But the sunrise demigod didn’t answer. He buried this speculation deeply. After all, it involved them, the Gu Yue dynasty served as the Lord of the moon.

Huigang demigod didn’t ask when he saw this.
They are old friends, yes, but they also represent whether their respective countries are private, public or public. Even if the sunrise didn’t want to say anything, he wouldn’t have caught it and kept asking.
But not asking doesn’t mean he won’t think about it.
The sunrise light this guy is obviously found what big secret is what secret?
Huigang demigod’s contemplative eyes swept through the trial everywhere.
"Will have with mysterious forces? Shuguang discovered the identity of mysterious forces? "
It has been a few days since they entered the trial site. Although these Tianhui steel demigods have never left one step, they have already ordered their hands to investigate myths and mysterious forces suddenly appear.
But after several days of investigation, he still didn’t find any clues.
The three myths of the Chamber of Commerce for Burning Fires have rarely had a record of success and activity, but which genius of the mysterious forces? Roots have never left a trace, as if they had sprung up.
However, this is absolutely impossible.
"West paradox, south paradox, north paradox where do they come from? Of course, it does not rule out that this force is deeply hidden in our eastern sophistry, but no matter how hidden it is, there will be traces, and such a strong power is naturally accompanied by a long history. "
There are no clues in the investigation these days, but Huigang demigod has found a new idea.
-since it is difficult to find traces in this era, it is to pursue it in an earlier era! As it is today, the mysterious forces have been shocked, perhaps a hundred years ago and a thousand years ago.
Some large areas with a long history may find clues related to this force by looking for unusual things.
Maybe you can find some unknown secrets by following the trail.
This is absolutely feasible!
I’m afraid that’s what this guy thinks. Unfortunately, the expression is not in place.
Huigang demigod smiled happily.
In front of the testing ground, Iloshi is choosing a reward.
She almost made it past the fourth place, which she felt she was short of equipment.
She didn’t say booby trap!
There are a few items hanging in the organization exchange list, which are expensive contributions. Don’t say that she didn’t look at it … Well, the main thing is that she didn’t find the right one, and she was never too poor to afford it.
Now you can say a trick in white.
Fortunately, I didn’t buy it myself.
Iloshi was happy to look intently at the optional treasures listed by the trial officer.
Fang you also watch.
I’m not greedy, but I want to give some advice to my apostles’ staff.
According to the organization, there are not many booby traps. Usually, it may take more than a dozen or twenty pieces of gold to make one booby trap. Most of the gold objects are naturally skill training cards, and the gold skills are not bad.
Because there are few tricks, the price is naturally a little expensive.
Of course, compared with the outside world, he marked the exchange price less than one tenth, which can be said to be quite conscience. It is because the working years of Elohi, Xing Jinglei and others are too short to save enough.
That makes sense.
The first prize is 3 crystal; The second prize is a crystal+an epic ability; The third prize is the trick+epic technology.
However, for the genius who can break through the third top, there is no shortage of deception at all. One person holds two or three pieces, all of which are self-contained treasure boxes.
After all, the myth has a limited life, but the deception makes it almost limited.
The more ancient oases we have today, the more deceivers we often have. This is also the embodiment of the heritage. The skill ring of Yun Yun and the blue robe all mean that the deceiver is a real rich woman.