Yinshi couldn’t bear to look straight at her forehead.

The elder martial sister, Nangong Jiuli, also ignored Younger and left directly …
Willow thirteen still sat in front of the wine shop facing the stone tablet for several hours, and finally waited until the dead of night when the drinkers left the shop to close before waking up from their pack sleep.
Thieves and rats looked around and repeatedly confirmed the people in the streets before they got up and pulled out their knives to close their eyes and concentrate for a moment.
Swing a knife like a sword
The word "Tiance" was crossed and supplemented.
"Very shop.
Four-point skill
Three-point wine
Two-point mood
Leave with a little drunkenness
Change your head and come again. "
Chapter VI Competing for the Deer with the Heroes
It’s very interesting, but it’s just that the original city is full of serenity, the tip of the iceberg, the warm day and the wind and sunshine, and Wu Jiahe’s ten-game game of willow with a spring breeze is talked about.
The bet is Liu Acai’s sword-cutting skill and Pei Fenglou’s word width, who has the strongest killing power. Of course, there is no fixed number for this kind of thing. In the eyes of people, it seems that not going to the battlefield will be more reserved than playing a chess game between Wujia and Yangliu.
Miscellaneous talk is a bit of robbery and miscellaneous repair, claiming to know a little about 360 lines, and he is best at saying that because he is talking about people’s ancestors after careful calculation.
Now that we’re here, it’s natural to say that the guests are full, including young brothers from Tianbei, Liuxing, Shiwu, Baizong, Puyuan and Wuyue, as well as Ning Xianshan and Liang Liangshui’s cave with white hair and white hair, Baizhiling.
When the gavel fell, it was full of applause.
It is said that there is a unique skill in competing for deer … There is also a unique skill in competing for deer, which is called six neighbors.
Beihai ferry people are old-fashioned and withdrawn, and few people talk.
The punishment of heaven will make everyone stay at a respectful distance from others.
Sun Dasheng, the head of the heavenly club in the Five Elements Temple, likes to sleep. He once hid in the Town God Pavilion and never woke up for seven days.
At the end of Qing Ping, Leng Qingqiu was a spiritual madman, and he often practiced knives until he became possessed.
It is said that Yinshan has chosen a house by unpredictable means. There are no neighbors in four streets in Fiona Fang. Not long ago, Dawu Zonghanyi entered the city and stumbled into a place next to Yinshan’s residence. I don’t know why Han Yi found the yin qi dense next door at night and wanted to find out. Then he joined hands with Yinshan, the owner of the house, and finally he lost sight of the old wine head and said that the misunderstanding would be lifted.
There is also the autumn method of the Yuanmen Gate to rob the strong. It is said that there is a trick to call he knows that the dews tonight will be frost to display the heavy snow. The houses where the predecessors lived in Hank Feng are all cold houses with three feet of snow and high sunshine outside the window, which is difficult for ordinary people to adapt to.
These six are the famous six neighbors.
In comparison, Dize Eleven Chivalrous Kui and his ten brothers and sisters are kind. Many of them may be due to grounding gas. The original popularity is second only to Chen Xuandu, a wild poem and a sword.
Li Manqing of Yu Fenglei Garden has always been responsible for training many young players and training soldiers. He is harsh and harsh, and he is called the second iron cold after being cold.
June, the peaceful and calm day, was finally broken.
early morning
About 10 o’clock, the East Gate guards the city, and the young brothers and monks from all walks of life lined up two rows along the city gate to welcome them.
The lonely people finally waited for their reinforcements.
It’s like there’s an agreement
Ten tens of thousands of fighters in East Chu, three generals, with fire sticks pinned to their heads, Su Xiaofan in the middle, silver robe, silver armor, Confucianism in the middle, Weiyang living in the left, Liu Jun in the left, Wu Xiuyang living in the right, armored like a black torrent, and the banner fluttering like a mighty torrent. It is worthy to unify the name of the king of seven States in terms of neat troops or chilling momentum.
The thirteen royal armies of the Imperial League were commanded by the goddess Long Ouyang Qingxu, including Yu Gong, Ouyang, the fifth, Guan, Shen, Han, Qin, Chu, Tie and Cao, and followed by the digital quicksand. I don’t know how much fighting power is left now, but judging from the emperor’s tears’ ambitious attempt to swallow the sky, the fighting power of the thirteen royal families will be stronger or weaker in five hundred years.
Leading the demon tribe’s army was none other than the two leaders of mount mount, Qing Hong Luan Wei, who were famous for their long years. Luan Wei was in charge of holding a halberd, Hong Luan Wei, who was in charge of the palace evil spirit and tied up a fairy lock. Qing Hong Luan Wei’s position was relative to that of the demon tribe of six hundred miles off Yunling. At that time, the importance of the big swallow, white robe and snow dragon riding on the empire was equal to that of several two leaders, and there were tribal chiefs such as Shark Ling, Kyubi no Youko and djinn Sebrina.
When Tianbei Ten Valves marched into the army, the younger generation of six surnames blew the whistle excitedly outside the city gate. I don’t know when the group of teenagers appeared and slapped the teenagers’ heads in succession. "Who will teach you rogue whistle if you don’t learn well all day?"
Scared the teenagers like chickens and dogs
Tiannan Xianzong is scattered, compared with Tianbei, where the six surnames and ten valves rush into the army, the Eastern Chu imperial army is neatly destroyed, the momentum of the royal clan division of the imperial alliance and the blood smell ratio of the demon army are all insufficient, but the seven tea houses are full of rich information and excellent weapons. The rain of the old father-in-law is full of swords, and the ups and downs of the swords are complementary to each other. Although the number of people in various sects is not dominant, there are many backbones in the spiritual world, equipped with swords-casting cities and soldiers-hiding valleys, and both offensive and defensive weapons are equally important
Zuijian Zuijian Zuiqiu led you old Jian Xiu and seventy-two Qifeng Jiange brothers in Kunlun. The royal sword flew over Chengtou and landed in the city. It was like a meteor shower on a sunny day.
There is no Liancheng tactic and Junze Jade Nine Jin Lan who led the 12 th Xingchuan Hundred Brothers.