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A couple of fish in the water
Hand grasping hand
Go through bridge opening.
Hanging nest tree
Lanji pointed around.
Cross is her husband.
Bamboo embryo middle child
A child in a wooden fetus
It’s your groom with all your hair.
Sunny weather
Rainy days
Is to roll all over your body, bride
Spitting fish lips
Sailor’s garden-like lips
Is to bite your lip
Can’t have you
Can’t have you
My river makes a wife.
Can’t have you
My weak woman
Can’t have you
Wife sliding the river
Affection and sediment
The rest of the family members prostrated themselves in the pot and spoon.
Can’t have you
Weak love
We are really scorched by the sun outside autumn.
I can’t protect myself anymore.
I can’t.
Let love get hurt casually
Can’t have you
But I also got married in autumn.