"There’s nothing we can do. We can’t find him and pray for his safety!" Zeng Xiong shook his head for Xiao Fan’s "reckless" line.

However, Xiao Fan is not reckless.
He is absolutely confident.
When he flew dozens of miles, he fell into a valley.
"Ceng Ran … Presbyterian good want to see if I am good enough, right? Then open your eyes wide and take a closer look! " Xiao Fan immediately raised his hand and arranged a defensive barrier after landing, and immediately sat cross-legged and took out a lot of low-level animal materials obtained from the fairy beast magic mountain from the yuan box.
"If you can’t show your true strength, you can win by chance … a lot of fairy wares are a must!" Xiao Fan licked his lips and refined a lot of fairy wares, which was a piece of cake for him.
But he didn’t dare to show the fairy fire, but he pinched the ground and beat it hard!
There was a shaking of the earth, and then there was a piece of soil rising high in front of Xiao Fan!
"The earth is on fire!" Xiao Fan suddenly broke a gap in the uplift and immediately rolled white smoke, transpiration and hot lava flowed slowly outward from it.
Although this method is not unusual, it is by no means something that ordinary people can display!
"oh? It’s a bit of a brain to lead the earth’s fire refining device, and … it also proves that his own fire property spirit root is simply more resonant than rare fire! Not bad! " Ceng Ran elders court staring at Xiao Fan couldn’t help nodding approval.
"Fortunately, I have a quasi-Chinese furnace left by the national sword to refine the device!" Xiao Fan licked his lips and raised my hand to offer a hexagonal furnace like a cauldron to sit at the ground crack and actuate the fire heater furnace in the mouth of the lava inflow furnace.
He did all this well, and soon there was a burst of hot air at the mouth of the furnace.
"Although the materials are not so good or too much, they are enough!" Xiao Fan looked at the materials he took out, and there appeared several magic weapon refining methods in his mind. At the same time, his hands guided him to put one material into the furnace for preliminary refining.
Although the speed of his fairy furnace is several times faster than this, with the help of the furnace and the ground fire, his smelting time can not be greatly reduced within an hour, and the first fairy magic weapon leaps from the furnace.
Then the fairy wares came out one after another.
In just half a day, Xiao Fan refined five magic weapons, which was a serious consumption for his little physical strength.
Asthma is like a cow swallowing a few pills of Dan medicine. After meditation, he recovered a little physical strength. He raised his hand and put away the stove to see his refining.
Compared with fairy fire, the magic weapon refined by Xiao Fan is not as good as fairy fire, but it is three points better than many refiners.
Besides, he is low in body and there is not much material left.
However, these five magic weapons all belong to the category of machine trap sneak attack, which makes it possible to surprise and cause great harm to opponents.
"Now that I have become the target of hunting, let’s see who is hunting who!" Xiao Fan corners of the mouth a pick will be five magic weapon near the layout is in order.
"This Xiao Fei … refining device is really a genius. The technique is exquisite and exquisite, and the refined things are also of high quality. But he doesn’t want to arrange a safe haven here until the end of the second item, does he?" An elder couldn’t help twisting his head when he saw it.
"Hum that you want him to do? What he is doing now is just Fan Xiansi. Do you want him to go out and show off? Let everyone know where he is and come after him instead? " Another elder snorted, "Don’t say it’s him. Even if you are in that position, you can’t compete with 20,000 disciples with your fairy xiu."
Speak the smell speech face a change lips moved was about to refute immediately frowned and nodded, put yourself in think about it, don’t say it’s twenty thousand disciples, even one thousand every fairy can instantly nullify him to slag at the same time, what’s worse is twenty thousand?
"If you just hide, then this Xiao Fei is too disappointing for the old lady!" At this time, Zeng Ran said leisurely.
All the elders couldn’t wait to throw a dirty look at him at the same time.
Shit, pervert?
Twenty thousand brothers joined forces, even you, a big elder, can run away?
How dare you say such a sarcastic remark?
But soon all the elders’ eyes flashed with shock.
Because Xiao Fan thought for a moment after arranging the five magic weapons, he jumped in the air and put his knowledge into the surrounding area!
This move is suspected of suicide!
Soon, a group of nearly a thousand people, one hundred miles away from Xiao Fan, felt that the exploration of Xiao Fan’s gods quickly gathered here.
The ranking of this group is not high because no more than ten of them have reached the realm of immortals, and all of them are just immortals. In the ranking, they also fell to fifty columns.
However, they outnumber others!
They hardly lost in the first item!
Thousands of people rushed to cover the sun all day, which caused heavy losses to his group. Now, groups like them occupy a dominant position in the battlefield of death
"Yo! The first one is a big deal! " Suspended Xiao Fan picked his eyebrows and looked at the distance with a slight pick on his face and full of confidence.
"Xiao Fei, let the old man see what means you have!" Ceng Ran couldn’t sit still at this time. He got up and looked forward to it …
Chapter 6 One thousand people cut
"President, just now we feel that god is a person?" When the group of one thousand people saw Xiao Fan carrying his hands and seemed to wait for them, they couldn’t help being one leng.
In fact, this group is a group of people who belong to the bottom of the strength door, so it is called because this group has a long history in the fairy palace, but tens of thousands of years ago, this group occupied the first place for nearly ten thousand years in a row, but it is now lonely
"He … is Xiao Fei!" The president is a full-faced Hu Dahan who suddenly recognized Xiao Fei after looking at him for a few eyes.
"Yes, it’s me!" Xiao Fan smiled and looked at the crowd. "You are a group of heroes, right? So this manly brother should be the president Gong Kui?"
"Yes, I am Gong Kui!" Hu Nan nodded and looked at Xiao Fan. "Are you alone?"
"Just me!"
"Did you lead us here on purpose?"
"You must know the past and ask?" Xiao Fan shrugged his shoulders and laughed
"Xiao Fei, your waist tag can be a hundred dollars. Do you want to give it away?"
"send? But why can’t I send it? " Xiao Fan licked his lips and said, "But I can’t give it away for nothing. Come and get it with me!"
Said Xiao Fan body slowly down into the he just decorated cross legs sitting in the large array immediately raise my hand to grasp the yuan box unexpectedly took out a pot of fairy wine to leisurely taste it.