"You two back off" is easy to push two women to the back with both hands, and suddenly the green curtain jumps out of the mouth of in vitro protection and flies out one by one.

In the red light, a circle of cruising and a hard wring suddenly sounded a metal fracture sound, and a magic weapon fragment fell to the ground.
"Coax …" The onlookers exclaimed and felt a cold sword rising like a shock wave. The magic weapon belonged to a trembling mood and restless horror color was full of cheeks.
The magic weapon of those young people was destroyed, and their faces were all white when they shook, and their mouths were bleeding and they were injured.
"Stop fighting!" Late to drink, the winner guards rushed to jump.
"Stop it!" Another group of people came to the front, but they won the filial piety. The face was as heavy as iron, followed by the top-ranked owners.
Yi wants to teach Liu Teng and others another lesson and win the filial piety. When they came, they had to stop, but their anger didn’t go out. "Teng Er …" Liu Zhongshan, the owner of the Liu family, suddenly exclaimed that his figure flashed to Liu Teng’s side to help him. "Teng Er Teng Er, how are you?"
"Dad …" Liu Teng looked like a mess and grabbed Liu Zhongshan’s inarticulate speech but no one could hear him clearly.
"Who did it?" Liu Zhongshan looked around with a murderous look, and finally stared at Yi Shen angrily and said, "You dare to hurt my love!"
Speaking, the accident here attracted everyone.
When those young people saw Liu Zhongshan, it was like seeing the backbone. Every word you said pushed everything to the easy body and made a rumor.
The parents of these young people also showed up, eager to ask about the injury, staring at Yi like an enemy, and letting Yingxiao uphold justice.
There are many people in the crowd who feel sorry for this injury to Liu Teng-ren, even if it is going to be over. Liu Zhongshan’s character of justifying a fault is absolutely not good.
"Shut up and be quiet! The old man came to ask what happened! " Win filial piety frowning and drinking like a thunderbolt, all ears echoed in silence.
The fourth volume Dry Kun copulation Chapter three hundred and ninety-nine WuChen outbursts.
"My son and a bunch of his friends were wounded by people. What are you asking?" Liu Zhongshan glared at each other at Win Xiao and pulled up Liu Teng to gently pinch his cheek to open his mouth.
Everyone saw that this time Liu Teng’s mouth became a veritable dirty mouth, and his face was painful and ferocious. How pitiful it was to put his hand over his chest.
The parents of the young people followed suit and pointed their finger at Yi.
Winning filial piety was immediately dissatisfied with Liu Zhongshan’s own mansion, and dare to do so is tantamount to not putting yourself in the eye.
Think of two gap hatred can go back hundreds of years to win filial piety, cursed in my heart and deserved a serious face. "No one dares to be quiet at this conclusion!" Yes or no, winning some will uphold justice. "
Yi took back Crimson Lotus’s sword long ago and told Gu Ming, Ye Yao, Wuchen, Dong and Tianli to stand back [I recommend you to search _ _ _ to browse the latest chapter].
He is still angry, so forgiving Liu Teng is too light. He said a bunch of ugly words, not only that he was scolded by two women, but also insulted by foul language. It depends on winning filial piety as upholding justice.
Win filial piety looked at the human body surface with a layer of green light, and when the face disappeared, it revealed a pair of murderous eyes, wrinkly to knit the brows and fuels, and asked him, "The rule of aristocratic parliament for many years is not to fight or to be disqualified. I wonder what’s the name of this Taoist friend?" Because Liu Teng and others fight? "
"Oh, it turns out that Liu Teng is Liu Jiadi. I said who is so arrogant! He’s obsessed with spying on women’s bodies, and he’s dirty and abusive to me, and he makes his hands serve his wife! Please ask the winner to preside over justice! "
It suddenly dawned on everyone that Liu Teng was scorned for the cause of the incident. What kind of virtue he usually has either seen with his own eyes or heard people say [] is simply a model of scum in the Chinese family
Liu Zhongshan listened to Yi and said that Liu Teng was so unbearable that he couldn’t stand his anger and rose to the top. He scolded, "The puppy wants to die!" Pulled out a flying sword, condensed into gas, and sounded sharp when it was easy to cut off.
He didn’t ask whether Liu Teng had this fact, which was that Liu Teng was spoiled to the extreme and justifying his faults was extremely serious, and he had a morbid heart [
At ordinary times, Liu Teng was responsive, and at an early age, he had more than 20 concubines, all of which were used by Liu Zhongshan.
This time, Liu Teng suffered a big loss. Liu Zhongshan’s reason was drowned. There were many people in his family, and he ranked second in the family. He looked down on his family roots. Even if he killed it, it would be a white kill, just to stand out from the winner.
If he knew that the opposite person was Yi, he might have resisted his anger and asked what had happened, but he turned a blind eye to Yi’s unfamiliar green protective signboard and waved a sword to attack.
Gu Ming and Ye Yao did not dodge behind them, offering a golden light to protect the body of the sun, which flowed back and forth and made a ripple.
"Whew …" Crimson Lotus’s sword blurted out and directly greeted the rowed sword. A sword smashed the horse in half to offset and directly killed Liu Zhongshan.
"Crimson Lotus sword!"
"This man is Tianlong Fuyi!"
"glad you came finally saw that the magic weapon was so sharp that a pile of magic weapon fragments in that place must have been destroyed by Crimson Lotus’s sword!"
Everyone exclaimed with admiration, envy and jealousy.
Liu Zhongshan didn’t expect that the other party was Yi Wu, who had just finished speaking, and now he became an enemy’s heart. He pulled his anger back [I recommend you to search _ _ _ to browse the latest chapter]
He quickly shook out a sword to protect himself, but Crimson Lotus’s sword quickly stung and sashimi and cut around him quickly. If he could wear it a second later, he would break out in a cold sweat.
People place names, trees and shadows, and everyone finally saw Yi’s fierce and sharp hand.
Liu Zhongshan’s escort saw that the householder was in critical condition and offered a magic weapon without considering his things, so he planned to attack Yi and rescue Zhao by besieging the state of Wei.
At that time, all kinds of brilliance flashed on both sides of the East and Tianli Huyi to resist the attack, and there were more than ten people on the other side. This was less than ten meters and it was a magic weapon flying around [search _ search _ _]
Win filial piety was as cold as ice, even shouting stop, but both sides didn’t stop, calling the guards to abruptly separate the two sides, and accidentally injured several people.
At this time, Shen Changming, Gu Shou and others in Qin Province also went to Yi side, and dozens of people immediately put Yi Yong in the middle ages, and Ye Yao also came forward.
Just now, they were all supported by Yi Yin before they let go.
Win filial piety separated the two sides and then asked the guards around him. Finally, I knew what Yi said was true, but it was confirmed by Liu Teng’s method that he was eager to visit Yi’s wife’s body.
"Things from beginning to end, the old man has investigated clearly Liu Xionggui Liu Teng’s psychic perspective and Yi Daoyou’s anger, but Liu Teng’s fighting method has made both sides wrong, so it’s not appropriate to settle the old man’s case. [Win filial piety to Liu Zhongshan and Yi said with a positive face.
"What? Just forget it, then my son’s injury is not for nothing? " Liu Zhongshan knows that since it’s easy to make an enemy today, it’s better to practice the law. It’s better to kill the grass with a stick and the winner will solve it.
"Since Liu Jiazhu doesn’t want to forget it, then draw a road to a certain place!" Easy to kill, he told Liu Zhongshan coldly that he didn’t know how the other party was in charge, so he was so small-minded [recommended]