Now this situation is one of nature.

After knowing the details of the four people, Gao Cai floated in front of him one by one with a congenital spiritual treasure. Most of these treasures were obtained during his travels, and some of them were searched in the mountains.
This treasure is the heavenly seal, the heaven lock, the heavenly tripod, the six-yang seal, the big Lei Yin Tuqingyun golden lantern, the dragon ring and the nine-palace golden pagoda.
"It depends on your chances that each of you four will choose a treasure over the treasure!"
After the four treasures are lit up, Gao Cai said lightly, "These treasures are all selected, but the attributes are not the same."
"Xie Shi Zu Cibao!"
Looking at floating a congenital treasure, four people’s faces suddenly turned big and kowtowed first, and then they looked at a treasure slowly.
A moment later, the three of them looked at Tianhao, and he dared not behave rudely in front of all the grandmasters.
"Thank you for your humility!"
Tianhao said that before he refused, he turned to the mirror a little, and the whole mirror turned into a streamer.
Seeing that Tianhao has got a treasure, Brother Li Kun’s quest for Tao is also moving towards Lei Yin, where he will earn a little money.
Yuan Zhen’s younger brother, Bai He, ran directly to Monty Seal. Seeing this scene, Gao Cai smiled slightly. It is a kind of chance that Monty Seal is still in Yuan Zhen’s door.
Duoling, a disciple of Tongtian, chose the Dragon Ring.
"Thank you, Master, for the treasure!"
After seeing that all his disciples had received the treasures, Yuanyang four people also thanked them with a hint of joy in their eyes. These four proud students got the treasures given by their ancestors, that is, they were recognized by their ancestors and officially entered the door wall.
"Tongtian, your three brothers have all got congenital treasures. Can you bear the treasures?"
Looking at the sky high just asked with a smile.
"I’ve got a few congenital treasures from my master disciples, but they don’t match the Great Ending Sword. I haven’t weighed them yet!"
Tongtian heart fully immediately said before eyes with a hint of expectation and joy.
"You practice is a big end fencing is a dangerous achievement method in addition to being brave and diligent, you need to have a suitable treasure to understand! This snub-nosed sword belongs to the leader of the underworld. The killing sword contains the meaning of killing. Your fencing has the same effect. You can learn from it! The teacher has refined the Chinese seal to the end of the millstone. Take it and understand it! "
Gao Cai Gherardini looked at a face of expectation. Tongtian took the bloody nasal sword from the end millstone and handed it to Tongtian.
There are also some expectations in my heart. If you get four swords, I don’t know if you can be a leader in the future.
"Thank you, Master!"
He was overjoyed when he got the A-nose sword, but he saw the horror of the A-nose sword in the blood. When he got this sword, he could end his fencing by leaps and bounds.
"Terran has gradually entered the wild world. You should pay more attention to the wild in the future!"
Looking at Yuanyang, the four talents are heavy. Speaking of it, the eyes are gradually multiplying to the east. After this period, the Terran has also grown stronger and stronger. Evergreen Day also plans to put more Terrans into the wild.
"Follow the master’s order!"
Four people sink respectfully replied eyes also looked at the Terran slightly puzzled, don’t know what the master meant this weak Terran.
"There is a lunar girl in the lunar star of Yuanyang. If you have the chance, you can talk to this lunar girl and practice!"
Gao Cai looked at Tian Hao behind Yuanyang and said
Heaven is bound to be destroyed in the future, and the new heaven will be born after the appearance of the magic list. At that time, Tianhao and Taiyin may have the opportunity to climb to the top of their own pulse and master great luck.
Although Yuanyang doesn’t know what the master told Tianhao to go to Taiyin Star, he also knows that there will be meaning in it when he nodded.
"You go to practice separately, and the teacher has to solve some causes and effects!"
Gao Cai said lightly, so he asked four disciples to practice, and he himself had to go to the Buddhist small pagoda mountain to find the mysterious Tathagata to calculate the cause and effect.
"Master, we are willing to accompany the master!"
Hearing that Gao Cai was going to settle the cause and effect, they immediately worshipped and asked for it.
"No, you can protect the Terran again. I’m afraid someone will be bad for the Terran!"
Gao Cai waved and didn’t intend to let four people go together.
When I got up, Gao Cai was far away from Fuxi Mi, the Terran gathering center, and the three women in xi he bowed their hands and flew directly to the pagoda mountain.
Chapter five hundred and seventeen Xuanwu place
The huge pagoda mountain stands in the sky, and the whole Baoshan exudes golden halos. These halos flash in the virtual shadows of Lohan Bodhisattva and Buddha, giving people a sacred feeling.
Before the creatures leave, they can feel like spring breeze, morning bell, dusk drum and a peaceful scene. Today, a huge light suddenly flies outside the whole mountain.
The whole light with a thick pressure makes the whole Fautu Mountain creatures panic, and the golden light and shadow are instantly broken.
This halo pagoda mountain stopped to show a talented figure, and looked coldly at the five monuments in the hands of the whole mountain and floated around the pagoda mountain gently.
The whole stone tablet and the five-color divine light are constantly washed towards the pagoda mountain to protect the creatures in the layers of broken mountain array, and they are brushed into the five emperors tablet one by one.
"Amitabha Taoist friends will be angry!"
In the five-color divine light scouring, a golden Buddha finger gently blocked the ever-stirring five-color divine light, and then a huge sun rose slowly and turned into a huge Buddha figure.
"When the sun comes, you sneak up on me while I’m practicing. This cause and effect must end!"
Looking at this huge Buddha’s virtual shadow, he coldly shouted to end the millstone floating overhead and protect himself from the Buddha’s sudden death and his strange means.
"It’s true what Taoist friends say, but it’s a great day to hurt Taoist friends!"
In the face of high talent, cold and murderous, the Buddha’s method is not angry, and he slowly said that his hand suddenly grabbed the golden body in this speech.
Hua, a golden body is directly scratched and cracked to throw away the skin of the golden body directly. With a wave of his head, several believers need to be dispersed directly.
In this series of movements, the Tathagata Dharma body slowly disappeared, revealing a middle-aged Taoist priest wearing a black cassock with a flame branch in one hand and a white gourd in the other.
"I’ve seen a Taoist friend come to you in the future, and there are Taoist priests from this world!"
Road flyover Lu Ya looked at Gao Cai and said simply, this speech seems like a proverb, which makes the whole virtual rumble and the golden thunderbolts flash out. These thunderbolts form a ray to form the Buddha’s figure.
The whole world is filled with this terrorist force, which makes Gao Cai’s heart terrified. If it weren’t for the end of the millstone, he would have stepped back and stayed away from this pagoda mountain.
Seeing this scene, Gao Cai realized that this should be the punishment for Lu Ya’s abandonment of the Buddha’s good corpse and abandonment of Buddhism’s ambition. This kind of power will cause serious injuries even if Lu Ya passes through.
In particular, Buddhism will definitely retaliate against this land pressure, which is really decisive and dangerous this time.
"dong! Hey! "
When these thunderbolt buddhas came slowly, a virtual shock continued to ring, and suddenly these thunderbolt buddhas cracked to re-create Lei Guang’s disappearance.