It was like a maze, wandering around in a narrow road for a long time.

"Brother Cheng hasn’t arrived yet?"
"The horse is here, just turn the corner ahead."
"Oh, my God, if I were to come and die alone, I wouldn’t be able to find a place."
"It’s good to rent this place. If it weren’t for the help of my colleagues in the bureau, I couldn’t rent a house at all."
It’s really hard to rent a house at the moment. Where is the key? You can’t live in your own house. How can you have extra money to rent?
Not to mention the neighborhood Committee, I don’t know how many people are waiting in line for a room there
Finally, I went to the place where Jiang Cheng said to turn. Just after turning, I heard a little girl shout, "Uncle, you are finally back. My little darling is hungry."
"Hey, uncle, where did you get a bike?"
Li Chu looked up and saw a little girl running to Jiang Cheng.
Jiang Cheng said that his niece is six years old, and the little girl is really not like six years old.
However, the girl’s face with her head braided with croissants seems to have brought Li Chu back to childhood.
Jiang Cheng leaned the car against the wall and squatted down to pick up the little girl and turned around. "Little darling, this is my uncle’s friend. You should call him little uncle."
The little girl looked at Li Chu timidly and hesitated for a moment. "Good little uncle! My name is Nan Nan, and I am six years old this year. The crisp and soft voice makes Li Chu’s heart fast.
He smiled and walked up to him, took out some sweets from his pocket and handed them to him. "That’s a good boy. Here, take these sweets."
Little darling looked at the sugar in Li Chu’s hand and turned to look at it. She was only happy to bring it here when she saw my uncle nodding. "Thank you, little uncle."
"You’re welcome!"
"Did your uncle come back?" Then a woman came.
"Mom’s back, and my uncle has a little uncle."
Little darling struggled to run home from Jiang Cheng’s arms to the ground.
"Come on, let’s go inside, wait till we tell Lily your name, and see if she can recognize you."
Chapter two hundred Familiar with
The car didn’t push in and couldn’t put the car inside. Li Chu locked the car and followed Jiang Cheng on his way home.
"What did you just say, little uncle, and where did you get your sugar?"
"My mother’s uncle brought back a little uncle with candy from him."
"Little uncle? Where is the little uncle? " Jiang Li muttered and lifted the curtain and walked out of the room.
"Brother, did you bring a friend?"
At this time, Jiang Chenggang took Li Chu to the door. "Well, Lily, a friend of mine came over."
Said and pointed to a behind Li Chu "this is my friend".
"This is my sister Jiang Li."
When I first came over, I saw that Jiang Li and her memory changed a lot when she was young, but should I say that the water and soil in the south seem to be more nourishing than those in the north? Although Jiang Li’s face is a little yellow, it is due to malnutrition and her skin is still very delicate.
Because she has lived in the south for a long time, Jiang Li speaks with a southern accent and is gentle and touching.
"Hello, Comrade Jiang Li" Li Chu greeted naturally.
Jiang Li is still wondering why my brother didn’t say his name when he introduced him.
"Hello comrade, please come in and sit down."
Li Chu should go in. Jiang Chenggang was about to go in when he was stopped by his sister.
"Elder brother, why don’t you name references? And you didn’t say anything before, I didn’t cook enough! Why don’t you take your friends to a restaurant to eat? "Jiang Li’s novel said.
"It’s okay. He cooks from the canteen, which is enough for us to eat Lily. What do you think of this man?"
"Brother, what do you mean?" Jiang Li was asked by her brother to be a little confused.
"This is my introduction to you. What do you think?"
"Elder brother, are you kidding me? I’m as old as he is, and I’m with my child."
It’s true that Li Chu is very handsome and fair-skinned, and looks like she is in her early twenties.
"You don’t care how old he is. Do you see him?"
"Come on, elder brother, don’t talk nonsense. I’m not thinking of marrying again. Don’t introduce me blindly. Come into the house quickly. It’s not good to hang the guests there." Then I pushed Jiang Cheng down inside.
Li Chu casually pulled a small stool after entering the room and looked around curiously.
The entrance of a dozen square rooms is equivalent to the living room and kitchen, separating the left and right sides, and there is a double bed on the left hand wall, which should be where Jiang Li and the children sleep.
There is a single bed on the right hand wall with curtains on both sides.