However, when the attack touched the hands, it was just a ripple, and it didn’t hurt those hands!

"… you’re kidding …" Malaria was stunned, and just a blow was already his strongest strength!
Xiao Fan and malaria can watch the hands drag the coffin into the ripples and disappear!
"What the hell is that?" The chaos in malaria’s head has just happened.
"miscalculation!" Xiao Fan sighed and stopped recovering his strength. He stood up and said, "It seems that when I broke this large array, I have alarmed the creator of this large array of figurines. It seems that … it is a powerful master of our level of understanding!"
"It’s impossible? We have a master of understanding at this level … Is it … God? " Malaria exclaimed.
"Well, it is very likely that this assumption will not be ruled out!" Xiao Fan nodded. "What’s in that coffin should be very important, otherwise it won’t be sealed. But with our strength, I’m afraid this line will be completely broken here!"
Just solved a mystery, but there is a deeper mystery.
Xiao Fan and malaria looked at each other and saw Nai from each other’s faces.
"But I have a hunch that I will see these two coffins again sooner or later!" Xiao Fan suddenly firm than said
"oh? What is so sure? " Malaria doubt asked.
"From those two coffins, I felt a trace of familiarity …" Xiao Fan licked his lips and said somberly, "Zuxian … and Zumo!"
"What did you say? Zuxian and Zumo? Murphy, these two coffins … "Malaria shocked than immediately shook his head." Can’t, can’t, can’t, can’t, can’t, can’t, can’t, can’t, can’t, can’t you get all the ancestral magic residual limbs? Moreover, you have also got a skull with the residual limb of the ancestors. How can there be bones left in the coffin when the Xianhuang City was destroyed by the world in World War I? "
"I don’t know. Maybe it’s not ancestors and ancestors. Now we can guess that everything will be fine before we see these two coffins again!" Xiao Fan sighed and said, "Come on, it’s time for us to go back to the Six Realms … It’s time to connect the celestial world with the Six Realms by playing a retrograde channel. If it’s late, it will change. Now I’m more worried about the situation in the celestial world. It’s better to hurry!"
"And the help of the existing time wing is a timely help to our temporary celestial master plan!" Said Xiao Fan and malaria once again went to Qingyang League headquarters and left this completely destroyed rubble flying outside …
Chapter 96 Crown King
Liujie, Qingyang League Headquarters, Presbyterian Hall
Xiao Fan took a deep breath and the physical injury and fatigue were gone.
"Xiao Fan’s predecessors took the lead in selecting 100,000 people with the best qualifications and have completed their practice!" A Qingyang au elders respectfully said
"oh? So soon? It’s a genius! " Xiao Fan smell speech corners of the mouth a pick shape that entered the six forbidden areas in the dark.
Sure enough, 100,000 geniuses have been waiting for the repair there to reach the peak level of quasi-immortals. Yu Qingyang and others have taken the lead in breaking through the threshold of fairy realm with refined fairy water, which can be easily crossed naturally.
And here has been Xiao Fan decorated enchantment, even if the laws of heaven and earth do not allow the birth of immortals in the six realms, it can be resisted at this time.
"Your qualifications really shocked Xiao Mou. Compared with some so-called geniuses in the celestial world, if you don’t pick them up, I will take you to the celestial world through the retrograde channel. Of course, you are only the vanguard, and the second batch of people will surely follow, right?" Xiao Fanlang said
"I really didn’t expect that at this age, I still have a chance to grow new buds from old trees!" Qingyang at this time, Hu and his hair have changed from silvery white to black, and the whole person is younger. Many wrinkles on his face have disappeared and turned into a middle-aged look.
Not only other old guys are also showing rejuvenation, but they are all flushed and full of air.
At this time, the two geniuses Xiao Han and Xiao Yun have reached a level comparable to that of Kong Ming and others, and they are even more imposing.
"Teacher, the second batch of millions of people must not be long before they can reach the level of quasi-immortals. Why not go to the celestial world together? It’s better for the teacher to consume more strength and we have just reached the present level and have not stabilized yet. " Kong Ming respectfully said to Xiao Fan
"Well, just wait a little longer. At this time, I’ll start the retrograde channel first!" Xiao Fan nodded and accepted Kong Ming’s opinion.
Before long, he appeared at the place where the celestial world was separated by barriers.
"It’s time to call here …" Xiao Fan finally locked the hidden vortex after a tour.
"Ok, Xiao Miao is ready to work!" Malaria emerged again, riding a sleepy little meow, full of energy and shouting
"What we have to do this time is not just to play the retrograde channel, but to completely destroy the prohibition arranged by the first few immortals, so that the retrograde channel can be opened forever and the fairy pool can be rearranged at the exit at the other end. Even if the people in the last six realms can soar to the celestial world by their own strength, they can achieve the celestial body for the first time. It’s a lot of trouble!"
"Well, since you have designed it, let’s do it!" Malaria nods a way
Xiao Fan also don’t talk nonsense raise my hand with a few methods will definitely lock the vortex.