it was a pity that the shopkeeper didn’t look very well and smiled. "These are ordinary people. How can they get into the eyes of Qi’s adult? Good things are on the second floor."
"Oh, go and see."
Jitai pedaled down the stairs. It’s really different. The style is exquisite. The chromaticity is also bright. Jitai nodded repeatedly. "Recently, I just want to give a Zhu Chai away. This style is good. Thank you."
"Qi’s adult can patronize the store, but it’s splendid." Say that finish, take a piece of paper from one side and carefully wrap things. "When things are ready, deliver them in person."
"No need for the official to pick it up. Just remember to keep an eye on the construction period and watch the day coming. You can’t miss the big event."
"Yes, yes, you can rest assured."
Qitai went out of the jewelry shop and turned to a cloth shop. China silk is famous overseas, not only for its good quality, but also for its beautiful style and color. Other countries, China silk and tea are all nobles who can enjoy good things. This time, Princess Yan got married and ordered the most famous weaving workshop in Beijing to drive out several horses of Buqitai according to the highest standards. After nodding, it is worthy of being a century-old brand. Pigments are very particular about some colors, and only those dyeing craftsmen can distinguish them.
Li Fangguo’s leisure time can wait for someone in the other hall to step in quickly. Li Fangguo calls this person an uncle, which should be a queen’s younger brother. Li Fangguo is trying to have a beautiful picture on the console table. It’s the first time I’ve seen such a beautiful fairy. God has treated me well. Now I have the support of the big royal family to compete for the world position, and I can also get a beautiful return.
Li Fangguo was startled when the door suddenly pushed. It was one of our own who breathed a sigh of relief. "Is there any movement, uncle?"
The man handed over and said, "The Emperor Huigong has prepared for the marriage and has settled."
Li Fangguo smiled and the man sighed, "Uncle, good things are approaching and you sigh?"
The humanitarian said, "The meeting with the Great Emperor has passed, and those people in Zheng Dao have never left this period. They secretly sent people to the past and didn’t want them to be guarded strictly and kept close to the law."

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