This project is actually to make the’ original disease’ spread rapidly, and this is not the common original disease before, but the strengthened post-original disease.

Bone infected with this enhanced protopathy will degenerate into an original state, which is more degraded than the former
They will become a bigger, less intelligent and aggressive state.
At the same time, there is a very good thing about this state, that is, they have a strong sense of peer.
They will never attack their own kind, and they will treat normal bones as their own kind
After the decision, many attacked areas … spread this intensified disease.
This is very effective.
When this area was attacked, the bones there no longer fled in panic, but frantically fought back against abandoned creatures
This effectively prevents abandoned creatures from attacking, which is good at fighting and can easily kill abandoned creatures carrying light weapons.
At present, soldiers are the main force in this war because of the long-term battle in which both sides have almost exhausted their large weapons or possessions.
After the initial test found that the effect was good, they were attacked or possibly attacked in many places …
Spread a large number of original diseases
Of course, this kind of line will be protested. After all, no bone likes to be original.
But this kind of protest is still … meaningless when this race is about to die.
However, this is also the first step in the counterattack … When a large number of original bone residents hold off the attacking troops of the other side, many … small bone elite teams sneak into the abandoned field.
In the long battle, they learned a lot about abandoned creatures, such as the ecology of abandoned creatures and so on.
These elite teams are the places to destroy their hatcheries.
At the same time, let them explore … the fatal weakness of abandoned creatures.
In fact, they have been investigating since the war, mainly to find out what they have evolved to this extent.
After all, the wasteland is a place with a long history. Why did these creatures suddenly evolve so powerfully without any evolution in the past?
Elite team have to find out that specific reasons.
But this is not the main purpose. After all, they investigated it during the war. At that time, it was much easier to investigate than it is now, but nothing was found.
At present, the main goal of elite teams is to destroy each other’s important areas, not to investigate.
But they … did find some results.
This is because’ God’ is no longer here.
Many leaders have been selected from God’s abandoned creatures to command abandoned creatures.
Although they command fairly, they have no experience as leaders.
That is, they … don’t stay in any safe place and always bring a large group of guards.
They usually like to run around alone to observe hatcheries or places where troops gather to give them orders.
When they run around, they are usually alone. Although the wasteland is full of abandoned creatures, there are still some … swinging areas.
And an elite team happened to meet a leader … They found it commanding other abandoned creatures, so they followed it, and finally they successfully captured the leader.
Then the elite troops tried their best to get all kinds of information from it.
It doesn’t make any sense at all. Although abandoned creatures are barely sexual creatures, they are all fanatical.
Their worship of God makes them not afraid of death or pain … almost afraid.
There is no way to get any information from Bones Theory.
So they can catch the leader back and then investigate slowly.
Later, they successfully grabbed the leader and left the abandoned field and returned to their kingdom.
They put the leader in prison and torture him or … hypnotize other people in many ways.
But no one can get any information from it.
The leader told them nothing.
This kind of let the bones, but suddenly at some point … the leader suddenly said everything.
It tells these bones that there is something’ divine’
It says they can evolve in a short time, so powerful that they are connected with’ God’.
Even told them about the data ball.
The leader said these things not because he suddenly didn’t believe in God, but because … This happened to be the will of God for them.
God, who has been away for a long time, suddenly connected him and asked him to tell all this to the bones.
Only in this way can …
Twist everything
Chapter two thousand seven hundred and sixty-two New ideas
God was unconscious during the initial process of twisting device fusion.