It has the same effect as the druid’s career path, and the star demon Gang is equivalent to a special model road.

At this time, Shi Jin is condensing the demon soul into a shape equivalent to the foundation.
However, the cultivation of this practice or conciseness of the nine-star fiend must have great magic.
And in the future, many people will continue to kill Na blood and murderous look.
Shi Jin’s card forming step at this time is because he only practiced alone and has never experienced war fighting.
I can’t understand that kind of disregard for human nature to kill the enemy and kill the heart
Make the law tangible and not completely shaped.
But at this time, Lingqing hesitated about whether to continue this practice.
It turns out that he is the magic star, and it takes some war to break the magic return.
Now I’m afraid I’ll kill a river of blood if I learn such a skill again in the future
The main reason is that he didn’t know the world disaster at this time, but he was so successful.
I wonder if this is good or bad for this disaster.
If this move can eliminate the disaster as soon as possible, it will naturally be a merit.
However, if the disaster is aggravated, you will also be involved in the cocoon.
I thought about it for a while, but I didn’t have a clue. Lingqing simply didn’t think about it. She put history into practice first.
His family went back to Shi Jin to arrange accommodation for him, and closed his eyes and concentrated on exercising.
After these days, he has been refining the lung and storing it in Shangfu, and then the last kidney is stored in Shenfu.
Kidney is strong, officials are in charge of water, and five internal organs are in charge.
The root of innate life is the kidney god storing the left and the right.
Ming you Chang gong tai he fu
Lingqing concentrates on reading, rubbing two kidneys like a river wheel, turning yin and yang, changing fire and water, ji ji.
In a short time, there was a secret in both kidneys, and suddenly the water vapor in the kidney in the cave surged like a river and sea.
Lingqing Shennian leveled the rivers and seas, and set the waves to rise and fall tactfully with Shennian.
When you are calm, you will draw a trace of kidney moisture as if it were stored in the liver.
In an instant, Lantai Prefecture is full of vitality, catalyzing the influx of liver and wood into the heart.
Heart hidden flame blazing will burn Yuanyang mansion more and more glittering and translucent.
Then a wisp of internal heat enters the spleen and hardens Tai Su’s mansion by fire.
Just born, the front is eager to enter the lungs and breathe with breathing and breathing.
Shaped like a sword, like a dragon, turning thousands of times, refining, winding your fingers like water, and putting them in the kidney.
China has just calmed down, and the waves have once again stirred up waves.
There is a crystal treasure palace shadow in the depths of the river and sea.
With the enlightenment of the five zang-organs Shenfu more and more, the speed of refining the five zang-organs Qi and refining Shenfu is getting faster and faster.
Nowadays, the five elements gather in five phases to generate kidney, and the speed of condensing Taihe House is unprecedented.
According to him, it should be condensed in two or three months.
After that, keep the five zang and five fu warm for a few days, and then you can start refining the true shape of the five qi.
According to ordinary people, the five internal organs are not solid enough, and there are restrictions on refining five qi every day.
Naturally, this temple can’t get up quickly.
What’s more, he laid a solid foundation when warming up the five zang-organs, and the five zang-organs are as hard as steel and as soft as cotton, so that he can have such a speed without fear of mining and refining?
In the past few days, Lingqing House has devoted itself to practicing outside history, but it is learned that a group of strongmen have come to Shaohua Mountain to rob the family.
In order to prevent the intrusion of the village, the villagers, old and young, gathered to build a village to protect themselves against thieves and bandits.
It was Zhu Wu, the mysterious strategist of Dikui Star, Chen Da, the tiger of Tiaojian Star, and Yang Chun, the white snake of Cryptomeria Star, who occupied Shaohua Mountain.
The three of them couldn’t live because they were forced by the government.
Now shaohua mountain has also made a name for itself, and Huayin county government has offered a reward of 3,000 yuan to capture them.
At this time, the combination of two penetration and three thousand penetration and one thousand five hundred and twenty silver can be seen from this.
Zhu Wu three people after hearing also dare not neglect to discuss to rob some money for loyalist capture in the mountain.
There are Huayin and Pucheng counties near Shaohua Mountain, and it is necessary to go through Shijia Village to go to Huayin.
Since Wang Jin learned how to perform martial arts with hundreds of soldiers, Shi Jin has often fought with many people, so everyone around him knows that he is powerful.
Zhu Wuduo advised Yang Chun to be cautious. The two said that they should not go to Huayin County to take a trip to Pucheng.
However, this trip angered Chen Da
He called himself a jumping tiger, and his nature was as violent as a tiger. They didn’t persuade him, but they persuaded him.
Then I ordered one hundred and forty-five wannabe to wear the gongs and drums in A?vagho?a, and I looked at Shijia Village.
In recent days, Shi Jin is preparing for the robbery by thieves in Shaohua Mountain. Hearing the news makes people knock up three or four hundred people.
I was wearing a Zhu Jiatie brand heart protector, with a three-pointed, two-edged, four-pronged ring knife and an arrow on my back. I took a man across a hot coals red horse and greeted him.
The village north is bumping into Chen Da.
The two men got into a fight without saying a word. Shi Jin’s three-pointed, two-edged knife darted around, and each one followed Chen Da’s top door.
Chen Da straddled a white horse, armed with a steel spear, and plunged into history.
Chen Da was born, but ordinary people have learned some crop tricks because of their strong body and extraordinary talent.
Even if Shi Jin didn’t learn from Ling Qing, he was no match. What’s worse, now Shi Jin has practiced "Kowloon Turning to Magic" into the door.