Around the airport, there are traces of construction. Seven or three semi-submerged bunkers made of thick reinforced concrete are irregularly scattered. It can be seen that HNA is well prepared for the arrival of f14 fighters around the airport.

Looking at the car in front, Geng Qinghua was surrounded by HNA workers. Ning Leigang planned to turn around and take the luggage to the dormitory and saw Liang Yuan sneaking out from the edge of the welcome crowd.
"Uncle Ning, you are finally here. I will starve to death in Hainan in a few days. The food here is simply terrible," said Liang Yuan with a bitter face.
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Chapter 72 Male cats entering the army
Liang Yuan was born in the northeast and grew up in the northeast. He has long been accustomed to the sweet and soft taste of northeast rice. This time, he followed Hainan Airlines to Hainan Island and went directly to the garrison camp. The first meal made Liang Yuan frown. For Liang Yuan, the local indica rice in Hainan was simply ashes.
Did Liang Yuan go to Hainan with HNA or did it come from Geng Qinghua’s desire to meet Liang Yuan?
Since the twelfth round of negotiations between China and the United States, Tang Wan has been in charge of liaison work in Beiping, and the details of the negotiations here have been transferred from Tang Wanshi to Geng Qinghua for reference.
At the beginning, Tang Wan’s advice to find Geng Qinghua was also due to the excellent personal relationship between Tang Wan’s father Tang Jingtian and Geng Qinghua. Geng Qinghua studied at the famous voroshilov Naval Academy in the Soviet Union, which was a famous technical school in the Republic’s army. The "Three Major Discipline Items" is the part of Geng Qinghua that counts as a pen in the army.
But before Tang Jingtian switched to politics, he was also a pen holder in the army. Two people were just born in the second field and one in the third field. Because they often met each other in articles about army building, appreciate each other had been quite good friends before the founding of the People’s Republic of China.
Because the two families are family friends, Tang Wan didn’t hide anything from Ninglei. It was the close relationship between the navy and Liang Yuan that made the hapless Republic Army happy.
It seems to outsiders that this success with the United States is due to the long-sleeved dance in Qilian Mountain. For Geng Qinghua, who is deeply informed, Liang Yuan is the soul of this negotiation.
After taking Grumman’s company, Geng Qinghua’s interest in Liang Yuan increased greatly, and Tang Wan made no secret of his love for Liang Yuan, and he did not hesitate to nod his head to confirm that Geng Qinghua finally decided to meet Liang Yuan.
In view of Peiping’s many eyes and miscellaneous things, Geng Qinghua simply arranged the meeting in Lingshui. I didn’t expect the military to rebound too much. Dalian commanders were shirtless. Geng Qinghua didn’t sort out the mess until today. As a result, Liang Yuan was unlucky and stayed at HNA Lingshui Base for almost a week.
Ning Lei knows a lot about Liang Yuan’s delicious food. I think of Liang Yuanxi and Nanhu Science and Technology Park in the name of being kind to researchers and spending a lot of money to make the canteen as good as foreign-related hotels. I smiled and rubbed Liang Yuantou and said, "I just can’t stand eating military meals for a week. I should throw you into the military camp to have a good experience."
"It’s mainly rice," Liang Yuan grinned. "Every time I eat, I eat sand myself. If Uncle Wilson hadn’t helped me play some wild food from time to time, I might have starved to death."
Although Ninglei was firmly placed in the army by Liang Yuan, it always feels strange to watch Hainan Airlines’ high morale and the scene of a spot check. Qiao Pengfei, a representative instructor in the car, turned around and picked up his luggage and said to Liang Yuan, "Xiaoyuan, where are you staying with Weixin? Take Ningshu there."
Xiong Weixin belongs to the 6 th Army Secret Service Brigade. For the 6 th Army of the Republic, it is trustworthy to have steel guns in hand and artillery groups behind it. What can be done or what can be done in the east and west is of great interest.
Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, we have fought all over the east, west, south and north. It has always been the independent war of the six armies. We hope that the sea and the military Republic will have long since perished. Therefore, unlike Liang Yuan, Xiong Weixin seems to be eagerly wandering around f14 every day, except for the routine exercise every morning and staying in HNA’s dormitory.
"Uncle Wilson has been staying in the dormitory over there." Liang Yuan raised his hand and pointed to the barracks near the entrance of the airport.
Liang Yuan has been looking for a chance to see the f14 cockpit these days. Unfortunately, the security forces guarding the airport didn’t know that this thing was bought by Liang Yuan 100 meters away. If you look at it honestly, you can get a little closer. You must not hesitate to persuade him to leave.
HNA’s arrangement for Liang Yuan and Xiong Weixin is a single barracks, which can only reflect that this room is in the reception place, that is, it is not a common iron pipe bed in the army, but a log with a fence and varnish.
Xiong Weixin was sitting on the bed and saw Ning Lei coming in behind Liang Yuan. He hurriedly put his hand on the luggage in Ning Lei’s hand.
"The head of the delegation will arrive a few days ago." Xiong Weixin still called Ning Lei in the original way.
"Xiaoyuan talks about when the head can come every day these days," Xiong Weixin said with a smile.
"You talk about NingShu certainly nothing good" NingLei ourtenant looked at Liang Yuan.
"NingShu this statement is really sad somehow that thing is I get back?" Liang Yuan on the runway outside the window, in turn, parked f14 fighters make signal with the lips.
Ning Lei smiled and rubbed Liang Yuantou and said, "Come on, what do you want?"
"I wanted to see how many times the cockpit of the f14 fighter was thrown out by the airport guards. Didn’t HNA tell the outsiders that I was their big financier?"
Ning Lei ignored Liang Yuan’s complaint but asked curiously,’ Xiaoyuan, what do you want to see the f14 cockpit for? "
Liang Yuan can’t always say that his generation is a mixed-up, nine-year-old military fan. Although he is familiar with the performance data and various hexagrams of f14 fighters, the real guy is destined to see the cockpit at first sight, which is purely enjoyable.
"Of course, it’s to save aircraft maintenance to see which American companies are the components of f14 fighter equipment and then see if the chip lab of the science park can copy them," said Liang Yuan righteously.
Where can Ninglei solve extremely complicated problems? I usually listen to Tang Wanqi. The chip laboratory of Nanhu Science Park burned a lot of money. In two years, it invested 90,000 yuan, but it also produced many good results. Therefore, after listening to Liang Yuan, Ninglei directly believed Liang Yuan’s statement.
"Uncle Ning’s coming to Hainan this time is mainly responsible for the formation of HNA’s long-range strike force f14 fighter. After the inauguration ceremony, the Navy will immediately set up the China Navy’s long-range aviation soldier. Uncle Ning will temporarily take on this unit, and when f14 is officially delivered to the troops, Uncle Ning will take you to see it."
See the eye smoothly Liang Yuan hey hey smile nodding.
The three men talked and heard a burst of firecrackers coming from the back of the terminal building far away from the runway. Ning Lei looked out of the window and said with a smile, "Xiaoyuan Ning Shu will attend the establishment ceremony of the long-range aviation soldier. You’d better stay in your honest room and think about how to deal with Master Geng at night."
Liang Yuan smell speech can bitter face nodded his head.
A moment later, Li Ning Lei was put away to attend the inauguration ceremony of the navy’s long-range air force. Liang Yuanfang thought about it as late as dealing with Geng Qinghua.
By the bed, I carefully recalled the resume of General Geng Qinghua in my previous life and thought about it again. The negotiation process with Grumman was not straightened out until the evening.
Don’t worry. Liang Yuanzheng was about to shout Xiong Wei’s letter to eat in the canteen, but he heard the familiar fighter engine howling outside the window. He looked at the window and saw Liang Yuanxian’s f14 fighter plane taxiing away from the hangar door to the runway.
"Uncle Weixin Ningshu is going to test flight f14" Liang Yuan said and quickly ran out of the barracks on the trampoline.
The rest ground crew in the barracks ran out after hearing the plane engine, and suddenly Liang Yuan was surrounded by onlookers.
Sliding to the center of the runway, the f14 fighter moved several times, and the swept wing made several moves and finally fixed the maximum position of the tension angle. As the engine became louder and louder, f14 taxied along the runway.
The runway glided for less than 300 meters, and the fighter nose slowly lifted. With the orange flame from the tail nozzle, the f14 fighter rose from the ground and stabbed the sky at an angle of nearly 70 degrees
After climbing to a certain height, f14 made a series of spiral, roll and dive somersaults in succession. Limited to the conditions near the airport, the flight of Ninglei was very slow, and the main wing of f14 was finally in a state of large angle tension.
"It’s nothing. It looks no different from the J-6." Someone around Liang Yuan talked about it.
When Ninglei’s slowness was lower than the height of the terminal building, the buzz came to an abrupt end after a small pass. No matter whether it was 歼 6, 歼 7 or 歼, it would have fallen long ago, and it was completed. The big guy weighed 256 tons and caught up with four 歼 7. This pass revealed the superiority and low performance of f14 fighters.
This time, Tianning Lei flew for more than 40 minutes until it was dark, and the airport lights guided the night landing. Liang Yuan looked at the flashing navigation lights and slowly approached the hangar f14 to meet with a sigh. Ning Shu was an instant hit this time, regardless of the performance of the fighter plane, it was enough for the military news to land at night.
The pilots of the Republic, navy and army, who were able to prepare for the weather in the 1900s, were all treasures, and they were definitely a handful of elites.
When I went to the canteen for dinner in the evening, everyone in the canteen talked about Ning Lei’s work as a low-altitude airport worker. Except the pilot and the ground crew, they were familiar with the performance of the aircraft. Everyone knew what the excellent low performance represented. There was no comparison between f14 and J-6.
It was not until Liang Yuan returned to Fang Ninglei after supper that he returned to the barracks from the hangar.
"Ning Shufei is so beautiful, I want to take an examination of the army and learn to fly with Ning Shu." Liang Yuan waved his thumb.
"Small far this you still don’t want to NingShu if get you into the army the day after tomorrow will be sad you NingYi is absolutely won’t promise" NingLei shook his head and said.
Tang Wan has always wanted to make Liang Yuanpei a public servant of the Republic, and it is absolutely impossible for Xu Ninglei to sabotage his plan to get Liang Yuan into the army by pushing hard at the more than 100 positions of the Politburo.
Think about it. Tang Wan doesn’t object to doing business by himself. It has been proved that the ability and political economy have always been inseparable. Therefore, Tang Wan is very supportive of this kind of thing. If it is changed to a flying fighter, it will be enough. If you don’t consider the flight risk alone, Lao Niang and Tang Wan will never agree.
Looking at Liang Yuan with a depressed look, Ning Lei smiled and said, "Go to see Master Geng with Ning Shu first. If you can get Master to back you up, there will be some opportunities to say that you are Ning Yi."
Geng Qinghua didn’t live in the barracks near the airport entrance, but in a room dedicated to reception and rest in the terminal building.
Ning Lei took Liang Yuanjin into the terminal building, climbed the corner on the second floor and came to a brown wooden door. Ning Lei raised his hand and knocked on the door to see if it was Ning Lei. He hurriedly said, "Waiting for you in Changzheng."
Liang Yuan followed Ning Lei into the room. An old man with a thin face was sitting in the sand reading a newspaper. Liang Yuan carefully looked at Geng Qinghua and what he saw in his past life photos.
"Uncle Geng has brought me something. If you have any questions about this purchase negotiation, you can ask this figurine." Ning Lei said with a smile.
Put the newspaper looked at Liang Yuan for a long time before Geng Qinghua said, "When I was in Peiping, I often wondered what it would be like to be a teenager who quietly pushed such a big thing behind the scenes. Now it seems that it is really different from the average person, so it should be the old saying that heroes are teenagers since ancient times."
Liang Yuan and the mainstream or non-mainstream teenagers in China generally wear sports, blue and green military uniforms, really good clothes, bell-bottoms and other decorations. The difference is that he wears a pair of light blue jeans, a simple white cotton T-shirt and a pair of white sports shoes, which are very similar to ordinary college students in later generations.
"Most of the things others do, I just start talking, but I’m young and adults are also embarrassed to compete with me for what results, so I can’t afford to praise Geng." Liang Yuan said with some embarrassment.
Liang Yuan knows that Geng Qinghua’s willingness to see himself privately is due to Tang Wan and Ning Lei’s factors, which is also why Tang Wan intends to integrate himself into that high circle. Without Ning Lei and Tang Wanyou’s two big heads, money businessmen are a fart. Even in the later theory, if Chinese and American capital want to go against the odds, they have to add the word expensive to the previous side, otherwise they will be fat pigs to be slaughtered.
Therefore, Liang Yuan didn’t climb along the roots to ask Grandpa Geng to be self-respecting if he wants to get recognition and respect from that circle.
Gengqinghua smell speech burst out laughing. Tang Wan said that this little guy is really right. He is not old enough to know that other people have three flavors.
"Little guy, I heard that this donation was all your idea?" Gengqinghua smilingly asked
Liang Yuan hurriedly shook his head and said, "This idea is not for me to make a decision. Some time ago, after the 314 naval battle in Nansha, my father and uncle Ning often remembered that the Soviet Red Army was beaten by us, and it was wishful thinking for Vietnam to get our island roots …"
Liang Yuan not only picked himself out of the whole incident, but also cunningly put the credit on Ning Lei and Comrade Lao Liang’s head.
This credit is different if you can mix a young man with praise and throw Ning Lei and Comrade Lao Liang’s head. Although the organization is tight in recent years, it will not reimburse Comrade Lao Liang and Ning Lei for anything, but the level shift is definitely a matter of course.
Ning Lei has long been qualified to be promoted to senior colonel as a teacher. Over the years, the real bullets have taken two turns, and the promotion of cadres at the regiment level is not as good as that of soldiers with ordinary backgrounds. The company commanders who led Liang Jiangping and Ning Lei in the counterattack against Treasure Island are already major generals.
If Comrade Lao Liang can be the director of the sub-bureau, Liang Yuancai can be regarded as a real brother, not as a thief who can cover the square in front of the train.
Liang Yuan’s kowtowing to Wencheng Wude made Ning Lei around him very embarrassed. When Liang Yuan finished, he quickly said to Geng Qinghua, "Uncle Geng, don’t listen to Xiaoyuan’s nonsense. It is not that Liang Jiangping and I make a decision."
"I don’t care who makes the decision. Anyway, you and Comrade Liang Jiangping have done a good job." Geng Qinghua walked over and said.
The atmosphere of the conversation was good. I can’t understand Liang Yuanshi’s preference for Master Geng. Liang Yuan considered the memory of past lives and put his eyes on the fact that the US Navy was already half-owned, but the Republic could not receive some aircraft carriers and ships, including the US Navy’s deduction of the future naval battle form.
Of course, the sources of information were planted by Liang Yuan at aia worker Zhang Jianxin’s head.
Liang Yuan’s topic was scratched at Gengqinghua’s itching spot. An old man and a small man threw Ning Lei aside and talked for a long time until late at night. Finally, Gengqinghua secretly knocked on the door several times to wake the master to rest before Gengqinghua let Ning Lei and Liang Yuan go back to the room.