"This … isn’t it? What do you say? " Xiao Fan couldn’t help touching his lips and said, "What’s with the sky ruler?"

"It seems that these three magic weapons are very suitable for your skyshatter ruler!" A vicissitudes of life echoed in the sound.
"Who is the master?" Xiao Fan hurriedly asked fuels.
"Ha ha, you don’t have to know who I am … we will definitely meet … I am looking forward to meeting you one day!" The sound faded and disappeared.
"It’s him … it can’t be … it can be him!" The magic body kept shaking and immediately roared wildly, "No … don’t! I don’t want to die … Lord Dongsheng … Help me! "
However, before his voice fell on his chest, the scar that ran through him spread rapidly around like burning, and it didn’t take a breath for his body to become a pile of fly ash and spread to the middle.
The devil is dead!
A master who can’t break the peak, the five sides of the underworld, the five saints, the one east saint bully and the three generals, have fallen here in such an understatement!
"Who is that shooter …?" Xiao Fan’s heart is full of doubts. Three magic weapons, namely, raising my hand against the meteorite pot, destroying the celestial mirror and breaking the sky, flew into his hands together.
At this time, the skyshatter ruler has no breath to complete the main object, Xiao Fan, and an idea is engraved with the soul brand to make it his magic weapon.
"It seems that that was a master in the underworld just now!" Xinziqing sigh a way
"Ma master what to help me? Also gave me the skyscraper ruler? " Xiao Fan puzzled frowned.
"It’s normal that although people in the underworld are fierce and cruel by nature, they are not all bad people, and they also have the intention to be mindful of virtue and virtue. I’m afraid that one just now is No.1 middle school!"
"Well, I hope so!" Xiao Fan nodded his head at this time, even the magic coffin was dead, and the horn beast legion was killed by Qingyang Union middleman, and many casualties were caused.
The war finally came to an end.
Although it seems to be a victory on the battlefield, the process is full of thrills and urgency, which makes people feel fearful in retrospect.
This devastating disaster came to an end when the magic practitioners lost their helmets, killed and wounded, and the rest fled back to the underworld.
After Qingyang League and Jimen joined hands, the battlefield was finally cleaned up, and five barriers and gaps were repaired again.
In this war, the pole loss was relatively serious, and the overall strength lost half, while Qingyang League lost less than 30% of its manpower.
Xiao Fan played a central and important role in this war and influenced the direction of the whole war.
In the gate of Jimen Mountain, lanterns and colorful drums and loud fireworks celebrate the victory of this war all over the sky. Almost everyone is in high spirits, holding jars and swigging and intoxicated with the joy of victory.
In the temple of the elders, there was a big row of banquets and jars piled up to more than ten feet. Elder Gao Rong sat in the middle with a smile on his face and smiled at everyone. "Come and celebrate our great victory this time!"
"Drink together!"
Everyone gulped down the liquor in the bowl.
"Xiao Fan, the leader of Qingyang League, took the lead in this victory. Let’s respect him!" Elder Rong wiped her mouth and immediately filled the wine avenue again.
"Ha ha where where!" Xiao Fan politely got up and drank three bowls, saying, "It’s hard to win this victory and survive the devastating disaster alone. Everyone has made great contributions, which also marks that the Three Realms will usher in short peace!"
"Ah? Xiao champions want to say short-lived? The Magic Road Alliance has been destroyed, and the Honggu Shintoism has also been eradicated by you, and the remnants of Buddhism have also been killed. Who else can threaten peace? " A very door elders puzzled asked.
"Hehe, let’s talk about these celebrations after this. Let’s enjoy everything and make ourselves happy!" Rong elders hurriedly accepted us way
"Yes, Elder Rong is absolutely right!" Xiao Fan realized that he spilled the beans and hurriedly echoed and said
This topic has also been revealed.
Behind Yan Hongji, there are elders Zeng and Yan Xiao. When several people know what Elder Rong means, it is better not to make it public until they know the details of each other, which will bring panic and psychological pressure to everyone.
The celebration has been going on for three days and nights. Among all the people, there is a guy who is unhappy and has been hiding and drinking from beginning to end. It is Han Yang.
Compared with Xiao Fan, he became worthless on the first day, and his heart was full of jealousy and hatred!
Especially Xin caindy Xiao Fan that kind of intimate ignorance let the poor not bite a mouthful of Kouga couldn’t wait to peel and eat meat and chew bones!
"Xiao Fan! I’ll see how long you can be proud. Sooner or later, I’ll beat you! Xin Ziqing … You bitch, I can’t compete with that Xiao Fan. After you wait for me to kill Xiao Fan, I’ll play with you so that you can survive without asking for death! " Ting Yi drunk Han Yang poured the last jar of spirits into his mouth, then smashed the jar with his hands, and then staggered out of the gate of Jimen Mountain and disappeared …
Then everyone is still very busy.
After all, this disaster has almost destroyed the ground screen industry, which is simply terrible.
The monks of Qingyang League each used their powerful magic to move mountains and fill the sea to restore the landscape of the horizon.
Many monks have also taken the initiative to help people rebuild their homes, making them grateful to the immortals. Ancestral temples have been built in many places to honor the immortals who helped them.
Xiao Fan and others also returned to Qingyang Mountain to resettle their younger brothers in the door and recruit younger brothers at Dashanmen to further strengthen Qingyang League to prepare for the potential crisis.
XinZiQing left the rehabilitation in the extreme door branch, and after the formal alliance of Qingyang Union, there will be no more extreme doors in the ground screen industry. The safety of the whole ground screen industry is managed by Qingyang Union.
Heart poison crystal Qingyang alliance headquarters was out.
After all, the strength of wicked heart’s grain boundary yuanshi has been squandered by Xiao Fan, and we can’t always rely on ourselves to feed this large group of monks. In the future, there will be more and more people, which is too much pressure for ourselves.
Besides, Xiao Fan has decided to leave the ground screen again.
You can’t take an alliance with tens of thousands of people to take risks everywhere, can you?
If there is any accident, the price will be too high!
And there are so many unknown hidden dangers in the ground screen industry that we must guard against them before they happen.