The more solemn the ceremony is, the higher the etiquette is, which makes me curious. Now he wants to know what is in this humble wooden box that can make the monks of the temple go crazy.

After the worship, the old abbot got up from the ground and walked to the front of the incense table. He looked at the wooden box for a long time and didn’t move. I saw that his face and expression were even more exciting than mine, and his eyes were full of expectation.
The old abbot hit the wooden box carefully. I tilted my head and saw him take out another box from the wooden box.
The box should be made of a square box with gilded silver surface. The box body is hinged with the lid. The front lock key and the top cover can be opened and closed. The two dragons are lifelike.
There is a flame bead around the flying dragon, and there are four oblique brakes on each side. The two lions play with beaded background and roll grass. The side bars on the facade are decorated with two people. The wide-tailed Jialing Pigbird has a head light, two hands crossing and one hand holding a lotus.
The four sides of the box are divided into four heavenly kings, which are lifelike in form. Each of them holds a bow and an arrow, and each of them has a god. Many people in the hag stand in awe and gaze at it as if it were tempting to follow the box mural, like galloping through the three realms and traveling in the nine heavens.
I’m a little surprised to see the silver box. There are boxes in the wooden box, which surprises me, but I’m even more puzzled to see these four kings carved like me.
The Four Heavenly Kings were originally the ancient Indian mythological gods, which appeared before Buddhism formed. Buddhism protected itself and guarded the four heavenly kings. After Buddhism entered China, there were more Heavenly Kings halls in Buddhist temples, and then it evolved into the Four donkey kong.
"This utensil is not like the middle-earth Buddhist handicraft, and it is also intriguing. There is no such utensil in the Buddhist cultural relics of a few countries," said Professor Jiang.
According to Buddhist scriptures, the heavenly king is also called the King of God, who is called the Four Heavenly Kings to protect the world outside the Indra. Qiu Nuo frowned slightly, puzzled and said, "Although it is not like a Middle-earth Buddhist thing, the heavenly king in a silver box wears a crown and bare feet and felt boots like a military commander in the Tang Dynasty. This instrument should be a cultural relic in the Tang Dynasty."
The old abbot put the four heavenly kings’ treasure boxes aside and carefully chained the front, and even took out a box from the treasure box just the size of the four heavenly kings’ treasure box.
It’s also a silver box, but the whole body is plain and pure without any carving and drawing. There is a crimson silk belt covering the back of the lid, which is hinged. Although it is not as gorgeous as the four kings’ silver box, it is elegant and heavy, which has an extraordinary feeling.
"Crimson yellow silk belt? !” Professor Jiang is puzzled by the novel "This is a special seal for the royal family in Tang Dynasty. How can this silver box be?"? Is this a royal thing? "
The thousand ling suddenly smiled over her mouth and said in my ear
"Actually, I have seen such things abroad."
"Have you seen it? ! What is it? " I asked urgently.
"The Soviet national characteristic craft doll is a doll with a smaller doll inside. Hehe, do you think this box is the same as the doll?"
I gave her an angry white look.
"Stop fooling around and don’t look at any occasion."
Although Yue Qianling is heartless and joking, in fact, I found that the old abbot really took out another box from the sealed box with crimson yellow silk!
If the old abbot comes up with the opinion from the first wooden box, the fourth box is really like Yue Qianling saying, one set at a time.
The box is still decorated with silver patterns and painted with gold. There are Tathagata surrounded by two bodhisattvas, four brothers, two King Kong Lux and two children. The outer wall of the box is carved with Tathagata Guanyin portraits or decorated with double Fengxiang with creeping grass patterns or carved with King Kong Shami and assorted rituals. The picture is realistic and delicate, and the scenes are rich and vivid. Many people have exquisite craftsmanship.
In the center of the cover, there is a treasure wheel with four lotus flowers on each side, and there is a Jialing bird with folded hands or a lotus with both hands; A three-cobalt diamond bell is set up in each corner, and the periphery is lined with grass-rolling oblique brakes, and two phoenix birds stand on each edge, and each one is decorated with two flying bodies.
Professor Jiang’s side was amazed at the little surprise.
"The Buddha’s wheel is full, and the Buddha’s wheel is also full. It is also the first time that Rokuyaon practiced five monks together. The academic value of this box is far beyond the artistic value. Today, it is a vision. Every box has its own characteristics. It is the first time that it is discovered that it is a world-renowned figure in Buddhist culture."
The sixth box was taken out completely different from the previous one. It was made of pure gold. The box cover was carved with double phoenix lotus. There were four auspicious birds chasing around the center. The left pharmacist Tathagata figure on the right, Amitabha figure on the back, Tathagata figure on the outside wall, carved with double Fengxiang and creeping grass, carved with the Buddha statue of King Kong, Shami and Heshi, was lifelike and delicate.
"This is not the end. It’s the sixth one. How many boxes are there in it?" Whisper beside yue qianling
"It’s getting more and more expensive. I really don’t know what the innermost layer is." Qiu Nuo said curiously
What the old abbot held in his trembling hand from the pure gold box made everyone in the place hold their breath. Perhaps no one would have thought that it would be a crystal coffin in the old abbot’s hand.
This crystal is a finely crafted crystal essence with clever design.
The cover is inlaid with yellow and sapphire, each of which is huge and dazzling.
Carved avalokitesvara vase and flower arrangement, Manjusri Bodhisattva is carved on all sides, like lotus seats and flowers and birds.
"It’s the first time to find a crystal coffin in six boxes in such a small crystal coffin. It’s really interesting and I don’t know what such a small coffin can hold."
Yue Qianling looked at these objects motionless next to me after finishing her novel, and she seemed to think of something, and her expression was somewhat inexplicable.
The majestic name resounded through the old abbot of the temple again, and once again prostrated himself before the monks seemed to be waiting for the moment when the crystal coffin was hit.
The old abbot was invited out after playing the crystal coffin, but it was still a smaller coffin.
It’s just a white jade coffin
The small shape of the coffin is very similar to that of the wooden coffin with perfect white jade.
The whole jade coffin is placed on the coffin bed. The jade coffin is milky white and pale blue. The jade is delicate, soft and angular. The process is very exquisite.
Through the white jade coffin, I vaguely saw a crystal thing the size of a thumb in it, and I just lay still. Suddenly, my mouth opened wider and wider, and Qianling looked at me with a scary expression. I was just about to ask.