Correction pointed to the rag and drew a frame, that is, Mi Zige

This thing is really said to be sent by itself.
Norman thought so in his heart, but didn’t say so. He shut up and quickly took his own words. It seems that he didn’t intend to give Norman a chance to admit it
"I advise you not to say it’s better not to say it. Even if you say you are, I won’t believe it, because everyone knows that the cage of the old saying is the genius of Mr. Cardenas. It is said that the gentleman has dazzling blond hair and you have black hair, and Mr. Justin is a real genius, and you are almost thirty, right? So you obviously won’t be him. "
When it came to Mr. Justin, he was always indifferent and expressionless. He even showed a rare trace of respect and took a distant look at the north
Although the real world is a year past, Norman’s experience in this year is so rich that it is worth ten years for others. Plus two reincarnation times and three thousand years in the world, he now recalls that everything was like decades ago. When he heard the name, he even had some strange feelings. Only then did he recall who it was.
But Norman still didn’t say anything more than who sent him the old saying cage.
You’re almost thirty, Hugh. This is the second time you’ve said this.
You look almost thirty? But I am a 19-year-old teenager!
If other people’s years are a pig-killing knife, then their own years are a Tu Longdao.
"And the old saying that the cage is an epoch-making great hair, but its secret is no longer a secret. You are not delusional that this is no longer a secret to trade with me, are you?"
It has been more than a year since the appearance of the old saying cage in this world. Even if the mainland traffic is underdeveloped, this great development should have been broadcast by the mainland mage. Moreover, the great thing about the old saying cage is that creativity is not a technical secret. Norman naturally thought that what he wanted to trade was not an old saying cage.
"Of course not. I want to trade. It’s old saying knowledge."
Xiu’s face is slightly odd, and his tone is slightly elevated and slightly changed.
"You mean you, a grey robe mage, will teach me the old saying?"
He didn’t directly criticize Norman and joked that it was really good to cultivate, but in fact Norman’s idea sounded really ridiculous
It’s very lucky for a gray-robed mage to be taught by a black-robed mage. Where have you ever heard of a gray-robed mage teaching a black-robed mage?
But Norman just nodded and admitted, "Yes."
"Mr. Xiu, you should also know that the reason why many gray-robed wizards like me become black-robed wizards is diversity. Even if a gray-robed mage is advanced in ancient Chinese and wants other ways to find a contract suitable for God, he will still become a real mage, and I happen to be such a person."
But you are not a real mage. You don’t know that when a real mage shakes the subtitles in meditation, on the one hand, he is practicing, on the other hand, his understanding of ancient sayings will be wonderfully improved and deepened in this way, and the gray-robed mage will never have such an opportunity. How old are you? At your age, you are still a gray robe mage, and you can imagine the depth of your knowledge base of ancient sayings.
Hugh wanted to say this to Norman, but Norman spoke so fast that he didn’t give him a chance to interrupt.
"For example, this old saying"
Norman also moved a little further, pointing to the old saying on the far left of his rag.
That’s a "si"
"It’s pronounced uan, which means burning fire and cooking food."
Then Norman’s arm moved slightly to the second old saying on the left.
That’s a "cake"
"It’s pronounced yu, and it has many meanings. One meaning is to sell, and the other meaning is almost the same as the old saying’ education’."
Speaking of this, Norman suddenly lowered his voice and said, "There is even an overflow meaning in its heresy."
At this point, Norman’s eyes deliberately shaved his face and paused. When he saw him, he moved a little, but there was no expression on his face.
Naturally, it seems that this monk is a classical mage as he expected, and there is nothing in his father’s religion and free religion.
Norman went on to say, "And this’ Gui’ is also pronounced’ Yu’, which means a state of smoke emission …"
Norman explained the words he wrote rags one by one.
To tell the truth, before today, these old sayings were repaired, even though he didn’t know them himself. All the departments were Templars. He found out and taught him temporarily. Even at this moment, Norman made a routine explanation and became silent.
He doesn’t want to talk any more, because he didn’t expect Norman to really master these old sayings.
He used to be this guy named Barton, but I don’t know where he learned these old sayings and made them up to scare him. But now I hear that Barton’s words are very smooth and don’t look like it.
Norman finally explained all the old sayings he wrote about rags and concluded his speech.
"Mr. Xiu, as you can see, although I am a gray robe mage, my ancient sayings are definitely not a gray robe mage, so I think this transaction is worth your consideration."
Norman’s last sentence didn’t continue to communicate, but the old saying came out. The pronunciation was coherent and fluent, and the intonation was cadenced. The word order was fair and rigorous, and the listening materials for the Red Robe Master’s Grading Test were finished.
Hugh was completely silent because he found that Norman finally said this sentence and he actually understood it! However, from the pronunciation, he can understand those things, and he can still judge that the gray robe mage in front of him is not talking nonsense about what he has learned, but he is not good at ancient Chinese.
Hugh had to admit that, as the gray robe mage in front of him said, his level of ancient Chinese seems to be really inferior to that of the other party.
Mages are always proud because they are much better than ordinary people, and Xiu is no exception.
Even the mage is extremely proud, because he is also a genius. He is now 26 years old, but he is already a three-star black-robed mage. The future is limitless, which is worthy of his pride. What’s more, he still has that thing in his hand. It’s even more amazing to think that it can be called the fate effect than the artifact!
What reason can he not be proud of having such a hand?
Hugh is so proud that he doesn’t allow a lowly gray robe mage to ask the other person to be his teacher because he is so Kan Kan in front of him!
Don’t you just know more old sayings? It’s no big deal.
With the deepening of his study, he will eventually come into contact with more and more ancient sayings, and the study of ancient sayings is a gradual process. This gray-robed mage knows more ancient sayings, but he will instill what he knows into his mind, and he will learn slowly after all.
If I want to repair it, I feel that it really doesn’t matter.
Don’t say that this gray robe mage has come to make a deal with him with such an equal attitude, even if the other party kneels down and cries for himself to make a deal with him, he will not agree.
This depends on the dignity and pride of a real mage!
Xiu’s heart is firm at the moment.