Failed, anyway, there is no blood relationship between them, who knows what punishment will be?

As a result, Huangfuyan became a bargaining chip for marriage, and she also knew grandpa’s difficulties. If she didn’t marry Ouyang Yinghong, she would pay an unbearable price. The little princess, who used to be high above her, became a bargaining chip to save her family, and her family was freed. But what about herself?
She didn’t dare to imagine her future, so she had already made a decision in her heart. The day she married Ouyang Yinghong was also the time when she died.
At least, after taking the Dan medicine given to her by Chen Han and combining the essence of the earth’s mind, after several years of practice, she has reached the middle stage of out-of-body experience. When she was alone with Ouyang Yinghong, she could not stop herself from burning Yuan Shen and exploding Yuan Ying with his cultivation.
"Purple smoke, I …"
"Stop talking, I don’t want to hear anything."
"Alas …"
The pain in Huangfuyingji’s heart is also unknown to others. This little granddaughter has always been the most precious treasure in his heart. However, how can he control the overall situation today?
Soon, the guard who left earlier ran over in panic, opened the door and said, "Oh, no! Chen Han … That damn Chen Han turned out to be a Duanmu family member, and he was also appointed as the successor by Duanmu’s master, and he has already been on the right side with Ouyang’s family. Maybe he will start work! "
"Chen Han?"
"Chen Han!"
Ye and Sun screamed at the same time. The difference was that Huangfuyingji’s tone was full of doubts, but Huangfuyi was full of excitement and excitement.
Regardless, she opened the car door and rushed out. The guard probably knew that things had changed. After all, today’s Chen Han status seems to be a little higher than Ouyang Yinghong, and naturally there would be no stopping her.
The eight-meter-long white wedding dress tail was torn by her high heels.
Wearing a princess crown inlaid with countless treasures, she threw it hundreds of meters away.
Precious ice silk gloves were taken off as garbage and discarded on the ground.
Just now, she didn’t even hear the words behind the guard. She didn’t know Chen Han’s identity now, and forgot the danger that her behavior might bring to her family. She just wanted to see the man who had been separated for several years, and then threw herself into his arms and cried well, telling her the bitterness in her heart over the years.
"Purple smoke, ha ha … cold, did you see it? This is my wife Ouyang Yinghong, and this is the woman you like, but unfortunately she married me. "
Ouyang Yinghong laughed when he saw Huangfu Ziyan squeezing in from the crowd. He would never miss any chance to crack down on Chen Han: "Ziyan, tell Chen Han whose wife you are and let him know that he is just a poor loser. He can never be my opponent!"
"Chen cold …"
"Purple smoke …"
In all eyes of consternation, HuangFuZi smoke cried and threw himself into Chen cold arms, on the other side of the OuYangYingHong whole person silly stood on the spot.
"Almost six years, why don’t you come to me? Why don’t you want me? Why … "
"Why do you leave me here to suffer? I’d rather risk my life with you …"
"I’m sorry, I …"
Hearing her weeping voice, Chen Han felt that her heart was about to break open and murmured, "I have encountered many things, many things that are beyond my control, and … what can I do before I have enough strength?" I don’t have the ability to protect you, I don’t have the ability to protect anyone, I have to hide and make myself strong enough to ensure everyone’s safety. "
When the two of them poured out their love for you and me, Ouyang Yinghong on the other side completely collapsed.
In fact, he knew very well that Huangfuyan liked the cold, and he knew it a few years ago. However, he also knows the crisis that Huangfuyingqi is facing. In order to keep his family safe, Huangfuyan must marry him, so he is sure that this woman who has liked it for nearly ten years will surely become his wife.
I never thought that the hug with outstretched arms was lost in front of so many people, and the so-called wife fell into the arms of her rival in love.
Chapter 161 imminent
Yes, from the first contest with Chen Han, he has always fallen behind and failed again and again. Earth-shaking changes have taken place in the reversal of the situation between heaven and earth. He has become the darling of a brand-new Ouyang family, and his power is one thousand times stronger than before. Do you always think that this can overwhelm the cold?
It’s a pity that the result still hasn’t changed. Even if Huangfuyan still marries him, this scene has made him lose all his face.
"Cold, HuangFuZi smoke, you this dog men and women, I want you to die! All die! " OuYangYingHong roared blunt come over.
"Chen Han, you will die today, kill him!"
Ouyang Duo also gave the order at the same time. He and Ouyang Yinghong were jealously jealous, but in the second place. The most important thing was to spread the art of Ouyang Family all over the world, which was tantamount to breaking the life of Ouyang’s family.
Whew! Whew! Whew!
Dozens of figures suddenly suddenly and violently, the bright sword light thundered toward Chen Han, and the vanity cracked open a dazzling black mark. In contrast, Chen Han didn’t seem to care.
He shrugged his shoulders helplessly at Duanmu Lingtian and said with a wry smile, "Ancestor, as you can see, I just want to kill Ouyang Yinghong, but everyone in Ouyang’s family took the initiative to die. What can I do?"
More than 10 people who followed him started at the same time, and the best weapon of monohydrate was sprayed from the sky. The defensive magic weapons of the same quality, such as armor and feather clothes, surfaced, and the surrounding guests turned pale.
There may be some treasures hidden by various forces, which other forces don’t know, but the quality and quantity of the magic weapon are generally known. In the past, the Duanmu family should have only a few Acura Lingqi, but at present, more than a dozen people actually have Acura Lingqi for insulation, and each person has at least two.
Booming …
Although the number of Ouyang’s masters is twice that of Duanmu’s family, there is a difference between heaven and earth in terms of magic weapons. With the explosion of loud noise, the two sides are evenly matched.
The sword light that attacked Chen Han was all stopped, and the shock wave stirred in circles.
There were many strong men in the fitting period and even in the early days of Du Jie, and the aftermath of dozens of people’s confrontation was enough to raze Yanjing City within the circle of law.