"Why don’t you go and live in another city?" Xiao Fan frowned and didn’t think this was a problem.

"But … our fields and possessions are all Zhuangcheng …" Sun Qing hurriedly said.
"possessions?" Xiao Fan stared blankly for a moment. He didn’t recognize that hut as a family property, but it was also a big problem.
"Buy it after going to the new city pool!" Xiao Fan wanted to think, but he searched all over the body and the box, and there was nothing soft to the immortal, but he denied it.
"I have some silver here. Take it!" At this time, the woman didn’t know when she came to Xiao Fan’s side and raised her hand and took out a heavy purse.
"This … how does this make?" The old couple are simple and kind farmers, so they can’t have the money.
"You deserve it. Since you think he is a fairy, consider him a fairy reward!" Said the woman, throwing her purse at her old feet.
Xiao Fan took a deep look at the woman and suddenly felt that this strange woman was more pleasing to the eye.
"Yes, two old people, take it. We don’t need these things in fairy cultivation. It’s also a thing to put yourself in. If you feel uneasy about taking it, just do more charity with these silver coins." Xiao Fan urged earnestly.
"This ….." The old couple still hesitated.
"Yes, dad and mom, since the immortal uncle gave it to you, take it and help some poor people more. It is also worthy of the immortal uncle’s heart!" Sun Qing’s mouth at this time.
"Don’t call me uncle fairy any more. I can’t afford it. Just call me Xiao Fan as usual!" Xiao Fan shrugged his shoulders.
Then two old people thanked them again.
"By the way, Sun Qing, would you like to go to Xianxiu with me?" Xiao Fan suddenly asked
"Fairy? Can you be a fairy like you? " Sun Qing one leng eyes flashing with yearning light.
"Yes, you consider one!" Xiao Fan nodded his head.
"But … I have to take care of my parents!" Sun Qing took a look back at the old couple and said firmly
"It’s nothing, kid. You can step into the ranks of immortals. It’s also thanks to Sun Jiazu’s virtue!" The old couple hurriedly advised
"No, even parents are not filial to their supporters. What if they really become immortals?" Sun Qing shake head a way
"Well, filial piety is commendable …" Xiao Fan nodded with a smile and took out three pills. "This pill is effective for mortals, which can increase the life span of the two old people and prolong their health." "No, the old couple have lived long enough and are satisfied. It is the happiest to die hand in hand. Thanks to the immortal uncle!" The old couple refused together
Xiao Fan moved the old couple in his heart. This sentence seems to have solved some fast knots in his heart.
Happiness in life and death
Fear that the dead will chase after death.
Fear of the dead is clear.
Being able to die hand in hand is the happiest …
This sentence has broken through the meaning of life and death, and happiness and death have become light, simple but true.
Explore life and death and restore the truth!
Xiao Fan froze in situ and felt that a magical force was born out of the void and soon filled a corner of his body.
That power can’t be said without thinking about it.
Wicked heart crystal is also different because of the appearance of this force, showing seven rainbow-like luster and constantly rotating.
A low voice seemed to come from the perfect intonation, and his mind kept echoing
Just like the waves lapping on the beach, people are intoxicated for a long time.
"His realm … has changed!" The woman was surprised to see Xiao Fanleng there.
Slowly, the seven-color luster rotating around wicked heart crystal slowly stopped and formed two big characters, one life and one death superimposed on each other.
"Life-and-death business means death. Life-and-death trajectory at the boundary between life and death is like a cycle of life and death destined to change the meaning of life and death, and then everything will end …"
This sentence keeps echoing in Xiao Fan’s mind, and the seven colors of life and death make Xiao Fan’s eyes light up more and more.
Chapter 66 Return to Qingyang School
Life and death! From seven colors to seven colors, these seven colors create all seven roots and seven passions of all living things!
Xiao Fan felt as if he had caught a little answer vaguely, but at this moment, wicked heart Jing suddenly flashed the word life and death, and the words echoed constantly.
"Why did it suddenly end?" Xiao Fan is in an extremely comfortable state, but he just realized something but didn’t expect it to end like this!
"Be content, you have just entered the realm of transformation, which is a realm that can be met but not sought. wicked heart Jing will also release some physical strength to help you. Even the holy devil emperor has encountered three times of transformation baptism and reached the peak of all monks!" Malaria laughs
"I see, that’s because I haven’t realized that I can go on!" Xiao Fan suddenly realized.
"In any case, you have just gained a lot. Hurry and strike while the iron is hot to stabilize the realm!"
Xiao Fan nodded his head, and in a short time, he completed 360 cycles of Zhou Tianyuan’s force. The crystal yuan stone in the box also released the majestic force and instilled it into Xiao Fan Dantian.
Yuan Dan, who looks like Yin and Yang, becomes more rounded at this time, and the faint black-and-white airflow is full of mystery.
The whole process seems to be a long time, but in fact it is completed in a few breaths.