Great construction and development, the Terran is booming

At this time, Sun Hao and Bai Chen entered a closed state.
Bai Chen ran to the blood pool to stabilize himself.
Xingtian Wupo continued to practice the law of combining yin and yang when he practiced the psychosomatic contract at the Witch Temple.
Sun Haozun sat cross-legged in the sacred place of Kunxu Palace in West Kunlun to digest the insights gained from this centennial celebration.
This century-old Daqing Sun Hao made several moves to boost the Terran’s luck, and at the same time, he also got a lot of gains, especially at the last moment, when Xingtian Wu Bo intervened in the Armageddon, Sun Hao’s heart needed to be digested if he realized something.
Sun Hao felt a strange burning feeling when he bathed in Lei Guang storm in Xingtian Wupo Thunder.
This is what Sun Hao has been looking for.
Think of yourself as a magic heaven and earth furnace. The medicine of your nine cultivation achievements will be condensed through the killing of heaven and earth, and finally you will melt your nine cultivation achievements into a furnace and refine yourself into a peerless magic pill.
This is why Sun Hao has been pursuing the last combination of Jiuhe Road.
Chapter DiErYiSan Nine pulse difficult to adjust
Dan combination is also the last combination of Sun Hao’s conscious practice.
Now it’s a coincidence that Sun Hao has some insights. Let’s just strike while the iron is hot and see if we can get some cultivation skills from it.
Sun Haoyi has been sitting in the snow-capped mountain sanctuary for hundreds of years, combining his years of practice experience and relying on his rich knowledge accumulation to create a unique set of mind-training techniques and integrate them into the Terran practice.
Therefore, Sun Hao also got a great harvest, successfully solved the Terran disaster and killed the invading powerful enemy of 100 families until the late stage of integration.
There is a very important reason why Sun Hao’s society will treat the saints such as Xiao Kuyu warmly and warmly.
That is, Sun Hao felt the shadow of several methods in his own practice.
The curtain is dry and the rain is over 12. Zhu Jidan has practiced murder and condensation, and also practiced his own family’s pure mind tactic. In a sense, he is his own "other heart is connected" brother.
This is an important reason why Sun Hao will make a move.
I can see that my own achievement method has been passed down to the Terran monks. This is a real happy event.
After practicing these techniques, monks should finally find that the most difficult thing that puzzles Terran fit has been achieved unconsciously.
Mind-body integration has been completed and inherited by the human race
Sun Haoxian’s enlightenment is the last door of his nine-refined body.
This is another very important cultivation method that Sun Haoliu finally realized and is ready to develop into an adult.
Sun Hao has a very grand idea, that is, to see if this method can be carried forward, so that the adult race can go higher in the future and become a Mahayana monk or a quasi-Mahayana monk.
Take the heaven and earth furnace and take nine kinds of self-cultivation drugs
Through a series of similar alchemy skills, I refined myself into a peerless panacea and finally joined the Mahayana.
Sun Hao-hsin sitting cross-legged
Sun Haoxian’s alchemy has been very powerful, and it has almost reached the virtual apex. Not only that, Sun Hao also practiced the housekeeping skills of male and female witches.
In addition, Sun Hao has been distracted for many years, and he has been practicing alchemy. As far as alchemy is concerned, Sun Hao may have been the best.
However, in any case, in the past, Sun Haolian Dan was an elixir, and it was all an elixir, but he never refined himself.
It’s really difficult for Sun Hao to find out when he really wants to take nine kinds of medicines.
Sun Hao’s practice has a total of nine major threads.
The most basic three kinds of cultivation, gas refining, body refining and spirit refining, are clearly displayed. Dantian, physical body and knowledge of the sea are the symbols of Sun Hao’s three refining.
The alchemist is Sun Hao’s three auxiliary practitioners. It’s a coincidence that Sun Hao refined the bucket stick into his own double ridges, refined a purple gold charm with his own life and developed it.
Finally, there are three relatively rare practice methods, the array method and the array method. Because of the chance of male and female witches to practice cold jade white rabbits, they also have some typical characteristics, and then they have practiced nine incarnations, which can be regarded as a basis for medical imaging
But one of the three secret and rare spiritual practices is mind-refining, even if Sun Hao created his mind, he could not send it out and display it.
That is to say, there are still things that can be used as medicine in the first few major items, but I don’t know how to refine my heart.
Sun Hao sat cross-legged in West Kunlun and entered the long exam state.
turn a deaf ear to what is going on outside the window
I can’t find out how to use refined heart as medicine, so I just put him aside and Sun Hao thinks about what to do to get my various practitioners into the state of alchemy.
At present, Sun Hao’s alchemy is quite advanced and skilled, but the steps are still six steps: mixing medicine, collecting medicine, sealing furnace, refining medicine, setting Dan and stopping fire.
Theoretically, if Sun Hao wants to innovate the Dan combination, it should also be these six steps.
Normal Dan-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti
It is really unique for Sun Hao to practice alchemy by himself.
The first step of alchemy is to mix medicine.
If it is the modulation of its own five true yuan Sun Hao, it is really possible to do it without worrying about the five elements of the wheel spirit tactic.
The magical method of heart, lung, kidney, liver, spleen, five zang-organs and five lakes modulates the balance of Sun Hao’s body and five elements, and the integration of Yin and Yang has given birth to several foreign bodies, which have also helped Sun Hao a lot in the long-term battle.
Even the five elements of foreign bodies are still an important auxiliary force for Sun Hao’s practice.
With Sun Hao’s promotion, especially after Sun Hao’s body building and wood growing up, the speed of the five elements of foreign body monks absorbing aura is far less than that of building wood just now. Sun Hao also felt that his five elements of foreign body would gradually lose its powerful assistance.
But later, Sun Hao found that the five elements of foreign bodies had changed from absorbing reiki to refining reiki, which complemented each other with building wood, which was still of great help to his practice.
The five elements of truth have been effectively regulated for many years, but now it has become one of the nine principles.
What Sun Hao needs to do now is to adjust what kind of standards and techniques Zhen Yuan has to learn from him and take medicine from each other.
The most difficult thing in this is that there is no goal and no formula. Sun Hao must find it himself and understand it.
This is the most difficult place for people in front of Chuangyi to practice martial arts.
It’s like putting nine rare raw materials that have never been seen before in front of a chef, who simply doesn’t know the special properties of the raw materials and wants to make a dish.
No recipes, no previous experience
Moreover, the raw materials are still unique, even if it is a chef, it is estimated that there is a feeling that a dog bites a hedgehog.
Just the first step, Sun Hao fell into a deep long exam.
How do you need to synthesize a pill for nine-pulse practice? What do you need to do to be considered as entering the alchemy program?
But I don’t know
So how is the grass poison poison Dan technique practiced?
Sun Hao fell into thinking, and there is a qualitative difference between the herbal poison and the poison elixir and his current practice.
The herb poison pill technique is to accumulate a large number of toxins from a large number of poisonous objects before forming an elixir, and when the elixir is cultivated, the herb poison pill will be a poison pill.
That is to say, the grass poison poison pill is cultivated from the junior monks, and the grass poison poison pill is condensed by external force, which is the result of toxin accumulation and crystallization
It is qualitatively different from Sun Hao’s present state.
Sun Hao needs to fit, but he doesn’t need to knot pills. Instead, he melts the whole body from the outside into nine kinds of pills.
It is not of great significance to draw lessons from the poison pill technique of grass poisoning people.
No one in front of Chuangyi may have a far-reaching influence on Terran. The achievement method is not so easy. Sun Hao is also mentally prepared in his heart, but he is not in a hurry.
Sun Hao sits cross-legged in the sacred mountain, and his mind sinks into the cultivation of enlightenment. He keeps thinking and sometimes it is slightly debugged, but it still has no effect.