No matter how severe people are, there will be five failures between heaven and man. When the time comes, everyone born to die, even Xiao Fan, almost died.

Seventeen ancient evils?
If so, what does it have to do with the picture in the crystal ball?
All this is a mystery!
Need Xiao Fan and others to uncover the mystery layer by layer.
After chatting with this small two again and sending him away, Xiao Fan still pretends to drink here, but they communicate with each other.
Until late at night, Xiao Fan several people simply stayed in this shop. Since the top-grade rooms in the building were decorated with several enchantments, they changed into night clothes and rushed out in the dark night.
In front of the’ Magic Tower of Seventeen Towns’, the two middle-ranking masters of the realm of God still erect their vigilance and pay attention to the trouble around them like two door gods.
"No, these two guys are too vigilant. It’s hard to sneak in without making a noise!" Latent violet frowned and said
"Look at me!" Xiao Fan corners of the mouth a pick body breath disappeared the whole body into the gas slowly close to the two gatekeepers.
"Gee Xiao Fan this stealth assassination means is really enviable! Now I’m afraid even the shadow can match him! " The ancient setting before I admire it.
"There is no way for us to have an avatar now, and even if Xiao Fan tells us that we are practicing dharma, he is a pervert and can learn anything. No one can compare with this!" Violet shrugged his shoulders and said
But Xiao Fan came behind them and didn’t intend to kill them, but his fingers were softer than white light flashing out and gently clicked on their heads.
Followed by two eyes became blurred at the same time.
Xiao Fan shape immediately show out toward the ancient setting and others made a sign.
"Is that enough?" Ancient setting several people couldn’t help one leng immediately quickly came to the door.
"When you hurry, I just benefited from the force of yin and yang, which temporarily stopped their body yin and yang, but the horse will wake up and won’t remember what just happened!" Xiao Fan said, raise my hand and push the door of the’ 17 Town Magic Tower’
Suddenly a strong suffocating magic gas spewed out of it!
"I rely on heavy magic gas in this crackdown proved to be the devil? The top master of the demon protoss? " Xiao Fan muttered that the four of him filed in, and he raised his hand with the last opportunity to catch all the magic gas, that is, the door closed quickly.
Followed by the two gatekeepers huanguo to absolute being, their expressions were weird and they looked at each other, and then they continued to guard there as if nothing had happened.
But they didn’t know that there were just five people who entered the’ Magic Tower of Seventeen Towns’ that they were guarding …
Chapter 116 Unloading seventeen pieces
Xiao Fan’s five people in the’ Seventeen Town Magic Tower’ came in and immediately suffered fierce attacks.
There are no physical demons mixed with strong resentment and madly culled towards five people.
"These guys have been wiped out by people. The soul of the protoss master and the Yuan God have become incomplete, but they have resentment and turned into this form. Although the magic is not too strong, it is difficult to deal with it!" Xiao Fan frowned and just wanted to clear the field, but he seemed to hear these demons coming out of the depths of consciousness, expressing grief, indignation, silence, pain and despair, and I hesitated.
"What’s the matter with Xiao Fan? Don’t sweep them flat? " Wang Qin see Xiao Fan look puzzled and asked.
"They … are just poor people. There seems to be too much injustice hidden in these grievances. It’s not too cruel to destroy them like this!" Xiao Fan sigh a way
"Uh, is that so?" Ancient setting one leng, he was just going to cast a thunderous force to blow these guys to ashes, but Xiao Fan said so and stopped.
"In that case, let’s cross over. After all, I was also the Peacock King of the Buddha’s Fairy World. Leave this to me!" Violet nodded her head and raised her hand to offer a sacred harp in Tianyi. She played a tune to soothe the soul, and the divine melody filled the air and invaded these demons.
All the magic moments stopped, and immediately the ferocious faces softened.
From their bodies, you can vaguely see some pale white fog transpiration and I don’t know where to fly
Followed by these demons also gradually dissipated in an instant the whole back to the Qing dynasty.
All purification!
For the whole’ Fu Town’, it is enough to be called a nightmare or a disaster. Before these five people, they are completely purified!
There is no light in the wide hall, and everything is dead and depressing.
Xiao Fan five people walked through a narrow corridor behind the front hall to come to the back hall.
Spiral to the stairs at the corner of this back hall.
In the center of the back hall is a six-pointed star-shaped arrangement compared with the ancient magic circle. Candles made of 10,000-year-old lamp oil are lit at every star corner, releasing a faint green luster.
This kind of candle can be lit for hundreds of millions of years if it is not extinguished by people. At this time, judging from the burning situation of these candles, half of them have been burned out. A casual calculation shows that this’ Magic Tower of Seventeen Towns’ has been built for at least 50 million years.
"Violet, can you recognize this array?" Walking around the six-pointed star array several times, Gu Ning rubbed Ba Wen array, which is the weakest thing for him.