After hearing the day light inquiry, the sacred Kesha Rose Sebert eyes micro-considered a.

"I heard that Styx is a bit desolate, but I like flowers."
Without thinking about it, Tian Wenwen debuted, "I can build you the biggest garden."
Holy Kesha Rose Sebert’s eyebrows burst into a gentle smile and joked, "Carl, we have been hostile for many years. Why are you so good to me now?"
"I have never been hostile to you." Tian shook his head gently.
Carl, the god of death, has never been hostile to the holy Kesha Rose Sebert. On the contrary, Carl, the god of death, has always felt that the holy Kesha Rose Sebert is a respectable and strong man.
In the holy Kesha Rose Sebert and his position is different, death Carl never takes it seriously.
In this universe, except for the believers of death Carl, even Morgana has a very different position from death Carl.
It’s only natural that Holy Kesha Rose Sebert and he have different positions.
Said not hostile words the day after tomorrow then says
"You are an outstanding strong person, and all outstanding strong people deserve preferential treatment."
The principle of being a man in heaven has always been to maintain full respect for others.
This is not only the incarnation of the Buddha, but also the Buddha body.
After Journey to the West, even when the Buddha came to the Three Realms, the world had full respect for those old immortals and buddhas and never humiliated them.
If it weren’t for offending him and being regarded as an enemy by him, God would not lose his courtesy.
This is his principle.
Holy Kesha Rose Sebert was once the king of the gods and the overlord of the universe. God gave her some full preferential treatment. It seems to me that it should be done.
The real strong will respect the strong.
Holy Kesha Rose Sebert smiled after hearing this answer, but didn’t answer the words. He looked at Lena in the star and asked, "What about Lena?"
Raina started a supernova and detonated the emerald star.
When the holy Kesha Rose Sebert and heaven return to Styx, does Lena want to wander in the universe?
Holy Kesha Rose Sebert, the maker of just order, can be called orderly and kind.
Raina is a koo girl. Holy Kesha Rose Sebert doesn’t mind taking care of her.
"I will send her back to earth!"
This is the day. There was a plan.
Sunlight will play an extremely important role in the development of cosmic culture. What Rayna encountered this time was her disaster and an opportunity to urge her to grow.
The explosion of Emerald Star set off a supernova, and the Emerald Star Raina was sent back to Earth by the sky.
The sky returned to Styx with the sacred Kesha Rose Sebert-the planet where death Carl himself lived.
Zhi Xin has been worried ever since he noticed the disconnection of Holy Kesha Rose Sebert.