This light is to give yourself these clues, he knows nothing, and Gao Cai and some don’t know what to do, but Gao Cai knows that this road is even very dangerous.

However, in addition to immortality, there is also a struggle. If you can easily obtain immortality, then this longevity road has lost its meaning of freedom.
Looking at these seventeen mountains, I stepped in and walked into them. The mountains are steep and dense, and the huge crowns of ancient trees easily cover the world.
Looking at these ancient trees, I felt that my strength was Yuan Gang when I arrived in southern Xinjiang, and I had to be careful everywhere.
Now that he is the peak of Yin God, can he have the strength to protect himself and be proud of whistling in the mountains? He is looking for a concise Yuan God, refining the sacred things and sprinting for longevity.
All this makes Gao Cai sigh with emotion. In just a few years, he has grown to a sufficient level. He is not a struggling little monk, but a long way to live, not to mention a happy world.
How many people can pursue the long road to immortality, and how many people can be happy?
With emotion, the talented person walked along the route of the light clue in his mind.
"well! ?”
When Gao Cai was walking, there were suddenly two evil spirits rising from the sky. When these two evil spirits rose, they rolled up two huge flying sands and stones and attacked Gao Cai.
Seeing this overwhelming scene, Gao narrowed his eyes and took a look at these two strands of flying sand and stones. I knew that this monster had just touched the Yuan Gang level, otherwise it would not have rolled up such a big flying sand and caused such a terrible situation.
Glancing at it, Gao Cai didn’t bother to pay attention to it. Then, with a wave of his hand, two swords and pills turned into two jin hong blows to jin hong, where sand and stones flew behind and disappeared. A black hawk and a head of fangs broke out of the wild boar’s body.
It’s normal for these monsters to see monks attack, but some of them have lost their eyes and haven’t measured the strength gap clearly.
Sword pill swept away the black hawk’s talons and wild boar’s tusks and put them away and walked towards the front again.
Less than a moment later, Gao Cai frowned and waved and looked behind him. A sword shot turned into a sword, and the light swept across an ancient tree with the same color in front of him. A bucket of thick python killed its foot and suddenly collapsed. A soil thorn killed a khaki giant scorpion cone about ten feet.
After killing these two Yuan Gang realm monsters, Gao Cai’s eyes gave me a trace of doubt. The strength of these two monsters has risen again, and they all came in pairs, which made Gao Cai faintly smell the conspiracy.
In doubt, Gao Cai continued to walk towards the depths of the forest. In less than half a day, Gao Cai’s eyes stopped slightly and nine swords and pills swept away, and nine rays of light rolled away.
In the rolling, a piece of violet emerges, and throughout the day, a number of firm but gentle blasts will blast a pile of gravel mountains in front to pieces.
Blasted to pieces, the bodies of seven monsters were blown up, and a figure in these demon bodies suddenly rose and turned into a firebird to escape in the distance.
Seeing this fleeing figure, Gao Cai snorted coldly, and my heart suddenly became white. No wonder the monster attacked me all the way. It turned out that someone was in charge to calculate the slight hatred in my heart. I can’t let this big demon escape. In the cold hum, I took a shot of nine sword pills in my hand and turned it into a light curtain to stop this big demon from sweeping back.
"What to calculate being original? !” Will this monster carry high just cold asked eyes shining with a folded mans.
In the face of Gao Cai’s questioning, the firebird shivered all over, but it closed its eyes and answered a face of stubbornness.
A sword light cuts the flamingo, and a wing is surrounded by the sword light and slowly presses the flamingo head.
"say! Or I’ll take your elixir and make it into elixir. "
Staring at the fire finch, it’s cold to drink it again. This fire finch is great for those monks who have been refined into the fire finch.
If this firebird is stubborn, it won’t just take the elixir and turn around and leave.
In the face of the threat of high talent, Firefinch’s eyes flashed with panic, but he was afraid of any desperate resistance.
It’s a little strange to watch this firebird show high performance. Is there anyone behind this firebird? Otherwise, this firebird shows this performance. This firebird is Jin Danxiu, and it is also a powerful monster. It can make ministers but what makes them so afraid?
When I am not curious, I also know that this firebird won’t say anything, and I don’t hesitate to stab the firebird directly.
"Wait a minute!"
When Gao Cai assassinated Firebird, a deep sound came to mind from a distance. After the sound, a huge monster with a human face and a horse body with a height of more than ten meters came out from the distant mountains. As he appeared, the same six monsters with human faces and horses appeared in rows.
Gao Cai wondered and looked at these monsters. When they stepped on ten people, cattle monsters also appeared one after another
Seventeen monsters lined up in a row and looked at Gao Cai with deep and cold eyes.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-five Terror monster
Seventeen giant monsters stand side by side, emitting a terrible momentum, which seems to be the combination of heaven and earth around them and coming towards the oppression of high talents.
Seventeen people’s eyes are deep and horrible, like a series of terrorist sharp arrows, mixed with repression to high talents.
In the face of mountains and sharp arrows, my eyes are high and I shake my body, and the momentum is erupting to offset this terrorist pressure.
Gao Cai’s eyes are frozen, but his mind is shocked. He knows that when he meets a powerful opponent, he must not relax himself. Otherwise, he will die if he is careless. In the middle of the shock, Gao Cai’s hand will keep jerking the sword pill and gently fold a lux elixir. He will slay the firebird before Gao Cai, and he who wants to kill himself will not want to show mercy. Especially in this case, Gao Cai will not show weakness.
Seeing Gao Cai moving first, the monster took the lead in getting ahead with a heavy cold hum and looked at Gao Cai like two cold lights stabbing Gao Cai. This cold hum suppressed Gao Cai’s momentum and sank even more.
"people? Get in my way? "
In the face of these seventeen monsters, Gao Cai was holding the sword pill and his face was cold, Hewen was running at a high speed with all kinds of magic weapons, and he was always ready to shoot.
"Leave quickly or you’ll be forgiven."
"Your forward route has violated our rules. Back off or there will be great disaster."
"The road ahead!"
"The first person to kill!"
In the face of the high-caliber heckling, the cold voice is far from full of biting cold, which declares the fate of the high-caliber like a judgment.
"The front is my longevity road block my way I kill! I’ll kill anyone who gets in my way! "