Anger has respect for all those who are keen on killing dragons and gods.

Beowulf looked at Anger angrily without looking at his school manager. "What is the college going to do now?"
Anger has also dealt with each other many times to adapt to Beowulf’s straightforwardness. "When you enter the first-level combat readiness state, the executive department will stop. It doesn’t matter to gather all the elites. The equipment department will get new technology from Atlantis and rush to make new dragon slaying equipment …"
Before he finished Beowulf, he waved his hand and interrupted Anger. "You know that I didn’t ask these questions. We are likely to fight the Dragon King. These things will have little effect."
As he spoke, he glanced at the school board members with different expressions. "How come you won’t do things after losing the strong dragon slayer?" We have been doing this for thousands of years, and this time it is the same. "
After that pretty face was glanced at by some baby fat girls, even though they were far away from the ocean, they felt a little afraid of the torch-like pupils of the old people and at the same time felt a little ashamed.
Beowulf is right. They have relied too much on top dragon slayers this year, but without the strongest hybrid, they have to show the spirit of dragon decisive battle.
"Enlighten those old people in icehouse."
Beowulf’s words surprised all the school directors.
Frost was the first to say, "that’s the decisive ambassador who kept the prophecy!" "
The rosary old man also rang the bell. "Mr. Beowulf, we don’t think the situation has deteriorated to that point."
The sports man also said, "Wait a minute, wait a minute. The Dragon King hasn’t shown up yet. Even if we want to kill him, we must have an accurate target first."
Elizabeth is silent, and so is the school board.
But they also think it is too hasty to open those ice monsters at this time, which is the secret party’s accumulated foundation over the years
The most embarrassing thing is Ange. He watched everyone oppose Beowulf’s view that the ice monster is the most precious treasure of the secret party and the ultimate decisive weapon.
But he … has already sent those out.
"Why do you feel too hasty when you are hot?"
Beowulf frowned. He believed Anger should be able to turn the ice on, and it might not be consumed. But it would be too late to wait for the Dragon King to wage war.
Just then Norma sounded in the conference room.
[Capturing the whereabouts of King Tianfeng]
This is what she was told to wake up. Once there is news about the Dragon King, she must report it immediately.
When the face of the audience changed, Beowulf looked even more serious. "Dragons are all highly intelligent creatures. Now it is the weakest time for the secret party, of course they will appear."
He got up and was magnificent, and his body was nearly two meters like a mountain. "The horn of war has sounded."
The school board members are also serious this time. Frost was the first to ring the bell to vote "Kai".
….. except Anger, the ticket passed.
Beowulf said yes, killing the dragon king is the best choice. After they get the dragon cross, they can strengthen the new dragon slayer, so that even if Chu Hang and them don’t come back, the secret party can still cope with the final decisive battle.
"What’s the matter?"
Beowulf looked puzzled at Anger. He knew Anger was not an indecisive person. "If you feel that you are not prepared enough, you can also take the ethnic elite to the battlefield together."
Anger looked at the bold old man, as always, and he estimated that staying at home to manage the family for so many years would have made the bloodthirsty old man thirsty.
At this time, hearing the information of the Dragon King is even more stirring.
But … I’ve already started!
Anger pretended to vote, which confirmed it.
"Then go to icehouse now, and we will give it to you."
Frost said that ice-breaking monsters need three school directors to teach and directly witness the first stage of awakening of monsters.
In the past, this was a trouble. It might take several days for elders to gather from all over the world, but now it is convenient to broadcast live through teleconferencing and Norma cameras.
Anger looked embarrassed. "I have already started."
"what! ?”
Frost first exclaimed and then became furious. "That’s the most precious power of the secret party. You started it without going through the school board! ? Where did you take them! ?”
Beowulf also frowned. This is their trump card. If it has been consumed by Anger, it will be a great loss for the secret party.
"Don’t get excited. They’re still alive. They haven’t been sent to the battlefield yet. It just takes a while to get back."
Anger motioning with his hand to calm down, since he has been exposed, there is nothing to be ashamed of.
"Where are they now?"
Asked the rosary old population.
"protect important people every day"
Anger, a serious way
But after that, he also felt a little strange. Why did he send an ice monster to Japan to protect the Sugiyama family?
Based on his friendship with Sugiyama? He doesn’t think he’s that close to that old guy yet.
That’s right. Make the painted pear clothes happy? He feels that painting pear clothes is quite strong, but it is not enough for him to use secret party decisive weapons to be a bodyguard.
"Protect who?"
Even Elizabeth was curious.
"the family of Chinese fir and pear clothes"
Frost also knows that the situation in Japan feels a bit outrageous. "Do they still need protection?"
Anger spread his hand. "Didn’t there be an attack by a half-blood monarch before? The brains of the two brothers who painted pears were not well treated and needed protection before they were cured."
He said seriously that he was by no means a secret party weapon. "You know, the Sugiyama family is also a strong fighting force. It is definitely more meaningful for those two children to repair the brain than our solid allies to slay dragons."
The school board members are dumb and say something. Anger said yes. They all know that Shanyue is pure and the fighting power of the imperial painting pear clothes is obvious to all.
Chu Hang, the secret party, was anxious when they disappeared, but ignored the fact that there are such powerful mixed-race allies in this world, and it is possible to deal with the Dragon King if they get along properly.
But … why do you always feel passionate or selfish?
"Don’t look at me like that. It’s definitely not my own initiative. It’s definitely that student named Lu Chen. Theoretically speaking, he is so strong that I have to follow his wishes."
Anger threw the pot directly to him. He doesn’t know Lu Chen now.
"As long as there are no fewer people, you can come back urgently."
Beowulf didn’t mean these details as long as the secret party’s combat power was not lost. "In addition, if the Japanese dragon slayers are willing, they should also be recruited together."