However, it’s different to play in a professional arena. These two moves are of strategic value and can lead teammates to move together, which can make players play more flexibly in the battlefield.

Dinb and Liu Qingsong are both good walkers, so Ritz and Tam are very powerful in their hands and can often have unexpected effects.
Therefore, after entering the middle of the game, FP tried Leeds and Tam’s big move to catch the side and develop Rkie and heshy on both sides.
They haven’t been wronged by the sideline for a long time. Before IG took the sideline, they were all reckless. Even if they were caught, they were not afraid. When they were able to drag their teammates a little, IG was not a loss.
However, the situation in this game is different. Ritz and Tam are too solemn and efficient. Once FP is put into rhythm, IG may really be defeated by FP, which is an edge-catching tactic.
Therefore, when the next period comes, the two sideline lines of IG contract and develop, and Rkie has already come to the front of the Highland Tower to align, which looks very miserable.
Because the road line is very dangerous, dinb dare not push the line too deep. Once Ritz is killed, it will have a great influence on FP.
Dinb doesn’t dare to be presumptuous even if he knows he has an advantage. Rkie is playing cards in this game, and it is impossible to complete a single kill at present.
The situation in the 22-minute field is still in a stalemate. Because the two sideline lines are in a dominant position, FP chooses to take the initiative to get this little dragon.
In this way, FP can tie the rhythm of Xiaolong to IG. If IG can’t solve the sideline problem, then the Xiaolong department behind it will be controlled by FP.
FP people really saw their hope of getting the dragon soul, so FP once again prepared to take it immediately while Xiaolong was refreshing.
IG’s choice is very bold. Just now, they have been led by FP, which makes way for a big advantage. Ashui is very resistant.
Now it is seen that FP has chosen Xiaolong again and has occupied a favorable terrain. Ashui wants to command his teammates and fight with FP before he succeeds.
But when A Shui Yu’s corner swept through Dalongkeng, a bold idea suddenly appeared in his mind, and now FP everyone is half-area, which is definitely a good opportunity for Dalong.
Ah Shui’s ability to act is very strong. After thinking of this strategy, he immediately put it into action, trying to put the middle line ahead and behind the IG. Instead of going to Xiaolongkeng in the half area, he went straight to the river in the half area.
"IG they want to do? Are you going to give up Xiaolong to play Dalong? This idea is not too bold. "
"The spring decision JDG should learn from the past, and the dragon will ruin his life. IG, do you want to reconsider?"
Miller is not very optimistic about IG’s risky behavior, because IG’s speed of playing dragon is not very fast, and Captain heshy is not positive. No one in IG’s dragon fighting team is resistant to injury.
Once it is reacted by FP people, it may become an IG disaster. However, due to the fast start-up speed of IG and the fact that heshy road belt involves FP, there are some ways to make a decision.
FP everyone was in a moment of hesitation. They didn’t know whether to take Xiaolong or horse to stop IG from fighting Dalong immediately or to catch heshy.
Heshy is really brave. His captain dared to take the road when all his teammates were fighting for the big dragon and all his opponents were fighting for the small dragon.
You know, FP, five people are all around the captain, and Xiaolong can pick him up at any time, but heshy just dares to take the lead.
There are two reasons why heshy did this. One is to involve FP. After all, the road has been pointed to FP highland by IG soldier line.
It is a fatal threat to FP if FP dares to ignore this captain heshy who can tear down the FP road in minutes to defend the tower road.
However, FP is really busy at present. One side is the big dragon and the other side is the highland. They still have to play the small dragon IG, which has involved FP players’ energy in three aspects.
Not to mention that both players and experienced coaches can’t come up with a perfect decision in a short time, and once they take a wrong step, it will cause fatal damage to FP.
Inertial thinking FP made the most conservative decision. They chose to take the little dragon in front of them first and then stop IG from hitting the big dragon and pushing the line on the right way. Captain FP sent a holy gun ranger to deal with it.
Once two singles fight, both of them can rush to support their teammates, which is the best coping strategy FP can think of in a short time.
IG didn’t hit the dragon very fast, and the dragon output hurt them, but because IG was very decisive, he didn’t hesitate to wave too much.
Therefore, when FP started from Xiaolong to stop IG, Dalong’s blood volume was already half, but from the emperor’s point of view, IG people were still very dangerous.
"IG can successfully get the dragon? They are not in a good state. FP has come to the team battle. If it is really a fight, it will not be very beneficial for IG. "
Miller’s tone is full of worries. The situation is really close at hand. It’s hard to say who will benefit more before leaving.
When FP four people came to the middle of the road, Rkie card lit up a big move and successfully gained insight into the movements of FP people, which also made IG people feel a little more urgent.
They hit Dalong more quickly, with 4,000 blood and 3,000 blood, and the blood volume of Dalong continued to drop. lw had a vision and insight, and when they saw that Dalong pit had bottomed out, the blood volume of Dalong FP became very anxious.
Dinb Ruiz made a very amazing move at this time. He chose a direct car to send it directly to the river from the middle road, which could save FP a lot of time.
Because he was afraid of IG counterattack, dinb’s delivery position was conservative, he did not choose to send it to IG, but it was not far from Dalongkeng, and FP people had to take two more steps to reach Dalongkeng.
However, Rkie also made an amazing decision when FP four people were successfully sent to the river. After seeing that Dalong had 2,000 blood left, he resolutely chose to sacrifice himself to fight for it.
When the last point of the card trick continued, they chose to fly directly to FP’s face and fight for teammates. When the card fell into the crowd, it really scared FP’s people, but they consciously chose to drop the card in seconds.
Rkie fuck is also very fast. When he landed, he posted a yellow card on the troll’s face and then decisively opened the golden body to delay.
Although FP people were cheated by cards, they didn’t pay too much attention to the cards that had entered the golden state, but planned to cross Rkie to grab Dalong, so Dalong’s blood volume was only 1000.
Xiaotian was so worried that he was controlled by the card. He had already delayed a lot. When he saw that Dalong’s blood volume was getting lower and lower, there was not much time left for him.
Trolls even flashed on their way in an attempt to get into Dalongkeng earlier and have a chance to fight with Xiaoleyan for punishment. However, it was this step that blocked the trolls outside Xiaotianlong Pit from watching the male gun punish Dalong.
Chapter four hundred and twenty-nine Expansion fans
"IG successfully took the Dragon Xiaotian Troll and was one step away from entering the Dragon Pit, but it still fell short."
"Rkie card teammates have won a lot of time. If he didn’t land this wave of OEM to settle the Xiaotian troll, maybe Naive would have a chance to get Xiaolong."
Both the doll and Miller couldn’t help IG squeezing a sweat. The situation was really close at hand just now. If IG didn’t get this dragon, the consequences would be unimaginable.
However, IG people resisted the pressure and successfully won the first big dragon in the game. However, the situation IG faced was still very serious.
Although FP failed to stop IG from taking Dalong, it has successfully blocked the dragon pit for IG players. Even if IG holds Dalong buff, there is no way to go back to the city to replenish.
However, IG people did not choose to run for their lives, but planned to fight hard with FP. Of course, the most dangerous person is Rkie, who is still in FP array.
Just FP went to grab the dragon and ignored the card. Now Dalong has no card, and suddenly it has become a thorn in FP’s side. They want to get rid of it quickly.