"Well, let’s do it now!" Liu Honglian Pi two dog is very motivated to work here with a monthly salary of 20 thousand

When Pi two dog saw it, it was only 12: 30 noon, and the sun was shining outside. He just ordered, "Aunt Honglian is too hot at noon, and she can work more at three o’clock in the afternoon!"
"This how line? How many hours can we work at three o’clock on salary? No, no, no! " Liu Honglian shook her head into a rattle.
Seeing that she is so stubborn, Pi two dog laughed and said, "Aunt Honglian, I know you want to work more. I appreciate it, but those new drivers don’t have much friendship with me. Outsiders don’t know that I abuse employees. Listen to me at 3: 30!"
"Then work at two o’clock, how can there be a three o’clock shift?" Say that finish Liu Honglian went back to lunch break.
As soon as Liu Honglian left, she saw Tian Huilixiang coming in and reported that "Song Yueqin, the chairman of the boss provincial capital Huangyan Group, is here!"
Knowing that Song Yueqin had come to Pi two dog, he sat up and was about to wear big shorts when suddenly he saw a fragrant wind blowing and a charming figure jumped in.
"Ah Pi two dog’s soul is pale. Why don’t you dress?" The bearer was none other than Song Yueqin’s sister Song Yuedi, who jumped in without saying hello. She saw it and shouldn’t have seen it, and suddenly blushed.
"I sleep why want to dress? Did you come in and blame me? " He likes to watch Song Yuedi get scared.
"Gnome male-"two dog heard that you planted flue-cured tobacco and showed it to us? " Song Yuedi couldn’t help but take a gasp when he saw his rolling muscles. His heart said, Oh, my God, how did Pi two dog practice this muscle? It’s so scary!
"Shrimp? Aren’t you afraid of the sun now? How to also want the sun is not so basked in. "He didn’t notice that Song Yuedi’s skin color was a little biased towards the ancient trunk color, and he knew that the wild was crazy. Her sister Song Yueqin’s skin was much whiter than her.
At this moment, Song Yueqin also stepped in and said with a smile, "How does two dog flue-cured tobacco grow? I want to see it! "
"Sister, he said it was too sun to take us!" Song Yuedi bulging way
"two dog didn’t fail, did he?" Song Yueqin suspicious heart way
"Well, if you say it’s a failure, it’s a failure!"
"Shrimp? Dead two dog didn’t grow well. Didn’t you call us here to wave my sister? Do you know how much my sister is worth an hour? Lose money! " Song Yuedi unruly way
"Boss Pi, you are joking, right?" Smell speech Song Yueqin almost fainted when she was black at the moment. If the trial planting of flue-cured tobacco in two dog really failed, she would be widowed and widowed-hopeless.
Seeing that Song Yueqin’s face changed greatly, it was as if the sky had fallen. Pi two dog held back his laughter. "No, I’m serious!"
Song Yueqin and Song Yuedi were so surprised that you looked at me and I looked at you.
"Pi two dog, I will kill you!" Song Yuedi bared his teeth and rode a handful of pinching two dog’s neck.
Frightened, Song Yueqin quickly pulled her sister to pull Jiao away, saying, "Don’t be ridiculous, Yuedi, you go out first!" Driving my sister out of the house in Song Yueqin is the doorway. "two dog, how can you go against the fate of vegetables and notoginseng and fail to go against the fate of flue-cured tobacco?" What’s the problem? "
"Sister Song, I don’t know. I don’t know what’s going on when the flue-cured tobacco grows up?" This guy play the fool way
See this guy said that Song Yueqin face how ugly how ugly a fart pier sitting on the bed, "my god, what should I do? High-level officials of our regiment boasted that you can definitely bring brilliant smoke back to life by curing tobacco against the sky! Now that the trial planting has failed, my chairman’s position can’t be kept! "
"Song Jie I cheat you! Let me tell you this: the flue-cured tobacco is growing crazy, which is bigger and fatter than ordinary flue-cured tobacco. One leaf is several pieces more than ordinary flue-cured tobacco! " Pi two dog a face of serious way
"You’re an old fogey. I don’t even know what you mean. Take me to see it!" Song Yueqin tried to drag him up. I didn’t expect this guy to be a thief. She couldn’t drag him. The two were pulled back. They were stacked together. It scared Song Yueqin to get up, but she was too flustered to slip his body again.
Pi two dog saw that she almost held it. This guy immediately sprouted a mouth and couldn’t help but kiss Song Yueqin.
I don’t know how long it took Song Yueqin to kiss him, so he slipped on the bed and said, "two dog, you!"
"Sister Song came by yourself. Do you blame me?" Two dog shameless way
"two dog, you’d better not let Yuedi know about this kiss, or her temper will smash your house. I mean it!" Song Yueqin looked at him eagerly.
"I’m stupid. Why do you say this?"
"Then you lead the way and I want to see the flue-cured tobacco!" Song Yueqin is counting on two dog’s fate to save her life, so she is in a hurry.
"Song Jie, going out in the sun at this time will get heatstroke. Oh, be calm and go to the next room to sleep in the afternoon. I’ll take you there." Say that finish, this guy goes to the head of a bed and snorts.
Song Yueqin shouted his throat and didn’t wake him up.
Her sister Song Yuedi really went against the sky and failed in flue-cured tobacco. She jumped in and dragged her. "Sister Pi two dog is just a trick to get us back!"
"two dog, the flute on the moon, is a joke. Flue-cured tobacco is successful!" Song Yueqin walked over to say
"I don’t believe it! What kind of flue-cured tobacco will that dead soul grow? " Song Yuedi killed the unbelievers.
Tian Huilixiang saw Song Yuedi talking ill of the boss, and she was angry. "Chairman Song, let me take you there!"
"Good trouble you!"
A group of people wearing sun-shading straw hats left home and walked all the way to the mountains of Da Nai Mountain. When they saw it, the Song sisters couldn’t believe their eyes.
See a large piece of green tobacco leaves almost one meter high, and pieces of tobacco leaves are long, big and fat, and you can smell a special aroma when you go together!
"Oh my god, is this still tobacco? There are so many leaves in a plant, one for two for three … twenty-one! " Song Yueqin excited way
"Elder sister, I’m not dreaming? Why does Pi two dog grow so tall? Oh, my God, this is extremely flue-cured tobacco in the monovalent area! " Song Yuedi felt that she was a little incoherent than horrified.
Chapter 44 Going against the Fate of Flue-cured Tobacco
"Pear skin two dog is what fertilizer? Why is this tobacco leaf so crazy? " Song Yuedi a face of incredible way
"I’m sorry, this is my boss’s secret!" I don’t know Shi Tian Hui Li Xiang either, but she has found some doorways. Every time the boss comes in to plant a large number of crops, there will be a strange rain. The rain is very strange. The houses in the fields and villages don’t touch anything. She knew it must have something to do with the rain.
"Great skin two dog is my savior! This brilliant smoke group has been saved! " Song Yueqin said that it depends on who dares to hit my chairman’s idea and beat those old-fashioned faces in the face when he goes back.
Song Yuedi just called her sister aside and muttered, "Sister Pi two dog will definitely sit on the ground and start at a price once he succeeds in selling cigarettes. Look, this guy is trying to plant a lion’s mouth for 500 yuan a kilogram, and then he will dare to pay 1,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan!"
"On the flute this is no way! This kind of flue-cured tobacco has this technology only in two dog, and others can’t grow it. What can we do if we ask him? " Song Yueqin said that it was lucky that two dog succeeded in planting, otherwise her chairman would give it to the board of directors.
"Kiddo, you are so stupid. Can we steal his technology? Clone his technology and go to the countryside to rent land to build your own flue-cured tobacco base! " Song Yuedi from Congdao
"On the flute what are you talking about? How can this be stolen? Do you really think Pi two dog is a fool? Take it easy for me and don’t embarrass the Song family, do you hear me? " Song Yueqin learned that her sister wanted to make bad water, so she was taught a lesson with a straight face.
Song Yuedi or charming hum is the first step back to Pi two dog’s home in the scorching sun.
She climbed straight into Pi two dog’s room from the back window and saw Pi two dog’s bed sleeping like a dead pig. This girl is her own head. He pokes Pi two dog’s nose and tickles, so she opens her eyes. Suddenly, when she sees Song Yuedi’s bed, he is startled. "What do you want to do, tough girl?"
"The elder brother of the dog I like you at the first sight. How can you live without a horse for such a big event? Shall I be your horse? " Song Yuedi said that I can’t bear to be a child, but I will pretend to be his horse to win his trust, and then I will find a chance to steal his farming secrets.
After making up your mind, Song Yuedi pretended to be tender and kept making eyes at two dog.
"Song Yuedi stop that now. Are you a city dweller who will see me as a fellow countryman? Go ahead, what do you want? " This guy seems to have seen through Song Yuedi, and his mind is full of a look that you can’t fool me.
"I mean, I really don’t want to show it to you!" Song Yuedi said that the girl who stole his secret was throwing caution to the wind. Thought of this, this unruly girl is tearing herself smooth.
Pi two dog opened his mouth in surprise and said, "Song Shantou put on her clothes and don’t show it to men casually!"
"two dog, can I show you that people are not just girls?" Song Yuedi’s heart says it’s strange. Is this little farmer a man? How can he still hold it? According to my looks, angel hair is a devil. What stinking man won’t jump at me?
"I know, but we can’t. How can we?"
"Brother Dog, you mean you don’t like me?"
"Song Yuedi we just met twice. We are not familiar with each other. It’s too fake to say that we like you! Let me doubt that you are impure! " Pi two dog said that this unruly girl must have something to hide or she would sacrifice so much.
"Brother Dog, my eyes are pure and I just like you. I want to marry you as my wife!" Song Yuedi is thick-skinned
"I’m going to marry me?" Pi two dog skidded to get up and left home and wanted to go to the rice fields to see Liu Honglian and them.
Unexpectedly, after Song Yuedi got dressed, the wind swung behind the willow and chased one side. If someone shouted, "Brother Dog, I want to be your horse and wait for my brother dog!"
Pi two dog ran in front of Song Yuedi and chased him behind. This cargo of wind ran to the bottom of the big locust tree and never thought that architect Li Xingju appeared out of nowhere. She grabbed two dog and said, "two dog, help me. I want to give birth to monkeys. Will you help me give birth to monkeys?"
A Song Yuedi is enough for him to drink a pot. Seeing Li Xingju pestering him again, he immediately took the lead in this cargo. "Sister Xingju, I told you this, I can’t help you. You want to find someone else to find a way to give birth to a monkey." Said Li Xingju, throwing off the soles of his feet and oiling them, and ran away.
A gust of wind ran to the vegetable shed and suddenly bumped into a man who fell down. two dog looked intently and saw that the man who knocked down was not others but chairman Song Yueqin.
Song Yueqin fell and hurt his coccyx, complaining that he said, "You guy broke my coccyx. Oh, my God, it seems that a thorn has stung me. Please take a look at it for me!"
"ah? Let me see! "
Song Yueqin was so angry that he gave him a "look at it? What should outsiders do if they find out? "
Pi two dog carried her to the greenhouse, and when he checked, he saw a nail on her coccygeal vertebra. He was busy pulling out the nail and getting rid of the poison, so he put her skirt.
Song Yueqin said shyly, "Are all the Caicai seedlings in this greenhouse in two dog?"