"Baiyun Islands has so many resource islands, and Baiyun Island has four medium-sized veins, even Baiyun Square City is located on that island.

Only Baiyun Island will generate a lot of benefits every year. Even if there is no monk in the black dragon Gate, how can it be possible to give up the benefits of Baiyun Island and let Cang Li Ling monopolize it? "
The four elders thought that what the leader said was correct.
Jiqian also puzzled. He didn’t get the news from the fellow villagers in the flying sea area.
This is not to blame the friar who came to the Feiling sea area to build a private residence during the foundation period, but that he left the Thousand Islands chain and came to the Thousand Islands chain before the Shazong War. Naturally, he did not know the subsequent development of the three forces.
The prancing reality is extremely angry and has an uncontrollable curiosity in my heart.
"Ask someone to ask the monks from the northern section of the Thousand Islands chain to find out this matter for me."
"JiQian this matter to you to do"
Smell speech JiQian a hand way "is the owner I must find out"
Obviously, this discussion is not a pleasant one. The real person left with anger.
And received the owner JiQian thinking as soon as possible to complete also prance reality left in a hurry.
Four elders left alone in the late period of the building foundation looked at each other with a dignified face.
The head is obviously a little impatient. Maybe the head behind it may take people back to the meteorite waters before.
Four people don’t want to do that. Now the enemy is showing great potential and Yunmen has finally accumulated some strength. If you are stupid, go back to those forces and get into trouble. These hard-won accumulated strength may be gone.
Qi Qian went to Jinjiao Island, where there is a direct connection to Baigui Island, and he is most likely to contact the monks from the northern part of the Thousand Islands chain.
However, I asked a lot of monks from the northern section of the Thousand Islands chain and also asked a general situation. Obviously, the real person is not satisfied with this news.
So let Qi Qian personally go back to the northern section of the Thousand Islands chain to find out the changes of the four forces in the past 30 years, and come back as soon as possible to tell himself how to make a judgment.
Qi Qian was very excited because he was entrusted by the leader, and he felt that he had to finish it well. This time, he was bound to get the letter from the leader.
At that time, there will be more resources for cultivation.
Maybe he can break through to the later stage of Tsukiji and get an elder position to sit down.
That’s right. Since the remnants of Baiyun Gate fled here, they have cancelled the previous system that if the monks in the foundation period are elders, the elders must be monks in the late foundation period.
In the early days of the foundation, the monks in the middle of the foundation can be regarded as deacons in the door, and in the practice period, the younger brother is a younger brother.
There is a great difference in the annual income of the elders’ deacons, and there is a great difference in the cultivation resources of the outside brothers and deacons.
This system saves a lot of cultivation resources, and these saved resources are given to those talented brothers.
To put it bluntly, this is to squeeze the bottom brother and cultivate the elite.
Jiqian returned to the Thousand Islands chain and directly returned to Baiyunfang City by sending the array.
He didn’t worry about being recognized by the Ling people, because he didn’t build the foundation until he fled to the Wan Islands chain.
In those days, he was a practicing monk. After so many years, how could anyone pay attention to a practicing monk?
That’s also the case. Brother Ling never connected him with the remnants of Baiyun Gate when he was a foreign monk in the construction period.
It’s hard to get the news elsewhere, but it’s easy to find out in Baiyun Square that Qi Qian gave some spiritual stones to practice for several periods and got the news he wanted.
He went to the blue sea area of Feiling Sea and asked more monks for more information.
At the same time, he also inquired about the current situation of several forces
Finally, he was satisfied and returned to Wanshan Island, and hurried back to Hanshan Island to tell Tengyue the real person.
"You said Jin Chan Guan Hai Sha Zong got into a fight?"
Wen Yan Qi Qian seriously said, "It’s the head."
Tengyue reality immediately clapped his hands and laughed. "Well, these guys finally eat dogs."
Laugh and say, "It’s a pity that it’s cheaper for Cang Li Ling’s family to let them go to the meteorite waters."
"Owners that we pick up what should I do? Cang Li Ling Shi sent my ancestors to the meteorite waters … "
The prancing reality waved his hand before the man could finish, saying, "If you don’t follow what you said before, it’s no longer that we can cope with the surge in strength of the surging ideas of Lingshi."
"Then don’t let Cang Li Ling be so arrogant?"
Listen to Teng Yue’s real person with a cold hum. "Although we can’t move the three forces of Cang Li Ling’s Jin Chan Guan Hai Sha Zong for the time being, can’t we move the black dragon Gate without the monk of the then period?"
"Does the head mean to start work on black dragon Gate?"
"Not bad"
Jiqian seriously said, "The leader should inform the four elders about such an important event."
"Well, you’re right. If I go back to the Thousand Islands chain, I need the elders to preside over it here on Hanshan Island."
Immediately, I called my brother outside the temple to ask four elders to come to the hall for deliberation.
After receiving the news, the four elders dared not delay and hurried to the hall.
"seen the head"
"Here come the four elders. Sit down and talk."
"Xie Zhangmen"
Four elders who had just arrived were looking for futon to sit and prance. The real people told the four people what Qian Qi had said, and then expressed their thoughts on teaching black dragon Gate some lessons.
The four elders knew that they couldn’t stop the leader and saw that there was no monk in the black dragon Gate, so they agreed with the idea of the leader prancing about the reality.
"Master, I don’t know whether you will return alone or bring some people back this time?"
Tengyue reality immediately said, "I’m going back to black dragon by myself. It’s a burden for me not to take people with me."
"It’s better to go back with a few deacons if you can’t be the head. Some things are also more convenient to do."
This is indeed the truth when people think about it.
I’m always busy when I’m busy, but it’s also convenient to bring a few deacons and do some things when I can’t come.
Qi Qian saw that the head seemed to be moving. Before he spoke, he took the baggage and take the journey. "It’s better for the head Qi Qian to go back with you and take revenge on Zongmen."
"Good Qi Qian didn’t expect you to be so loyal to the sect."
"Even if you return to the Thousand Islands chain this time, you will be rewarded by the old man after you come back."
JiQian exultation immediately hand respectful way "JiQian thank owners"
Later, Tengyue real person told the four elders something, and then found a deacon in the middle of Tsukiji to step on the link back to Thousand Islands.
The three of them first arrived at Jinjiao Island and then arrived at Baigui Island.
Because they dare not directly appear in Baiyun Square by sending troops, three people in the city have to fly to the pale blue sea area.
It will be several months before we reach the Qinghai Lake.