After hearing what Yutu said, the sky did not change his face. He asked directly at Yutu.

"You can throw hydrangeas to me, which proves that you know my identity. Do you think that you can make me feel excited by saying these things?"
Jade rabbit look unwavering looking at day continued
"If you have other wishes, I will do my best to help you complete what I want in my heart. What I want is for you to stay in Tianzhu as my husband."
The real princess’s face was bitter when she heard it. This monster has put words to this point, and she has a great beauty and Tianzhu’s strength to help her realize her wishes.
She didn’t expect that there would be a reason to refuse tomorrow.
Chapter 50 Take death. You’re a real xu.
True princess when the in the mind think so day is tone calm way
"You said the offer was good, but I refused."
If it were a worse person, God might say another thing. My favorite thing is to say no to someone who is self-important.
But Yutu is not the enemy. Nature won’t say such things.
"What refused?"
Jade rabbit was a little startled when she saw that the sky was like this.
"I’d like to know what will you throw the hydrangea to me? You should have wanted to throw the hydrangea to Tang Priest. "
Heaven didn’t answer Yutu’s words because there was no need to answer.
Where does he need any reason to refuse a woman? As a heavenly heart, he is interested in Jade Rabbit throwing hydrangea at himself.
In the original fate, Yutu threw the hydrangea to Tang Sanzang.
It can be said that Jade Rabbit’s hydrangea wedding was held in Tang Sanzang.
Yutu didn’t answer.
Seeing that Jade Rabbit didn’t answer her own questions, she continued to ask, "Did you throw me the hydrangea because Chang ‘e asked you to do so?"
As a matter of fact, I doubt him so much, and I am sure that his friend’s character can do such a thing.
Chang ‘e and he are both good people. Serious things may not be done, but interesting things will be done.
However, when these thoughts flashed in the sky, Yutu unexpectedly gave a negative answer.
"No, it’s not!"
Jade Rabbit hesitated to face Heaven after denying it. "When I was in the Moon Palace, I noticed that my master often looked at the ground."
"I found that the host threw the hydrangea every time I saw it. When I recognized you, I threw the hydrangea to you by the way."
Yutu really doesn’t want to say these things, but it’s already suspected that Chang ‘e is alive, so she might as well just say it in vain.
"Why does she have nothing to see me?"
Heaven and Chang ‘e are friends, so when I heard Yutu’s words, I didn’t feel anything at all, but I spit it out unceremoniously.
Jade rabbit looked at the sky and hesitated.
I didn’t wait for the Jade Rabbit to say what day and then asked, "What are you going to do with the Tang Priest?"
"One of your eleven disasters should throw the hydrangea to Tang Priest."
Jade rabbit said, "I want a master of Confucian classics. This excuse can also detain him for decades."
Chang ‘e raises rabbits around her. She knows exactly where the bottom line is.
"I was invited by Chang ‘e to save your life. You can do whatever you want."
The day gave Yutu a double insurance.
The real princess listened to the dialogue between Tianhe and Yutu and looked at Tianhe Yutu with a look of alert. "You two turned out to be a group. I’m going to tell my father that he won’t let you go."
When Jade Rabbit saw the real princess like this, she looked calm and seemed to ask heaven. "My Lord, what made you think this woman was a fool?"
Heaven says, "She is an ordinary woman with one skill and two powers."
"But just now, she just came in and told me that she was a real princess and that I couldn’t be a Xu."
"Isn’t she killing herself by doing this?"
"After all, if I want to be a Xu, I need a princess to cooperate, but whether this princess is true or not is crucial."
"What she just did was just to wake me up and kill me."
The sky is very cold, and there is no temperature at all. If the sudden killer goes out at this time, no one will be surprised.
The real princess felt determined to make a cold shudder and hurried to the outside.
She knows that Tian is not the Tang Priest and his party.
Tang Priest and others are monks and won’t do anything to her, but heaven won’t spoil her.
"My Lord, I’ll take care of this first."
Jade rabbit watched the real princess escape, but nothing was done. It didn’t mean to stop her. After the real princess ran away, Jade rabbit gave a gift to Tian Yingying to say goodbye.