Who am I?

Pinggu, the Taoist priest of Heji Fairy!
"Why don’t you go this time?"
Look at this man with a brown token in his hand, his words are full of meaning.
And this man is none other than Wei Chi, the patriarch of today’s Lingjian Sect, and his younger brother, Wei Chi Jue.
"If you can’t stop me, I will definitely go."
Gently reach out and soothe Wei Chi’s broken heart. Ping Gu’s words really have such magic.
"You may die."
Feeling Ping Gu’s share of appeasing Wei Chi is the only way to put his hatred and revenge on hold. Although it seems to be a simple sentence, it also tells Ping Gu the nature of the world.
"I’m not afraid to die if I can be by your side."
Ping Gu said and got up slowly, and then moved behind Wei Chi to comb her hair.
"You’re not afraid of death, but I’m afraid of death. I’m afraid of death because I’ve already died once. What’s the taste of my death? But you know, I haven’t been able to report my hatred to him yet. I can’t die, at least before he dies. I can’t die, but I also know that this trip is really immortal and difficult. After all, it’s unearthed in Yun Ze, which is one of the most powerful weapons in the 24-day magic weapon. I expect that many people will spy on Yan in this day. Lake Island will be the most chaotic place in the world, and it’s such a mixed place. I really don’t want you to go because I don’t miss you and me. Ping, if I die this time, you can still live as both of them. And if you go with me, what will happen to both of us? Have you thought about us two children? How can they live in this situation? Listen to me, Ping. Just stay at home and let me go alone this time. "
Hold out your hand slowly and then put it on the back of Ping Gu’s hand. Wei Chi’s words are really to the point.
"If you die, I will never live alone. The children have children in the future. I believe that even without us, the children will be happier than us. Besides, the army is now a big boy. He can protect the old guy in the small army with his own brute force. Don’t persuade me. This time, I will accompany you, even if you are on a mountain, even if you are on fire. Since I choose to be your wife, you should know that husband and wife should walk all the way in such a shallow way. If I die unfortunately in the end, it is not profound enough for me to understand.
Through the bronze mirror, Wei Chijue discovered that his wife was so beautiful.
It turns out that Ping Gu is so determined about her feelings in her heart.
Love, humanity, humanity and Taoism have been sentimental since ancient times, and I hate this hatred for a long time!
At this moment, she is no longer a Taoist who is extremely immortal.
At this moment, she is the wife of Wei Chi and the mother of the army and the army.
Character-Wu Liaoping, King of Zhenwu [Ling Jianzong]
"Look, I’ll teach you once. It’s up to you to realize how much!"
The old man’s voice just fell and he was like a remnant leaf, so he slowly waved his hand in front of Wuliaoping.
And this sword is getting faster and faster with the old man’s figure.
This old man is none other than the old man in the five pavilions.
At this time, Wuliaoping had just passed the age of twenty, and he was a young man. His super talent made him directly involved in Wei Chi’s love seat and became the only famous brother of Wei Chi’s love.
You know, since Ling Jianzong was sent by Zongli, there has never been a younger brother who can never forget anything until Wuliaoping arrived, which is to break this imprisonment.
It takes a lot of talent to remember everything.
And Wuliaoping is the spirit sword Sect in the eyes of everyone. It can be said that when Wei Chi-bian and others realized that he never forgets anything, his position of spirit sword Sect was really like riding a rocket in the ass. Just after the observation period, he was recruited into the hospital by Wei Chi-bian without going through the outer court strictly, so he was taken over by Wei Chi-bian.
In Suowu Liaoping’s life record, Wei Chixuan was his first teacher.
In order to completely keep Wu Liaoping in mind, Jian Zong, who has a photographic memory, is the generation to stay in Yanhu Island. He really did his best. He gave his life to Wu Liaoping without any reservation.
And Wu Liaoping is really worthy of his outstanding talent. Even after a year, he has already given him the skills of Donghuang Jianfa and Tianqi Tianjigong, which are taught by Wei Chi. He has mastered these three skills very diligently, and he is also aiming at his own physique. He is trying to make changes to these three profound kungfu skills again, hoping to exert greater power in his own hands.
Only three and a half years later, Wuliaoping successfully entered the high-level sequence of Lingjianzong from a scattered person in the Jianghu, and in the following years, he won the recognition of many elders by relying on his attitude of daring to fight and fight.
King Zhenwu, this is the title given to him by Ling Jianzong.
You know, in the history of Lingjianzong, there has never been such a young man who inspires King Wu, but Wuliaoping has repeatedly refreshed the cognition of many elders about himself.
In the eyes of Wei Chi, the patriarch of Ling Jianzong is a non-Wuliaoping, because he has already made up his mind to betrothed his little daughter, Wei Chi’s glass, to this young King Zhenwu, so that Ling Jianzong can stay in Wuliaoping. I am willing to give Ling Jianzong to Wuliaoping as a dowry of Wei Chi’s glass with both hands.
Wei Chi was able to see himself when he was young from Wu Liaoping’s body, and the only difference between them was that Wu Liaoping’s talent and hard work were much stronger than when he was young.
If one day Wei Chi retires to the background with false glory, then he also firmly believes that the hands of Ling Jianzong Wu Liaoping will surely develop more brilliantly than his hands.
Between self-interest, the future of Ling Jianzong and the happy life of Wei Chi Glass in the future, Wei Chi found a glimpse of Heaven in person and recommended this talented boy to his master.
And Wei Chi is also very optimistic about Wu Liaoping, a child.
At this moment, Wei Chiqing feels that the Kung Fu he gave to Wuliaoping is a unique skill sent by Lingjianzong Town, and he created his own overbearing trick.
Donghuang Sword Array …
Character-Forgetting Fairy Liu Luoluo [Casting Sword Villa]
I know you don’t love me.
I also know that in your heart, I will always be an outsider, and I will walk into your heart one way or another.
I also know that there are women around you, and you would rather hold yourself open to those women than leave me a little bit for me to squeeze into the gap.
But I hope you can stop me from approaching you, and I hope you can stop me from loving you.
Because you are the only one in my heart.
I can kill you. I can kill you.
But I can’t stand you ignoring me.
I can’t stand it.
Qin Yu, I beg you to look back at me at a glance.
I hope you can know that there is another silly woman in this world who will kill you regardless of everything.
Sometimes I will tell myself to give up. Liu Luoluo Qin Yu is not the one you hit. Give up. Liu Luoluo Qin Yu and you are strangers in two parallel lines of life.
But every time I see you, I can’t help but think of what we were like when we were children. At that time, your father was still the duke of the prestigious town, and your mother was still the first sword holder of the famous day, Yukime, while you were a kid who would follow my ass.
At that time, my father was still suffering from Rise of the Legend Yunzhi, and my grandfather was famous for drinking Liu Yunjun. We were really right, and in the eyes of the two elders, we were the most suitable for each other.
But I didn’t expect a Kuroshio in Yun Ze to make a happy life. You and I are completely changed strangers who know each other best.
Your father and my grandfather died in Yanhu Island.
And after your mother’s death, my father was beaten to a disability, and since then he can choose to seal the arrow for the rest of his life.
For me, I can watch you talking and laughing with Weichi Liuli every day.
Qin Yu, I hope you can leave before you leave. It’s me, it’s Liu Luoluo, not Wei Chi Liuli.
This debt of love is that you Qin Yu owes me Liu Luoluo.
This debt is the Liu family that your town Xihou House owes me.
But Qin Yu, I won’t force you to make a choice, because I know that no matter how you choose your alternative answer, my name Liu Luoluo will not be there. I know that I still have it, but I also hope you don’t forget that there was a wonderful time in your life journey, when I accompanied you to the end.