The master and servant left the bunker in a hurry until the murderous murderer stopped breathing.

In the afternoon, wang hong Shang called Gong Yexian Xiang. "Xian Xiang Qian Longhui won’t appear for several years. Now it’s your turn to play and focus on the werewolf camp!"
"Miss, I know!" Put away your words and issue a new secret order immediately.
At two o’clock in the afternoon, Qian Feiyan, who was kidnapped by the ghost-eyed Buddhist monk, returned to two dog. The first thing two dog did was to help Qian Feiyan check up and found that there was no serious problem. This was a sigh of relief.
"Swallow, I didn’t protect you so well that you were so frightened!"
"Boss, this is Qian Longhui’s instigation of the Sanlong Club. After I was taken away, they didn’t mistreat me. Forget it." Qian Feiyan also interceded for Qian Longhui.
"Swallow Qian Longhui is guilty of killing too many people, and it’s hard to get out of the dungeon by the Thousand Eagle King!" Just now, two dog received wang hong’s words and listened to wang hong’s words. He still didn’t believe this goods. As a result, at two o’clock in the afternoon, a big news was revealed in Shenzhen that Qian Yingxue, the new head of Tianxing Shangya, that is, Qian Longhui’s daughter officially took off.
The era of Qian Longhui came to an end.
Get great news Tian Huili Xiang couldn’t conceal his excitement. "The boss never imagined that Red Dress would handle affairs so well! With a college classmate, he sent the arrogant bully to the dungeon! Boss, you have a good eye! "
"Pear fragrance wang hong’s current status is not directly proportional to her ability. How can she do such a big thing as a small mayor?" Pi two dog doesn’t know that wang hong is the daughter of Governor Wang, that she is the daughter of Thousand Eagle King, and that she is the guest house of Liuhua Palace. It’s strange that he doesn’t doubt it.
"Yes, yes, the boss’s red dress is definitely not simple! You see that Liu Wen is a little rich woman in the company. She doesn’t care what her company is like following wang hong every day? " Tian Huili Xiang is also full of doubts.
"Liu Wen is not surprised that they are girlfriends or that the ability of Hongshang Sister is not true!" Two dog a mystery way
"Boss, no matter what the key moment, wang hong Shang will help you out. She is a good helper, right?"
"Well, we’ll wait for the news of Gongye Xianxiang in one step. Once we find the werewolf’s lair, we’ll kill it!" At some point, the two dog hands put it in Tian Huili’s body.
"Boss, do you want it?" Pear fragrance bowed their heads and lowered their eyes way
"Don’t you want pear fragrance?" Think about it. When Pear Fragrance is born, he will not hesitate to break away from his master Chuan Huahu and stop working for Chuan Huahu. Only for this reason, two dog will take responsibility for her. Now Pear Fragrance is wandering in a foreign country. She has no country of her own and can’t go back to her hometown.
She can rely on him, two dog.
Two dog is still struggling with pear fragrance.
If you continue to keep in touch with men and women, you will be suspected of eating grass next to your nest, which is shameful.
However, it is a fait accompli that he and pear fragrance are thrown aside, and two dog has to feel sorry for himself. His starting point is good, that is, he wants pear fragrance to live with him. At least, he should try his best to meet his needs
"Boss, you should pay attention to your health!"
"Li Xiang, your home is not a cherry blossom country, but China. I hope you can have a happy life in China. Simply put, it is to make your heart!"
"Boss, do you like me?"
"I like it!"
"What do you like about me?" Tian Huili sweet little dream throbbing with a way
"You are beautiful."
"There is no advantage except beauty?"
"A lot, such as your loyalty to your ability! Of course, your shortcomings are also very obvious! "
"Oh, what are my shortcomings?"
"Your shortcoming is that you have too many advantages!" This guy picks up a good track
"Boss, you are bad!" See Tian Huili sweet peach blossom cheek Qiao looks rosy. two dog looks stupid and can’t help but hug her for two kisses.
Kissing and kissing Tian Huili’s fragrance made a mistake: "The boss doesn’t want it."
"Pear fragrance, I want your heart!" With that, he did a bad thing by holding pear fragrance into the room and opening the door …
At three o’clock in the afternoon, two dog and Li Xiang are taking a nap in the main room. See Gong Yexian-xiang come in in a hurry and report, "two dog Huang Fangfei has found it. Come with me!"
"Shrimp? Great! " When I heard that I found the werewolf leader Huang Fangfei Pi two dog, I sat up with a bone bullet and pear fragrance woke up, so I quickly waited on him to dress.
Because the Dragon King of the East China Sea arranged Gong Yetiemu’s home, two dog worried that the werewolf would attack Qian Feiyan again and brought Qian Feiyan with him.
A line of people and cars went straight to the suburbs.
In the eastern suburb of Shenzhen, there is an island called Hushan Island. Gong Yexian Xiang took two dog and his party to a small dock and pointed to the island in the sea and said, "two dog, did you see that? That’s Hushan Island, where the werewolf lair is!"
"Well, you found that boat?" Gong Ye Xian Xiang is also the director of the Secret Service. two dog doesn’t worry about trifles with her.
"Yes, I temporarily recruited a maritime patrol boat!"
"Then what are you waiting for?" Two dog homicidal way
"two dog can only deal with werewolves if you are alone. I’ll take care of pear fragrance and swallow!" Gong ye xian Xiang poof bursts straight way
"The xian sweet elder sister you are not? It’s so hard for me to go alone! " Two dog cry foul way
Gong Yexian Xiang means calling him aside. "How horrible is the lethality of werewolves in two dog? You know that we women will add chaos to you. I’ll give you the nest to destroy werewolves. I’ll reward you when you win!"