Two days later, the preparatory work has been completed. I plan to choose the ancestral shrine in the ancestral shrine, that is, the big tree. I have placed an inverted five-line maze array around the big tree. I believe that no one in this world can enter the array except me. Everyone is waiting outside the array to prevent people from entering the array.

I crossed my legs into the array and sat in a five-centered posture. The ancestor of the gods and horses greeted me. I said
Calm your mood. We’re about to die. You should follow my knowledge and take your time. Don’t worry. Be careful.
No problem. The ancestors are talking about it
My god knowledge guides the fluctuation of the ancestral gods’ power. It shouldn’t be said that the ancestral gods entered the sea of my knowledge, and then in the sea of my knowledge, my ancestral gods penetrated and merged with each other. But I still underestimate the power of the ancestral gods. It can bear fruit, it can be transported, but it is not my own power. However, when I led his knowledge into the sea of my knowledge, its remaining strength moved up and followed it into the sea of my knowledge. After all, it accumulated for hundreds of thousands of years. When its knowledge was much stronger than me, I couldn’t fight back. Otherwise, I could try my best It may be destroyed by the powerful knowledge of the ancestral gods. I try my best to run the true yuan and suck the vitality around me. I am not afraid that the true yuan will not be able to live without the knowledge of the gods. Because the true yuan can be transformed into the knowledge of the gods, with the knowledge of the ancestors being led into the sea of my knowledge, and my knowledge of water melts, I see the memory of the ancestors and the ancestors also see my memory.
At this moment, I seem to be the ancestor god standing here alone, seeing the earth dragon running on the earth, the flying dragon flying in the sky and the dragon sacred dragon. The huge and vigorous body of the dragon has been desperately thinking about them, but no one can understand himself and live alone. I don’t know how many years have suddenly discovered two kinds of life. They are powerful, except for the dragon, other life in the mainland is not their opponents. They have discovered that they are also intelligent races, so they think about them, but they still can’t help themselves. As time goes by, we can see more and more, but the changes are vivid. In an instant, it has become a dangerous mountain, and no one can be strong. However, these so-called ghosts and gods can’t do it. Later, the mainland first introduced human beings, orcs, goblins and other intelligent races
I have become more lonely and sad. After hundreds of thousands of years, the lonely life law has changed, so I have developed the idea of reproducing my offspring. After several years, my descendants have finally come to this world. They represent themselves in this world, but I didn’t expect that they are a different kind of life. So the Elves are now in the mainland. The Elves are born with strong elemental control ability. The two gods and demons are very taboo about the Elves.
I am full of love for these descendants who represent my life. The new life can’t communicate with each other, but it can’t block the innate roots. I have become the ancestor of the Elves. I firmly believe that these descendants will be able to communicate enough one day. Finally, I have waited for this day. A child with five pairs of wings has understood my words, and I am ecstatic at that moment.
After people can communicate with themselves, their lives are no longer so lonely. After all, the ten-winged offspring will often come to communicate with themselves and teach them some questions, but she can’t communicate with herself at any time because she can only communicate once every few days.
Life on the mainland is not a beautiful and intelligent life, but it is still a tight part of life. With the increase of intelligent races on the mainland, ethnic conflicts have increased. First, there are conflicts between the gods and demons. After several small-scale conflicts, the high dragons suddenly left the mainland, and the low dragons reduced their range of activities in the mainland. Now the goblins have become friends with the elves all over the mainland.
One hundred and ten
However, it didn’t take long for the intelligent race to see the peace of conflict in the higher dragon clan. The conflict between the two races broke out and gradually affected other intelligent races. Other races also took part in the conflict in different camps. Just as the conflict became more and more fierce, a strange monster was now in the mainland. This was the ancestral feeling, but I recognized at a glance that it was a spaceship. I saw many spaceships in my previous life. A spaceship shot two thick and dazzling white lights directly from the spaceship. After the white lights on both sides of the conflict, both groups of people disappeared from the spaceship.
Soon after that, the mainland calmed down, and the human orcs and goblins lived peacefully again. The ten-winged descendants told themselves that the two families of gods and demons were exiled to the two realms of gods and demons by the name of Creation, and the mainland was calm again. But the good life was always short, as if it were a moment of kung fu, and now the mainland was on a large scale, and there was a racial conflict. This time, the orcs were in the inferno camp, while the goblins were divided into two parts, one part in the protoss camp, and a few elves followed the dark elves to the dark mainland. Of course, most of them followed
I can’t stop the war from happening, and my descendants suffered heavy casualties in the war. I just don’t understand what these ghosts are fighting for. Before I think about it, the second ghost war broke out again. This time, the ghost war has brought great harm to the elves. Just as my descendants have just resumed the third ghost war, the news may come soon. At this time, she is more heartbroken than her own descendants and will be sacrificed. At this time, she has found herself happier than the situation. She has finally found someone who can communicate with her. This other person is so happy.
At the moment when my ancestor was alive, the situation outside was more chaotic than when we first found nothing unusual, but it was slowly disappearing. Even when three months passed, Manchu and others couldn’t sit still until the young master said that sleeping was a problem, but the young master didn’t say that it was closed this time. I don’t know how long it would take. Manchu and others knew that people could not be disturbed when they were closed. They all found the elf queen and told her the present situation. The queen was also very worried about the situation of the ancestor, but now she can wait.
Two months later, I didn’t wake up at all, and everyone was still waiting patiently. At this time, in Hongxia City, the twins couldn’t help but send someone to ask about the situation, but they couldn’t tell the two women the truth. The news that Ricci had relapsed into a deep sleep went to all countries, and all countries planned to intrigue privately, but it became fierce.
At the same time, Mandu also sent an orc back to Songfengling City to report to my parents’ eldest brother about my situation in Elf Township. My mother was worried after learning that I was sleeping, but my eldest brother was not so worried. My mother was not so worried when she saw my eldest brother, because she knew that her two sons had a lot to hide from her, and they knew more about children than themselves, and they had a good relationship. My eldest son was not too worried, saying that the situation of children was not too bad. My mother told the returnees to take good care of me and then let them come back.
In the seventh month, suddenly, I was in a large array of upside-down five elements, and my vitality fluctuated violently. I gathered around the large array, and even the elves in the distance felt that Ji Na was the first to fly. After all, she had already encountered this situation once. After the elf queen flew in with other elves, Ji Na immediately flew forward and said.
Queen, as I said before, this situation seems to be more intense than this one. I also found that I had two wings after sleeping in Richie’s body. Please ask other brothers and sisters to try it.
Your Majesty, you can’t do this. Our earl didn’t do any protective measures. Miss Ji Na can only get close to the young master, but the young master has succeeded in doing a lot of protective measures this time. The power of reversing the five elements of the maze array is definitely not better than that without the guidance of the young master. It’s definitely not better to be seriously injured or seriously injured. I’m afraid it’s going to be gone. Everyone will stop it quickly.
I know that young master must have gathered a lot of vitality in the process of closed cultivation. These vitality are not good for you, but also great for us. I suggest that you let others rest around here. Can you help us practice here and increase our strength? You must tell the rest of the elves not to enter the large array.
Don’t worry, Lord Zushen is still in the array. We elves won’t put Lord Zushen in danger. We won’t enter the array. Just as you said, the rest of the elves will rest outside the array to see if they can get it. So a group of elves will rest outside the array when they are free, and everyone will sit outside the array and practice the array. I have been sucking the vitality of heaven and earth for three years.
Three years of repairing the truth is almost a few minutes for me, and the memory of hundreds of thousands of years is too much, which requires me to spend a lot of time and energy to digest these things. I unconsciously closed it for the longest time since I came to this world. When we discussed this water melting method, I knew that I had succeeded. This time, I quickly separated my gods from my ancestors and guided her to know the gods. I knew the sea and returned to her body.
I felt a little tired after I finished, and I was ready to resume my self-cultivation. I don’t know how long it took me to wake up suddenly. I was awakened by a sudden pressure. This pressure made me feel very familiar. It’s a good fate. Is it a disaster that I made the same mistake? I quickly checked my self-cultivation, and unconsciously broke through the distraction period and entered the fit period. That is to say, it’s not my own fate. Then who will it be?
I opened my eyes and saw a view that surprised my town. It was a few hundred meters high and several kilometers high. The ancestral body of Fiona Fang Crown was slightly glowing, and it was crazy to suck around. The speed of qi absorption was unbelievable. Because a large number of qi disappeared, it caused qi to move in a wide range, which also formed a huge gas array. The elves had been blown around by the air. I left the array, and people waited outside from the ancestral body. When I saw that I was coming, I quickly greeted and asked.
Master, are you okay? Nothing.
I’m fine. I’m fine now. This is not the time to talk about these things. Stay here and I’ll help these elves. Something big is going to happen. You should be careful first, I said
Know the young master full replied.
Now that I helped the Elf Queen to bring together more than 7,000 Elves in the Elf Township, I was waiting beside the Elves, and my right hand gently waved a huge shield made of real elements to cover me. The outside air of more than 7,000 Elves had no effect on the Elves. At this time, the Queen asked me
Count, can you tell me what’s going on at this time? What happened to Lord Zushen? I can’t feel Lord Zushen anymore.
I don’t know the specific situation either. I know that your ancestors are ready to cross the sky, I replied
What is Armageddon? How can we get through it? Can we help the ancestors? The elf queen asked a series of questions again.
What is Armageddon? You won’t be in vain to tell you all these questions. Just look at it. It’s just to help your ancestors. Your roots can’t help her if you practice. If you go, she will suck the vitality out of your body. If you can’t survive the Armageddon, your ancestors won’t be here anymore. I don’t know what will happen. Don’t ask me. Let’s ask your ancestors.
At this time, the ancestral gods absorbed the vitality of the heavens and the earth faster, and the scope of influence became larger and larger. Soon, the scope of influence covered a continent. On this day, every mainlander was in a state of panic. Magicians felt the magic elements restless and under pressure. Warcraft stormed around, killing and fighting, and the elders of the temple even complained in their hearts. They thought about what was going on in the mainland. What was this? Is it that Creator returned to the mainland?
There is a red robbery cloud in the black of the sky, which soon formed a feeling of depression brought by robbery cloud. Even the elves who protected me felt frightened. Now their faces can imagine the sudden loud noise and a thick and dazzling flash of Armageddon, which came from the robbery cloud and went straight to the ancestral gods for several kilometers.
It’s good for your future to watch this scene carefully. I’m talking to Mandu and others.
I quietly watched the ancestor god respond to the thick lightning from the lightning in the real element shield, and the light of the ancestor god body became brighter. Soon, a similar shield was formed. A canopy of lightning hit the shield and disappeared as soon as it was coaxed. Then the second flash hit, and the third and fourth roads followed. It was true that the ninth flash flashed, and the robbery cloud changed again the day after tomorrow. It was even more suffocating than just now. The Queen asked me after seeing it for a long time.
Your Excellency, is this apocalypse over? What, this flash is not calling anymore?
This is one of the small processes. The apocalypse is just beginning to end, and it’s still early. You wait and see. This is the middle of the day, when the apocalypse is brewing, and the lightning robbery will get worse and worse. So even after the apocalypse, can it still be called the apocalypse? I said lightly
The ancestral god is worthy of the fact that the old tree has accumulated energy and absorbed energy for hundreds of thousands of years, which is much more powerful than me. Now, due to the rapid disappearance of vitality, the gas power outside is almost catching up with the typhoon. After the first attack, the shield outside the canopy is bombarded by lightning, and it seems that nothing has changed, showing the strong strength of this old tree.
Lightning strikes one after another, and the ancestors desperately suck the vitality to protect themselves. After hundreds of thousands of years of self-interest, they have accumulated against the lightning. As the lightning strikes, the ancestors have also changed. White light from outside the canopy has gathered and soon formed a bright sun. The canopy has disappeared. The seven thousand elves have lost their tears. They think that the ancestors have suffered misfortune, but I have no motivation. I feel that some changes have taken place in the ancestors. That light ball is the ancestors. What is she doing?
At this time, the ninth wave of lightning has ended, and my heart has let go. Just wait and see the changes of the ancestor god. I thought in my heart, but the cloud of lightning has not dispersed. No, the cloud of lightning has not ended yet. I came here. I have never seen other monsters cross the sky. I know that the celestial disaster of the human monk is nine times of lightning bombardment. This is my personal experience. Isn’t the monster’s celestial disaster nine times? The cloud of lightning soon gave me the answer. This time, the target of lightning bombardment has changed, not from the huge land of the ancestor god, but from that.
She is not enough to absorb the energy of lightning. She has changed. She is absorbing the energy of lightning and bombarding the ball with lightning. When the tenth lightning bombardment is over, the light ball has the size of a basin, and the brightness is several times higher than before. Then the eleventh lightning bombardment comes in sequence. After ninety-nine lightning bombardments, the light ball has been more than one person. The light has made people look straight.