"Hum, the bodhi old zu on the secluded cliff is a top master of evil sect, and this matter also came from yesterday’s family news. We must not provoke it. Although Taikoo Gate has always been the first master of three schools, if we offend the bodhi old zu on the secluded cliff, we must die, even if we can prevent it for a while, it will be difficult for a long time!"

It’s another man, who looks strange, plays with a jade finger and a strange jade finger in his hand, wears a splendid satin robe and boots, obviously comes from a noble family, and is polite to others, not just a dude.
"Mu Feng, as you said, the bodhi old zu on the deep cliff has great strength?"
Just mouth spiritual realm brother asked
I looked at the jade in my hand, and the noble family was born to admire the wind tunnel. "It is according to the family master that the ancestor of Youya was active in the world hundreds of years ago, and the digital Buddha of Taikoo had fought and repaired it. At that time, it was not absolutely strong. Recently, a master of scattered immortals visited my family, and I realized that the ancestor of Youya had a fairy in the middle and late stages, and it was far from us to be provoked!"
My brother is silent, and some brothers know about it, but will the fairy master make an easy move before them?
For Luo Xuanshan, even though some younger brothers had expected to experience a breakthrough in enlightenment personally, it was just a short-lived idea. How can it be a child’s play in the face of a fairy master who may be hit at any time and destroy his life?
For their performance, Mufeng smiled without saying a word, and disappeared with the wind
In addition to Luoxuan Mountain and Jiushu Mountain, there are also many people in Taiyi Mountain who are concerned about leaving the land. In addition to being present in person in Fang Yun, Taiyi Peak is cloudy and rainy, and Shangling Lan has learned this bad news through his elders and is very sad about the experience of leaving the land.
Later, when they saw Fang Yunhan, the elder brother of Taiyishan, they talked about it, and they all felt deeply sorry and sad.
I don’t know much about Fang Yunhan, a two-woman estranged from each other, but it’s the first time for him to see two people, an unfamiliar person, sad. At the same time, Fang Yunhan, on behalf of some brothers in Taiyishan, asked Taigu Sect to find a master to be separated.
In this way, Fang Yunhan readily agreed to go to Taiyishan Council Hall to ask his elders to find out the difference between life and death.
Among the three people, Fang Yunhan witnessed that it may be about 50% to recognize Lu Li’s survival. He insisted on Lu Li’s struggle in the adversity of life and death and always agreed that Lu Li could escape from the time gap and sent people to look for it.
After listening to the details, Yunruoyu suggested asking the core elders in the gate to help us to calculate life and death by the method of "innate psychic calculation". If we are still alive, we can know that we are separated from each other.
Shang Linglan is in a bad mood, and she has a wonderful impression of Lu Li, who has always felt that Lu Li is a special man with unlimited achievements.
At this time, the news of the fall accounted for about 90%, which made her face gloomy and almost cultivated.
Fang Yunhan kept comforting Shang Linglan, who still admired the master elder, and finally recovered from the gloom. Instead of worrying, he decided to go to the core elders in the pleading door together.
Seeing that two people are together, naturally, they will not hesitate to join the middle school. One more person will have more hope. All three of them are well-trained in Taiyi Mountain, and their dazzling performance is naturally deep. Many elders in the door have never hit a wall.
But this time, it is different for three people to beg. That is the most eccentric elder in Taikoomen. Even the first peak in Taiyi Mountain should be addressed as a "mysterious elder". This old man is a very old man in Taikoomen, spanning several generations. Shou Yuan is very long.
At the same time, Elder Xuanji has a wide range of experiences and knowledge, and he is recognized as a learned man in Taikoo. Of course, although he is not the most famous in Taikoo, he is also very famous. He knows both good and evil, and every word in geographical speech contains profound and mysterious words.
In this innate psychic method, besides the door master, the mysterious elder has mastered the door master, and it is extremely difficult for him to see several people. Naturally, he will plan to release the mysterious elder at the expense of his breath, and he will also be asked to fall apart.
Chapter 32 The vitality is slim
Who knows that Fang Yunhan, Yun Ruoyu and Shang Linglan are not accomplished by coincidence. They are very surprised to meet several people from Luo Xuanshan outside the "Xuanji Gankun Palace" of the Xuanji elders.
The bearer is Cui Xuanfeng Xiangyun and Ye Guhong listening to Quanfeng’s cold-blooded brother-Nangong Destroy!
Xiangyun, Ye Guhong, it is self-evident that the two of them came to get the mysterious elders to display their innate psychic skills. This is still the unanimous consent of the three-eyed Buddha who woke up to get the pass token.
Yu Nangong’s appearance at this time made Fang Yunhan confused. He felt that it was a sense of killing from this Nangong’s destruction, and he even begged the mysterious elders.
Shangling Lanyunruyu doesn’t know much about the Nangong extermination. In her eyes, she thinks that the Nangong extermination is strong and powerful, and she is quite a terror expert.
"There is no doubt that I respect Lu Li-ren’s point of fighting to the death and courage to destroy all perseverance. I think I am not as good as him."
The Nangong Ruishen Road has a fluctuating tone but says nothing, just like a stream slowly entering people’s hearts, making people no longer doubt his intentions.
It is precisely because the elders of Nangong’s mysterious family once had a long-term relationship and experienced this war that Nangong Miao admired Lu Li-ren very much. It is difficult for Yu Di to make up his mind and persevere in the desperate battle of the bodhi old zu on the deep cliff!
The Nangong family is powerful and prosperous, and it controls Kyushu, Qingzhou, and there are many military forces and masters in charge.
Most of the talented brothers in the aristocratic family have been trained civil and military talents, and some descendants of Nangong family with excellent talents have been secretly sent to cultivate immortals to practice the secret magic and seek immortality, and at the same time compete for power protection.
When the six people were ready to enter the boundary of the "Xuanji Gankun Palace", they encountered an unimaginable result.
Xuanji Gankun Palace is a strange place in the cloud and virtual world.
Usually, most of them coincide with the natural way without too much ostentation, and the decoration conforms to the artistic conception of Taikoo Gate conforming to the natural way and returning to nature.
This mysterious Gankun Palace is built by the mysterious elder and guarded by his younger brother, but it implies that the mysterious machine must have a Buddha-level pass token before it can be hurt, otherwise it is difficult for ordinary fairy masters to break through.
When Ning Frost Fairy went to Xuanji Gankun Palace for a request, the Xuanji Elder deliberately played a joke on her. At that time, Ning Frost Fairy was almost injured in the second reconstruction, and the aircraft array was said to be just the tip of the iceberg.
Fang Yunhan and others have different practices, but they dare not cross the line easily. They have to offer their own pass tokens and wait for the reply from Xuanji Gankun Palace.
This mysterious Gankun Palace is hidden in a misty sky, and it is said that it is a pavilion in the middle. The top of the pavilion is shaped like a hexagonal exquisite pagoda. The overall layout of the Xuangong Palace in Qionglou implies the mysterious mystery of Yin and Yang, and it rotates slowly at a certain speed. Every week, the wind and rain are discussed, and the earth shakes and never changes.
Although he is not guarded by his younger brother, the mysterious elder likes to recruit some children, cultivate immortality and ask around to help him study the mysteries of law and metaphysics.
It is also unfathomable to cultivate children for a long time. Some people were sent to the mysterious Gankun Palace from childhood, but after hundreds of years, they did not show aging. Instead, they broke through the immortal realm and condensed the Yuan God like rejuvenation.
Many streams add a bit of mystery to this mysterious palace.
When fashion Linglan was depressed, Fang Yunhan told the mystery of Gankun Palace and did his part, which means Shang Linglan came together.