"I don’t know how tough it is to wash my marrow and cut my bones. I don’t know what a shock it will be when those people see Jianghan again today!"

One mountain is in the way, and the hole is open, and there are two young pines that are green and full of vitality.
Jianghan held Lin Youyou’s mouth and looked up and saw a stone plaque hanging on the edge of the cave.
"Cold pool!"
Jianghan glanced at Li Qiubai, who was beside him, and didn’t speak!
"Jianghu heard that there are thousands of years of ice in the cold pool of Ghost Valley, but I don’t know if it’s true or not!" Li Qiubai’s staring at the stone tablet in the cave has always been so cold and calm that there is a little more ups and downs in his breath!
Jianghan smiled at Li Qiu’s vernacular, and it seemed that he was a little surprised to hear him say, "What Millennium ice is not just a pool of stagnant water that has been frozen for a long time, but I think it is dirty to run ice!"
Li Qiubai’s pupil shrank and his eyes suddenly glowed and splashed with brilliance. Jiang Han’s angry words eagerly said, "Is there a face? !”
This Jianghan was a little surprised, saying that Jian Yin was rude. Apart from sending her half of the amazing spectrum a few years ago, this was the second time he saw it. At the end of the day, there were still some small accidents. Jianghan opened his mouth and wanted to say something to Li Qiubai. I didn’t expect that he had taken the lead in stepping out directly and went into the hole!
Jianghan shook his head and stepped up.
But just as Jianghan was about to step into the mouth of the cave, his step was suddenly delayed. Just as Lin was wondering why Jianghan suddenly started and stopped and looked up at him, her mouth gave a scream!
Because she found that Jianghan had hugged her and jumped into the middle, and it was still the kind of height that would make people panic at first sight!
Before she could react, Jianghan was another golden rooster, and then it was transferred in 360 degrees. She felt very dizzy!
Just when she was amazed at Jianghan’s sudden appalling behavior, she narrowed her eyes and saw a fiery red shadow!
Hoo-hoo! That’s a sharp knife cutting through the air and scraping it out. It’s a crisp sound. It’s a sharp knife splitting the rubble and making a creepy sound!
Lin faint realized that Jianghan’s sudden vision was not aimed at the target, but what dangerous trouble he encountered as before!
Jianghan’s eyes were cold, and after a rotation, he stepped on the stone wall of Hantan cave and took advantage of a shuttle to get more than ten meters, so that he landed firmly!
After landing, Jianghan suddenly turned around and stared at the mouth of the cave. The fiery figure that had just raided him from behind was shocked and said, "How could it be you!"
"How did you get here?" Jianghan surprised again!
He is only three feet tall, with heavy eyebrows and red clothes, and his head is braided with horns on both sides, and his hands are full of cold light. This person is not the short and pithy dwarf woman, but who else can Shura be in the blood of the Jianghu!
"Hum, how come it’s not your turn to take care of me here, but you delivered the door yourself today!"
This dwarf woman has a sneer!
"Remember what I said? Sooner or later, I will take you off and let you kneel in front of me to sing! "
Lin Youyou looked at this woman who looks like a three-or four-year-old child, but her voice is more mature than her, and she looked surprised.
Jianghan’s face gradually converged and his eyes suddenly became cold. This woman didn’t leave her hand at all just now. If it weren’t for her quick reaction, Lin Youwei and he were afraid of both fortunes!
"Are you? How do I remember that you said you would kill me, but now you are alive and well? " Jianghan sneer at a way
The woman looked scornful and said, "The second time it was because the sword made you smaller and let you escape. Now you can’t be the same as the second time without her!"
Jianghan was stupefied and immediately laughed. "I said how did you appear so coincidentally? It turned out that you were eyeing the opportunity to come out, but how did you know that you could eat me without him!"
"Hum, an ungrateful, ungrateful, unfaithful, and often smelly man, I can waste you with one hand!"
Smelly loach? Ungrateful? Unfortunate? Repeatedly?
"Why does this sound so familiar?"
Just when Jianghan thought the words coming out of this dwarf woman’s mouth were familiar, the woman was ashamed to sneak up again!
The double sharp blade in the hand flew without warning and was thrown out of her hand. The split gas was aimed at Jianghan Ti!
"I’ll go ~!"
Jianghan instantly saved himself from this malice by jumping and jumping, and flew to his heart with a burst of anger!
Inexplicable Wonderful People Inexplicable Wonderful Things How did Jianghan meet this woman here? However, his eyes were not thinking at all. At these times, he was holding Lin Youwei in his arms, but he didn’t have a lot of scruples. It’s not a big deal that Jianghan got hurt himself. But if something happens to Lin Youwei, Jianghan is the law and Ji Shuji confessed that he must not let this woman mess around!
"I can’t see that the smelly reaction is quite fast. I want to see if you can avoid me a few times!"
If you miss one knife, the woman will intensify her efforts, and the whole person will be saved into a ball and ready to pop up!
Jianghan’s eyes froze and his face suddenly sank. Dantian Pisces suddenly moved!
In the process of marching, the dwarf woman was shocked and felt a very bad and dangerous feeling floating in her heart. She wanted to temporarily change her tactics and withdraw it, but she couldn’t open it. Before her idea reached her abdomen, she was severely kicked, and a huge strength directly overturned her and smashed the mountain rock wall. Finally, she stumbled to the ground!
Poof ~!
One mouthful blood gushed out from her, and her eyes stared at Jianghan in shock. "Breath charm?" Draw a bone! How is it possible! "
Jianghan looked at her coldly and said, "If you dare to cut me for no reason after I sue you, I will make you a real shura!"
After that, Jianghan went straight into the hole without looking back!
Volume 5 Fei Long Tian Chapter 34 The first lesson in college!
A month later.
After the National Day, it means that the weather in southern Hunan is about to turn cold in winter.
But for the freshmen who just entered the university campus on September 1, they can live freely after getting rid of high pressure and shackles, which is the real prelude.
Don’t be surprised if you see a black-headed student on campus who seems to have fled from Africa, because it is a freshman who has just undergone a month of military training.
I have been wandering around the university campus for a year, and there has been such a saying among the male cattle of sophomore and junior, hooking up with primary school girls to quickly identify whether Younger is a beauty or not. When they go directly to the student phalanx during military training, you can remember your face on the spot. It is definitely a real beauty.
Usually, those girls are beautifully dressed, but most of them are not very beautiful. When everyone wears that inferior military uniform in the hot sun, male animals can still find out at a glance that she is absolutely beautiful.