The model of the German first reconnaissance fleet and the fifth reserve battleship fleet, which blocked the mouth of the Thames River, pushed westward little by little, and the situation was even more cruel than that shown in the sand table, because there was no plane model prepared in the chart room of the big fleet, which was reflected by the German surprise fleet method of having sex in big London.

At 11: 34, traffic boats came to attend the high-level meeting of the fleet one after another by the Iron Duke, and the commanders and captains of the fleet frowned and poured into the commander tower.
"At about 1: 03 pm, the German assault fleet approached the mouth of the Thames, and they stormed the minefield outside the Thames. Although the coastal fortress tried its best to intercept and sink six minesweepers and a destroyer, the striker of the assault fleet still infiltrated into the Thames or entered Greater London."
Jackson’s confidant, the chief of staff of the fleet, took a worried look at the demoralized commander-in-chief, holding a thick stack of newspapers and reporting the bad news.
"Germany raided the Fifth Reserve Battleship of the Fleet, and there was a gun battle in our fortress on the north bank of the Thames. An auxiliary fortress was damaged and the commander was injured, but we also injured an old German battleship."
The main force of the ocean fleet appeared, and the large fleet rushed in with its own goal. The captains thought they were prepared psychologically, but the situation was far from serious. They expected the captains not to worry about the German attack on mine clearance because the Thames was deep enough, but the artillery battle of the fortress group on the north bank of the Thames in the fifth reserve battleship team meant disaster
The mouth of the Thames also belongs to Greater London. Even if a German shell landed on the coastline, it would be "the German navy shelled the capital of the British Empire."
The commander’s tower was in uproar, and the captains flocked to the sand table, seemingly finding the slightest mystery and possibility from the situation at a glance.
Chief of Staff, I found this.
A navigation staff member emerged from the chart room and raised his hand to hand over two Led Zeppelin models to the war staff. The war staff carefully compared the information received earlier and placed them near the heart of London.
If it is painful for the Germans to shell the land they love in London, the placement of Led Zeppelin will make them not afraid of the heart of the sea stopping.
"Gentlemen, at about 1: 03, 20 German fighter planes broke through our Thames defense line and approached the center of London. _ Although the Royal Flying Team dispatched three waves to intercept the fleet, the Germans made fighter planes. We are no match for the Germans."
Chief of staff, pointing to those zeppelin model instead of the plane wry smile way
"We banged down a plane and injured one, but the Royal Flying Corps lost a total of 16 fighters. The terrible thing is that hundreds of thousands of London residents witnessed the Germans strangling our fighters and then bombing civilian ships in the depths of the Thames."
The commander tower of the battleship Iron Duke suddenly fell into a dead silence. You know that the centuries-old history of Ri does not fall, and there is no more humiliating disaster than it is now. The strong national pride makes these captains angry and resentful or jokingly look at their faces. sèyīn and n, commander in chief, are fine and uncertain.
Jackson kept saying before the war that the German goal was Scarpa Bay. Even though the trend of German attacking Thames and attacking London was obvious, Jackson still insisted on his own opinion.
It’s not that no one can see through Jackson’s mind. Jackson is the commander-in-chief of the big fleet, not the commander-in-chief of the Royal Navy. He doesn’t care about the Thames tragedy. Even after the war, some people accused him that the big fleet is too weak at this stage to prevaricate. He tried his best to get permission from the Admiralty to retreat. The retreat order "Give up Scarpa Bay before fighting and retreat to Willis", which may cause an uproar, found a way out.
Jackson made little achievements in coming to the military as commander-in-chief of the big fleet, but he always put himself in a favorable position to advance, attack, retreat and defend.
It’s not that Jackson can’t see his anger, but that his words have been honed in the office. At this moment, Jackson has lost his strength to speak, and his head is a mess of soft reclining chairs.
"Betty bastard, how dare he betray the big fleet? How dare he fool the whole Britain? How dare he cheat me?
Confused thoughts once again jumped to David Betty’s body, and Jackson remembered that sleepless night. David Betty told him categorically that the German target was not the Thames, but the big fleet, so he asked the Admiralty to give him a limit to retreat to Willis Bay. So he led the big fleet to the sea to avoid the war at the first moment when the ocean fleet changed, so he threw the defense of the virtual Scarpa Bay to Betty’s confidant-Major General Osmond Brock, deputy commander of Scarpa Bay base. Considering the defense strength of the Thames, Jackson could almost conclude that he was unbeaten when the Germans attacked Scarpa Bay or the Thames.
"Stand firm before you can make something" is what Jackson summed up after he was promoted to commander-in-chief of the big fleet, but he underestimated the sea office. The civil servants never thought that the experience gained by his naval academy’s senior ship command class and warship service could not help him cope with the complex situation at all. Heidi Selim was not going to be a myth. He never thought that the Germans did not win the attack and were weak and lonely overseas in Scarpa Bay, but attacked and defended firmly. They never thought that the Thames was a seemingly strong defense line.
Ten minutes ago, Jackson could have rallied around to comfort himself. The Germans stormed the Thames just to lure the big fleet out of Scarpa Bay, and the main force of the ocean fleet was trying to rally around in a corner of the northern North Sea. But when "we found the news of the main force of the ocean fleet", Jackson had to be reserved completely.
After all, the shells landed on the outskirts of Greater London, and the bombs shattered the British myth after all. Even though Jackson had no legal principle to make unforgivable mistakes, everyone would link the big fleet to the sufferings of Willis Bay and London without fighting.
Maybe for half an hour, maybe for a few minutes, J and jīng found a ray of light in Jackson’s darkness. He got up and ordered the newsroom clerk.
"Send a telegram to the Navy Department and the Navy General Staff to ask if there are any arrangements for the big fleet."
"Oh, before the war, I forced the Admiralty to agree to you to retreat and see the situation, but I kicked the ball to the Admiralty." The captain of the battleship Ajax snorted a little, but it was just enough for Jackson to hear the sound. "How do you want the Navy General Staff to issue a letter to allow you to avoid the war to the end?"
Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang.
The squeal jǐng newspaper rang in front of the clock tower in the square outside Buckingham Palace, the Golden Se Dome of St Paul’s Cathedral.
The car driving on the street unconsciously went backwards to direct traffic. jǐng Cha could no longer wave the traffic stick and kiss the Thames suspension bridge. The couple were confused for a moment and walked out of the basement with the toolbox. The old man held the handrail of the corridor and frowned with surprise. It was rare that there was no Y and N haze.
This is not a drill. Repeat, this is not a drill.
An open-top military vehicle rushed out of the corner. A sergeant’s car with a loudspeaker shouted at the stunned residents by the river. Two sergeant Lu in khaki Se army jumped out of the car to disperse the startled citizens.
Not a drill?
This is a common doubt of the British imperialists. Although a train of mine accidents in the port of 2ì made the east coast of Britain tremble and led to an evacuation and migration to the land, this is the capital of the British Empire. There are hundreds of artillery pieces, more than 200,000 troops and more than 50 planes here to protect the Admiralty, which has vowed to ensure that the German law will break through the Thames defense line. So why did jǐng report this?
When Londoners are suspicious, the direction of the Thames is worrying. The sound is tight and loose, and it seems to be far away. It seems that a gun is like a fried bean, and I think of it, which beats the pride of Londoners.
Londoners looked at each other until the shock city exploded.
The earth shook slightly, the heat wave descended along the street, and the slightly hot face looked out at the Thames, which was blocked by the ash building. Londoners were surprised to find that there was a dense smoke, an orange Se flame looming, and many small black Se flames shuttled back and forth in the smoke.
"German emperor, that’s German."
The Thames River is not wide. More than a dozen fighters with iron crosses printed on it circled like hens, throwing black things one by one. A 300-ton oil tanker was shot, its fragile hull was torn, and tons of heavy oil was ignited. The oil tanker exploded.
The oil tanker was easily shredded by paper paste, and the smoke and flames ignited. Even if it was 50 kilometers away, you could see the smoke columns and tons of heavy oil leaked out. The whole river seemed to burn. air billow crossed the river to climb the beach and the glass of cars and buildings on both sides of the street was shattered, and nearby pedestrians were suddenly overturned.
The military vehicles came over and pulled out of the barracks. The soldiers jumped into the military vehicles in a panic. Some soldiers set up machine guns along the river and pounded guns at the sky. Some soldiers helped jǐng to evacuate the citizens stranded on the river.
Accompanied by the squeal of jǐng, the Londoners lined up on both sides of the Thames like a typhoon. At this moment, a fascinated young man emerged from the crowd. He jumped on a high platform and threw stones at the retreating crowd, tearing his clothes and shouting desperately.
"The Germans have called Britain and failed. We are going to die."
The crazy young man was knocked down by several soldiers and dragged away by jǐng in black. A foreign reporter raised his camera here, and jǐng in London rushed to stop the reporter from taking pictures.
Jǐng newspaper lasted for more than ten minutes, but it was difficult to calm down from the shock and panic when it was bombed in London. The Thames is still full of flames. The streets of London are full of chaos, and not only jǐng inspectors, parliamentarians and members of the National Defense Commission are involved in the chaos, but also strive to rush to the key departments of jǐng Inspection Bureau, Buckingham Palace and Downing Street.
Mr. Belfo, please give me an explanation.
In Room 1 of Downing Street, British Prime Minister Bonalau slammed a report on the console table and was angry with Arthur Belfo, who belongs to the same party.
The second gun Chapter 7 Guild Wars The Times (5)
"London’s major newspapers have stepped up their efforts to print war extra targets at the pavilion; King George VI has just called to ask whether zhèng fǔ incarnation is capable of defending the people; Councillor Cafu sent a letter on behalf of Buckingham Palace asking me to go to the House for questioning! "
At noon on April 29, 1915, London, British Empire
A few minutes ago, a 5-kilo-class bomb cargo ship exploded three meters from the stern with water column and shrapnel, which smashed its rudder and propeller.