Everyone has to face the reality after all.

"Mom years? I haven’t seen my father for years. I’m afraid I’m almost as tall as him now, right? Will you still say’ Dad will come back’? " Party night sitting on the sofa watching old many Meiyi asked.
"In another year, your father will come back after you finish the college entrance examination." Meiyi looked trance.
"Mom, I’m not a child anymore. I haven’t asked because I’m afraid … that my guess will come true. Do you know what some annoying guys in the class call me? Call me "no father" and "wild boy", but I want to tell them that I have a father! But mom, how long are you going to keep it from me? " Say that finish the night will be behind a file cover dumped out and threw it on the glass table.
"Saya! Where did you find it? " Aunt Mei was frightened.
"I secretly made a cabinet key. You always refused to let me open the cabinet. I guessed that I had it with my father … as I expected." Fang Ye wry smile way.
Mei Yi’s eyes were full of sorrow. "But your father died in the line of duty, but his army is very special. This is a state secret. We can’t make it public."
"En" Fang replied calmly at night.
Calm makes Mei Yi feel scared.
"Saya, your father and I both hope that you can become a pillar of the country. I also hope that you can become a person like your father! Be strong and brave. Don’t accept the fact that it has happened … I couldn’t believe it at first, but I still bear it. A person pulling you so big can make you grow up healthily. "Mei Yi was a little excited and cried.
"Well, I’m healthy now, Mom. I’m fine." Fang Ye wry smile way.
Mei Yi’s expression is very relieved at square night, and her heart always feels strange, but she can’t say anything.
After this showdown, the party did not collapse, but lived as usual.
Maybe I got used to the role of dad in my life during the year. When I decided my thoughts, the stone in my heart fell, but it also sank into my heart.
Gradually, Fang night is not as enthusiastic about learning as it used to be, but more about watching cartoons.
Later, when I saw a classmate go to an Internet cafe to play with his brain, I followed those guys who had laughed at me into the Internet cafe and abused them in the games they played, and took revenge.
Later, some students bought brains at home.
Party night to meiyi out to get brain network cable.
At first, Mei Yi didn’t promise to be afraid of affecting her study, but she looked stubborn that night. Mei Yi felt ashamed of him and got him a brain and a net.
Until one night, I actually fought with my classmates at school because the other party lost a game and couldn’t swallow this tone.
At that time, they played a game called CS.
After that, Aunt Mei was called to the school, and this incident had a bad influence. Several students had been beaten by the school in informed criticism.
Although it has not reached the point of persuasion, Fang Ye’s grades have begun to slip. The school punishment is to let parents get it back and suspend classes for three days, so that Fang Ye can receive parental education and reflect at home.
But Fang returned home at night and kept himself indoors.
Aunt Mei’s heart is cold, but she is still a child on a white night, and it is the limit that she can withstand such a blow.
On the other hand, there is a problem with the source of income, so Aunt Mei intends to go out and make money.
It happened that a relative wanted to open a shop in wz and wanted Mei Yi to join in.
Aunt Mei decided to take him away from this sad place and go to wz to start over.
Later, Mei Yi and her relatives opened a shop together for half a year, so that Mei Yi could take a long-term view to make a living.
There is now a struggle among shops in Chenguang District.
Fang Ye’s senior high school is wz No.4 Middle School at the junction of Julu District and Chenguang District.
Because the first and second year of high school have a good foundation, even if he plays around every day, his grades are in the middle reaches of the class, but he is a transfer student with a withdrawn personality and few friends. At best, he just talks to his classmates while playing basketball, and other times he watches cartoons and plays games.
"Well, thank you, Li Tianyu." The party night has been staring blankly at its own brain. At this moment, it suddenly turned back and said to Tianyu.
Tianyu and Erxiu haven’t reacted yet, so the members got up and said to Tianyu, "I will work hard in less than half a year."
"Come on, you can do it!" Tianyu encouraged with a smile
Aside two whew also nodded.
"well! I don’t have any friends. If you don’t dislike me, you are welcome to treat me as a friend, "said Fang Ye sincerely.
"good!" Tianyu immediately replied
"Silly Xiong Er whew, I also went back and didn’t do a lot of homework." Fang Ye shook his head and giggled and sighed.
"He and I both call you Xiao Ye Zhi from the game id, so I’ll call you Xiao Ye after that."
"well! Words! " Party night eyes blazing said
Tianyu and Erxiu waved their hands and said don’t leave the Internet cafe after the night.
"Silly bear, you’re really a living Lei Feng. Just for a moment, when you were a child, your shop and your life were all settled." Erxiu looked at her Gun God and said.
"There are some things you didn’t see, but if you do nothing when you see them, there will be a knot in one’s heart, which is very uncomfortable," Tianyu said, thinking about Mei Yi and Fang Ye in the future.
After that, Tianyu clicked on the game interface and entered his account.
Chapter 163 True and false Vatican windbreaker
Tianyu began to collect equipment after finishing the number. What he did was to squeeze the trading floor and visit the low-level channel.
Erxiu has already begun to collect equipment over there. Although it didn’t receive particularly valuable drawings, it also received tens of thousands of game coins, such as phlogistic hemp, shoulder pad, purple feather, calming the soul, shoulder pad and other cloth armor to attack the shoulder.
Compared with the "well-known brand" like Yanyan shoulder pad or the "small workshop", the manufacturer has a higher cost performance.
Of course, in addition to shouting, another way to receive goods is to look at the stalls.
For setting up stalls, people who don’t understand the price often arbitrarily set the price of equipment and materials.
Another is that sometimes it is easy to miss one digit by carelessness, especially for sellers who like the "1" price tag.
That’s why many people like to put a price tag of 1111 when they cheat to sell equipment … The price reason is that "1" is long and "thin". Compared with the other nine numbers, "1" is the most likely to give people the illusion of digits.
In addition to manipulating the price, the other kind is making a fuss about the equipment icon, just like meeting the situation with two eyes.
"Burning windbreaker?" Second, open a shop called "Fanfeng Coat Promotion" for paving.
"So many Vatican windbreakers?" Two whew looked at a row of more than "Vatican windbreaker" pictures by surprise.
At this time of the year, the price of Vatican windbreaker was comparable to that of bone ring, which was about 30 thousand for two reasons
A Vatican windbreaker has good properties. Although it is cloth armor, the acceleration speed and moving speed are 3% respectively. At that time, the acceleration equipment was sky-high and the explosion rate of the equipment was very low. The equipment was more single and the price was quite high.