"When you appeared in Yaochi Tianshan Mountain, you also smashed a big pit. Was it the first time that you came to our Beidou?"

Liu Yu was embarrassed but nodded his head.
"So you never knew?" At this moment, Chen Jiali came up with a light step and took Liu Yu’s arm sweetly. "Actually, we are all from a famous place on the earth," she said, and she looked at it.
"Don’t win fairy, too?" Qin Shuang wait for a while looked at winning Keqin "Where is the earth? Since it’s the third ancient road over there, I’m afraid the people there are stronger? "
He is eager to try. He is in awe of the third place. He really thought that he would fall out of the country like Wang Bo, but now it’s a little different because it turned out to be Brother Liu’s hometown. Then I’m afraid it’s that way, too? What kind of terrorist force will it be?
"Being strong doesn’t necessarily mean that cultivation is not popular there," said Liu Yu.
"What does this mean?" Xiaodong has been hoodwinked. I don’t know what card Liu Yu is playing
"Come on, let’s leave for the third place."
During these three years, a lot of things happened in Liu Yu. They didn’t explain that Zheng Mo had been’ settled’ by him. There is no reason why he should not release the gate.
The abyss they met nine years later, and Queen Ya was particularly puzzled when she saw Liu Yu coming back from other places instead of the abyss.
"Captain, how have you been over the years? If it weren’t for your life data, I’m afraid we’d all be in trouble. "
Queen Ya said, and she has learned to be nervous. In the past three years, she has evolved and stabilized, and she has gradually implemented some characteristics of human beings, and there will be no card machine phenomenon
"Yes, husband, we have been waiting for you for a long time."
After nine, I slowly came to see my eyes and took Liu Yu’s arm. Chen Jiali didn’t react much but bit her lip.
Everyone else looked at Liu Yu strangely and looked at her beauty again. This beauty is a fairy, and Qin Shuang secretly gave Liu Yu a thumb. This speed is fast enough. Did my husband say that this hall has been worshipped?
"This ….. it’s a long story" Liu Yu nao nao spoon and embarrassed to see the eye Chen Jiali who gave him a white mouth broken a sentimental sentence.
It’s really a long story. It’s very bloody to know the story after nine, and exaggeration is light.
At this time, the sky rang, and the holy beast with three heads came to visit. According to the agreement, Liu Yu can be generous if he wants to calm down the evil spirit.
Now that they’re here, it’s time to keep their promises.
The full moon beast spat out the gate parts when he stepped on the high ground and crushed the empty mouth.
The white tiger really stepped out of a virtual black hole, and the mighty power explained their extraordinary.
"Can you pacify the little demon?"
Fang Qinshuang and others saw the sacred land and the sacred beast department as an enemy. I didn’t expect that there was a sacred land level here, and it seemed that they had some communication with Brother Liu from their negotiating tone.
"Liu Yuge, what is this?"
Chen Jiali’s eyebrows show the immortal seal, and two fairy fish spiral out, which is as scary as the sea and the moon.
"Nothing to relax" Liu Yu stretched out his hand and pinned down Chen Jiali and let others put their posture "just give it to me"
Others seem to have come for nothing. Now Liu Yu is also a sacred place, but is it too reluctant to deal with the three sacred beasts?
"Hum Xiao, do you dare to show off in front of us?"
The white tiger disdained to build a holy power to teach these young players a lesson.
"Believe it or not, I will slap you to death?"
Suddenly, Liu Yu stepped forward at the same time with a roar of terror, such as the sea beast rushing from the water, and the momentum of the wild waves swept the white tiger away.
"How come! !”
It’s incredible to look at Liu Yu, a three-headed holy beast. It didn’t seem like a complete transformation in his childhood, but how can he reach the sacred land now?
"pseudo-sacred land?" I squinted and accepted that the Terran had reached their height in a short time.
No matter how you go against the sky, you can do it by law.
However, this holy power has appeared, and it is also possible to make a pseudo-sacred land.
"Suppress him!"
At the same time, the three-headed holy beast releases the holy power towards Liu Yugai, even if it is a strong god, it will also be spit blood by this holy power!
After nine years of great anger, the silverstone leather sacristy rose up as if it had the holy power. She shouted, "Are you going to break your promise and suppress us?"
Liu Yu bowed his head and shook it, then exposed a radian at the three sacred beasts. "Want to test me? That’s good. "
Chapter 7 Zheng magic tarsal bone
After Liu Yu stopped nine, he stepped into the sky.
A black wheel appeared behind him, bright and dazzling, and then it exuded a strong black gas, like a magic mountain swallowing fog.
From this moment on, Liu Yu looks more possessed than before. After nine years, Chen Jiali and others are amazed. When this black wheel of God emerges, they are unfamiliar with Liu Yu, giving them the feeling that this is not Liu Yu.
Into a saint should not be ethereal? How can Liu Yuge be so magical?’
Chen Jiali Fairy Fish is now in a proper position, and it is getting closer and closer to the immortal way.
But it seems that Liu Yu’s black spirit is the opposite of her fairy tale.
Xiaodongman and others are frightened to disgrace this horrible aura. They seem to have felt that they are trying to recall the sudden flash of light and the head of the Beidou devil-isn’t it the same momentum at the beginning?
But how did Brother Liu get so evil?
"Zheng magic! !”