"Don’t worry," Goofy said. "You’ll know why he did it when I tell the whole story."

Then Goofy took Steve to review the birth history of a green goblin, from the human experiment in Holt Pharmaceutical Factory to the night when Goofy flew Stark’s modified armored chariot and shot Norman Oss into the sky.
Steve was spellbound.
No wonder new york citizens worship Goofy so much.
[From Steve Rogers Worship +5]
Goofy has a black line on his face.
I didn’t tell you a story to worship me. Hey!
"Ahem, now you’re white me and Norman Oss?" Goofy asked
Steve nodded. "You know he is the figurine of the whole green goblin incident, but he doesn’t know that you have seen through his identity. He regards you as a thorn in the side and a thorn in the flesh, but he still keeps you in the dark."
"Yes," Goofy said, "So he directed and acted the assassination scene, and the code root was to set a trap for me."
Steve immediately realized that "because the assassination of him is a reinforcement and the whole of new york can deal with the reinforcement police, the two of us plus the Manhattan police force are seriously inadequate. Once he applies for NYPD asylum, NYPD will definitely send us two to handle this case."
Goofy nodded, "So we fall into his trap."
Steve pondered for a moment and then shook his head. "No, but he can’t kill you!"! Doesn’t he know that you are immortal? It’s a waste of energy for your hands! "
"Who said he set a trap to kill me?" Goofy said, "It’s because I have an immortal place that I set a trap. Think about it. Isn’t it too tempting for a person who is keen on strengthening his body to have an immortal human?"
"Does he want to arrest you for an experiment?" Steve followed goofy’s thought, "He wants to be immortal, too!"
"Yes," Goofy nodded. "He not only wants to arrest me, but also wants to arrest you. One of us has an immortal body, and the other is a live serum sample of a super soldier during World War II. He lied to both of us to protect him, but he actually killed two birds with one stone."
Steve looked shocked.
"What? He doesn’t just covet your body? Still drooling over my body? What a greedy old man! "
Goofy "…"
"Officer Steve, can you make a draft before you speak?"
Seeing through Norman Oss’ plot, Goofy and Steve took the initiative.
"Then what shall we do? Can’t sit here and wait? " Steve said, "This guy Oz must have set a lot of traps at home. We can’t leave this wrong place."
Goofy has his own ideas.
"No, we might as well play along."
"How to play along?" Steve asked, "Are you sure you can deal with his black technology weapons?"
"Of course I’m sure," Goofy said. "I’ll show him his sinister face this time!"
"well, tell me about your plan," Steve said.
Goofy stretched himself and said leisurely, "My plan is to take a bath first and then go to Shushu to sleep."
"Huh?" Steve looked blank. "This is your plan?"
"Of course," Goofy spread his hand. "Then we’ll watch Norman Oss perform. We’ll wait and see."
Steve couldn’t understand what Goofy was thinking, but he followed Goofy’s advice.
Two people live in Austin’s house and wait for this old guy to play tricks.
Well, Norman Oss didn’t keep them waiting too long, so he performed by himself in the early hours of the morning.
A shrill alarm came from the direction of the bedroom, and he called for help.
"help! Help! "
Goofy and Steve rolled up and ran in unison.
I ran to the bedroom door and saw Norman Oss fall down. There was a large amount of blood on his chest beside the bed.
"Mr. Oss" shouted in surprise, and walked into the bedroom with Steve.
"Mr. Oss, let me see your wound." Steve bent down to try to help Oss up.
But then he suddenly realized that something was wrong with Oss.
Reaching for it, it went straight through Aussie-the root of falling down was not Norman Aussie, but a very realistic virtual imaging.