So he took out a high-quality glazed gourd bottle with gold, silver and purple colors from the tiger skin bag.

Looking at it, it was full of flashing three colors of treasure light and water, and he nodded with satisfaction.
During the Warring States period, he also filled this gourd bottle with three lights and water by condensing the Xinghe machine.
This three-light water is the first holy medicine to cure the disease. The living dead with flesh and bones can also repair this dragon ball if they want to.
As soon as he put the dragon ball into it, he saw that it was blooming clearly, and he was hungry to absorb the three lights and water to repair his own cracks.
However, it may be that the source is damaged too much, and even the three lights can slowly repair it.
When Lingqing sees the effect, she no longer cares that it is slowly repairing the dragon ball in the bubble.
Then he picked up the jade bottle with the blood of Taikoo Linglong
You will see that it is as clear as water and blooms with the blood of Linglong.
Then I turned my hand and took out a iron whip. This is exactly what Lingqing Wild Base added to his material, and the beast royal spirit treasure was forbidden to make a whip.
A whip with a length of seven inches and five inches is wrapped in a strange animal whip with a length of three feet and two inches and five inches, and the whip head is sharp and prismatic.
A total of 13 sections express wonderful feelings. Twelve basic animals have several different animal heads carved to show the spirit and the will of all animals.
Lingqing whip took a little bit off that strange hide and turned it into a roll of hide.
He first copied the five incarnations of Qiu Feibai.
Then the dragon, the blood dragon, the armored dragon and the ghost Long Yiyi attached to the bone were transformed into a complete Archaeosaurus dragon.
And from one side to soak the Dragon Ball in the water of the Three Lights, a breath was taken.
Hear "click" a dragon ball and crack a gap.
Well, after such a while, the warm curing just repaired a crack, but now it just returned to its original state and did not collapse.
He put this silk breath into the skin to make the Linglong more vivid.
When I included the template before, I saw it with my own eyes, and I had a good idea when I outlined it before my death.
This time, it is different. His impression of this ancient dragon can be pieced together according to the incarnation of Qiu Feibai to reproduce the charm of his life.
After seeing the three-point charm, I took the blood of Linglong and carefully realized the information contained in the blood, and sketched it again little by little.
As he finished his last painting, a lifelike dragon-shaped scroll of skins emerged.
"Ang! ! !”
A long yinling’s heart resounded
At this shock, his consciousness jumped up and half-transformed into a dragon about 100 feet long
See the pentagonal scales on the top of the head, like colored glass, emitting colorful light.
At the same time, a powerful force reverberated in his heart, which made him feel excited and wanted to rush to the sky.
But it was overruled by him. It was the roaring around the boat that made me realize this dragon body.
At the same time, I also checked the information of this dragon template
"Template Taikoo Linglong (young dragon)
Life level 1
Essence 23 Strength 22
Qi perception 27 agility 21
Divine intelligence 21 charm 2
Avatar spirit dragon power, five elements of thunder, destroy the spirit divine light "
Because this template is newly included and has not been revised, it does not show the revision realm like the template after the change of Lingqing.
Still display the original six attributes.