Mom’s voice is constantly top-notch, which seems to be rare for a hundred years. The God of Wealth laughs and shakes his face, and a thick layer of white powder keeps falling off, while her body is taller than ordinary women, which is comparable to that of men and stands out from the crowd. This combination is really ridiculous.

Yuhu looked back at this ridiculous picture from the situation just now. The coke was broken. It was fun to watch mom laugh and clap her hands.
Mom smiled awkwardly and gave Shanghai a hard stare.
Shanghai shrank its neck and hid behind Jingyun, who patted him on the head as a gesture of appeasement and politely smiled at his mother apologetically.
Mom can’t pie her mouth.
It seems to be an ordinary scene where guests come to have fun and mom solicits customers politely, but it seems that there is a little undercurrent that others can’t see.
At this time, two girls called Green Tweety gathered around and politely rolled up Jing Xiaoyuan, leaving Shanghai behind and walking downstairs.
When Shanghai is in a hurry, she hurriedly guards her belongings with the woman who is an eyesore beside Jing Yun. Jing Yun can’t be taken away. The girls here are worse than inflammation. If Jing Yun does that to them, he must stop it.
Jingyun spoiled a smile and took the language into the wing and inflamed the door.
As soon as the door opened, the girls’ expressions became serious, and there was no more ambiguous teasing. Come on, mom.
Tweety Green listened respectfully, bowed, and went to the room, taking the door by the way.
Mother came soon and knelt down respectfully as soon as she came in the door.
Jing Yun looked at her for a long time without saying a word. Go and wash your face. It’s very tiring to paint so much makeup all the time.
Mom took a look at Jingyun in amazement and then bowed her head and said that the corners of her mouth took a radian.
When my mother washes her face and shows her true colors, Yu Hu got a fright. That point is a man.
Although he looks feminine, the Adam’s apple says he is a real man, but he still doesn’t look as good as Jing Yun. His family’s Jing Yun looked the best, and he hugged Jing Yun like a baby and fled.
Compared with the language, Shanghai was surprised by Jing Yun’s inflammation. It is already normal to be used to the language. Shanghai cuddled Jing Yun, an old god, and took a sip after the rain. Longjing Jing Yun turned his attention to inflammation.
Inflammation coaxed Shanghai to leave the language, and Shanghai refused to worry about being robbed. Later, Jing Yunfa had to promise him that he would take more time to accompany him before he left contentedly.
Language Shanghai front foot just left Jingyun, then his face fell and he looked gloomy. What’s the matter?
I took a dark look at Jing Yun, spread the paper in the sleeve on the desktop, and then stepped back a few steps. The accent also returned to a low level. After these men came to the building, they repeatedly asked the girls for information and wanted to know about China’s border defense forces. The girls had tried it, but those people were very good at drinking, and they really couldn’t set anything up. Even the first position was learned.
Oh, Jing Yun looked at the paper on the table and couldn’t see any clues.
But they seem to be trained and good at it.
Will Wu Shounuo malicious photos, it seems that it will be sent by the emperor of Qi State.
I thought about it, but I didn’t know it would surprise the young master if I listened to their accent.
Jingyun smiled indifferently and didn’t care much. It’s okay. I haven’t been active for a long time, so I should come for a walk. Jingyun paused and looked out the window at Grandpa.
The old master has been merging mountains recently.
Well, I heard that Grandpa Jing Yun was relieved, and the only news he could get before he came back was Grandpa Shan. Fortunately, the old man’s body has always been healthy and he can take care of himself. Now he can finally enjoy his old age. He has been so tired and worried.
But I heard that in recent years, there has been a master in the building, and the old master values him very much.
Oh, grandpa, a master, thinks highly of him. Grandpa always treats people differently. It seems that this person is unusual.
But Jing Yun didn’t think much, so he immediately threw it aside and waited for a more serious situation.
Looking at the dark scene for a long time, Yun sighed. You feel buried in this building.
Dark leng leng didn’t answer.
Every day, women hang out in a pile, do some entertaining work for men, and put Jin of rouge and gouache on their bodies. It’s really unfair that men are forced to be daughters, but they are always unwilling.
Follow me after you.
Dark don’t understand respectfully knelt down and looked up at JingYun is always less master.
Jing Yun bent over to help him with a sigh. I mean, you don’t care about admiring the building after that. I’ll find someone to replace you, so just stay with me. Now it’s good that many people will be around in the crisis.
Dark grateful to see JingYun unexpectedly speechless to phoenix eyes flashing with tears, sniffing nose heroic to pick up sleeves and wipe almost tears, eyes bent over excitedly and said yes.
Jing Yun nodded satisfactorily and waved him back.
Dark obey recede carefully he closed the door.
Jing Yun looked at the scenery outside the window thoughtfully. War was avoided by law. Perhaps it was also a good opportunity for him to carry out his plan. Even if he had to pray for the emperor to achieve two years, he had endured it for too long.