I was afraid to sleep proudly beside me, but now I feel a little lost after weighing my mind.

Oh, it’s funny that she wants him to sleep next to her.
Thousands of colors tossed their heads and propped themselves up to sit up and suddenly touched the remaining temperature in the bed.
As soon as her heart hurried to the side, she felt a lot of warmth in the bed. It seems that Cang Ao slept here last night and didn’t leave until this morning.
Thousand colors after breakfast Guo father-in-law brought a message.
Today, in the early dynasty, the emperor had ordered Nie Fenghua to be named lord protector and the royal family was buried with ceremony.
Liu Huai used to take advantage of bribes and pervert the law, which seriously violated the laws of South Vietnam and should wipe out the Jiuzu.
Chapter 37 The Empress Dowager returned to the palace
In view of the fact that this extermination of Zhuo Nianshun was to cut off his title as a general and have no property and be buried by civilians in a ceremonial manner.
And the Liu clan demoted civilians for 30 years.
Yu Zhuonian Shunjin was shot to death by disorderly arrows during his escape. Because he disobeyed the imperial edict, he even rebelled in dispatch troops to dismember the Jiuzu.
However, except for Yu Fei, the emperor Gu Yufei still let Yu Fei be buried according to the etiquette of concubines for many years.
After hearing these thousand colors, it suddenly occurred to me that Cang Ao once said a word to her.
He said that he would give Nie Fenghua a generation when this matter was over.
Coming here is his generation.
But he is not white, no matter what he named Nie Fenghua, there is nothing left. What are you doing with these false names when people are dead?
But what else can you give except these false names?
It’s only been about a month since she crossed over, but it seems like she’s been through it for years.
Because she witnessed their ups and downs with her own eyes.
He is arrogant, he wants to get rid of people and kill each other, and finally he will take advantage of others.
I have to admit that he is really a great emperor.
Of course, his greatness not only refers to his strategy, but also rewards and punishments.
From an emperor’s point of view, what he did was outrageous.
However, from the point of view of an ordinary person, it is still acceptable for him to be ruthless.
Thousands of colors have always been white. Although Nie Fenghua’s misfortune was not directly caused by Cang Ao, he also benefited him, which led him to take things.
Nie Fenghua is still alive in this world, so she decided to be proud of him forever. He is really gone.
He’s really gone. What can she do? Do you want her to kill Cang Ao?
No way. She can’t do it.
In this matter, it is true that the emperor is proud of himself, and he is also thinking of the people of heaven
Since he can’t do anything, let him bury a hatred for himself in his heart. Only in this way can he reduce her guilt.
See thousands of colors stunned Guo father-in-law micro cough two back to her attention.
Guo father-in-law also what is it? Thousand colors asked doubtfully.
Back to Miss Nie, the emperor also gave you something that the slave hasn’t presented yet.
To tell the thousand colors emperor that the imperial edict is one thing, but another important thing, he hasn’t said yet.
Oh, what is it? I remember Cang Ao gave her something once, but that’s right. Make a sample for Jade Princess.
Show Guo father-in-law clapped his hands at the door and immediately four eunuchs approached the hall.
Two of them are carrying a big box, and the other two are each holding a carving box.
You don’t have to look at thousands of colors to know that there are some clothes and jewelry again.
It is also in the palace that the emperor gives women things, but what else can they do?
Guo Gonggong motioned them to box, but it was a big box of gorgeous clothes, a small box of jewelry and a small box of rouge.
Sign for thousands of colors after watching these rewards Guo father-in-law went on to say
Report to Miss Nie that the Empress Dowager will return to the palace at noon, and the next day is the birthday of the emperor.
His birthday
The day after tomorrow, the palace will hold a banquet to celebrate the queen mother’s return to the palace and the birthday of the emperor, so every concubine will have a banquet that day.
Grandfather Guo said here that all colors are white. He meant that Cang Ao gave her these things to dress her up.
Grandpa Guo, I don’t understand what you mean. Leave everything. Thousand colors don’t want to hear anything. The emperor wants you to attend the banquet and directly interrupted him.
It was father Guo who motioned for people to put things away and leave respectfully.
When father-in-law Guo and others left, Qianse asked Pearl, Pearl, do you know about the Queen Mother’s return to the palace?